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As I sit here in Atlanta, it's raining an abundant rain. It makes me think of my mother. She loved the rain and I do too. It is befitting that this announcement would be made on a day like today. Yes it's true, Oprah and I have joined forces. We've formed a partnership for OWN and I'm super excited about it. I'll fill you in more as we get closer to the airing of my shows. I have a lot of questions for you about this, so stay close, OK? I need your help.

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  • israel Abuja-Nigeria

    Congrats Bruh.. Its a pity we can't watch OWN network in Nigeria,but you always in my prayes.God bless you sir!

  • Susan Ottawa

    I am a hairstylist that has followed Oprah's career since the beginning as we started our careers around the same time. I have loved your work Tyler your work is always thought provoking and touches on spirit. I am looking so looking forward to your new show. I would love to help in any capacity. www.celebstylesbythesuze.tumblr.com

  • Write Michigan

    Great for you and sucks for me if what you are saying is....all your programming will be on the OWN network and not TBS. I have basic cable and TBS is included in that. OWN is considered premium cable and not at the top of my list as something to spend extra for. Honestly, TBS for your show and Disney for the kids is the only reason I have cable. Oh well, I can only hope you finish out this season of For Better or Worse before the switch over. Peace.

  • Indrea Tampa, FL

    Great partner choice!

  • Angel J KCMO

    Can you create some more opportunities for black female actresses. It is so very few out there. Please have another audition for us. I'm excited about the partnerhsip! Thanks, Angel

  • Michele Antioh, CA

    Well Mr. T. Perry....Congrats to you and to Ms. O. Winfrey!!!!!! and I can't wait to see Alex Cross..I saw the trailer when I went to see Madea's Witness Protection...be waitng to hear from you;-)

  • Charlotte pinkney Sanfrancisco

    Thats so great foryou mybuddy but am still waiting on you to help me with my book you said am your friend well am crying out to you help me please love you and cant wait to meet you face to face my buddy

  • Lesa R Texas

    This should be awesome. I know you and O can't control the networks but gotta find a way to stay connected to people who can't afford cable. Tyra air on the CW and there is UPN that good for carrying minority shows. That was one of the reasons that O lost a large part of her audience. just an FYI. Love you both.

  • Deniece Barnes United States

    Congratulations Mr. Perry! I am so excited and happy that you and Oprah have joined forces and will be venturing together in new endeavors. My idea. Well, I host my very own radio program, titled DIFFERENCES Radio Magazine Show. The show keeps listeners "in the know" about Entertainment, Health, Food, Fashion, Lifestyle and Community Affairs. My show has been airing now for over 5 years. I am also the Co-hostess on a local network here in Nashville, TN (NECAT Channel 19). The name of the show is Styles & Profiles. I am seeking to expand my show and feel it would be a great asset to your's and Oprah's new partnership. I do hope you and Oprah will consider me being a part of your beautiful partnership. Thanks so much!

  • Trece ATL

    That's a great move Mr.T. Perry Great and wonderful thing will come from this

  • Luke Mack Nashville, TN

    Mr Perry, I have supported everything you have done over the years since you first came out. I have no doubt of the continued success because God truly has His hand over your life. I am a firm believer in strategic partnerships and connections and spiritually it is revealed when certain things just work out and you have no explanation, but God. I have a new startup men's accessory line about to drop in November and I would love to share one of my first line products with you. It is a new and innovative patented device necessary for all men that wear suits. I will send you a customized one, but I want to make sure that you specifically receive it. Be blessed and look forward to receiving it.

  • corina columbus, ohio

    Super excited, I feel this will be good and REAL! I expect to be entertained, informed and INTRIGUED! yaaaay this will be good! One request, please make it more than 30 minutes if it is gonna be weekly, because FBO Worse is never long enough for me. Alright another request, give us characters we can grow with along with story lines that we have lived and endings that we HOPE for and maybe some we would never expect. This will be a great marriage! YAAAY!

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