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Yes It's True!

As I sit here in Atlanta, it's raining an abundant rain. It makes me think of my mother. She loved the rain and I do too. It is befitting that this announcement would be made on a day like today. Yes it's true, Oprah and I have joined forces. We've formed a partnership for OWN and I'm super excited about it. I'll fill you in more as we get closer to the airing of my shows. I have a lot of questions for you about this, so stay close, OK? I need your help.

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  • StepAnn Chicago


  • Jose Georgia

    It is awesome that you 2 are coming together, however why is it we can never get a call through to your assistant. The First Georgia Latino Film Festival will be held in Atlanta and we wont have Georgia's #1 Producer director sharing his ideas with the community. www.galff.org we must come together for the greater good.

  • Angie Pensacola, United States

    Good for you both; and us! Congratulations!

  • Angie United States

    Good for the two of you; and us!

  • Renna Chicago

    That is great. You and Oprah will make a great team. So does this mean that your shows on TBS will now move to OWN? Will we have more shows will real issues that provokes us to think as well as provide laughter? Are you still doing your own network or is this taking the place of your own network for now?

  • al chicago il

    Hay tyler iam happy for you may GOD bless you, and i will go see your new movie.

  • Terrance houston texas

    I just wanted to say that I knew you might somehow join forces with oyur girl Oprah. I just felt that. I am so excited and proud of the two of you. Helping each other move forward in this world. I could not ask for a more beautiful union( lol). I support OWN. I always tune in to her network. And I will do the same for yours Tyler. I love you both. Take care and I cant wait for your new venture. Oh yeah by the way. This past fridays episode of " for better or worse " was off the chain. I am on pins and needles to find out what happens with Jennifer and the guy! God Bless Terrance

  • Angela Memphis,TN

    Sounds GREAT!!! I am so excited for you both - I know it will be wonderful!!

  • jalen hawkins orlando

    that sounds great mr. perry

  • Sonya Cali

    AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see what it's all about but I'm sure it will be fabulous in many ways!! Congrats to you both.

  • Lynnetta Miami

    A Match Made In Heaven....Excellent!

  • Refilwe Mutloane South Africa

    Congratulations Mr Perry, the combination Between You and Ms Oprah must be a match made in heaven, I love both Your work and I can't wait to see Your show. Everyday or rather every week I learn something new about You and that inspires me, You are a real inspiration to us, Your emails with a t***** "Your coach"at the end really touches my heart. I pray to meet You. I think I am in love with You....

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