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You Did It Again!!!

Hey Happy Easter,

Well, where can I start? I just want to say thank you for going to see Temptation at the movie theaters. You have no idea what this means to me. After 14 movies you are still coming, and many more people have joined in to support what I do. I say this often but you need to know it’s true, I never assume that you are going to show up, but thank you for doing so. Because you went to the movies to see this film all of my employees are very happy at Tyler Perry Studios…LOL. Just know I’m grateful.

I've been hanging out all weekend on my message board and on Facebook to see what you thought and wow! Some of the most powerful things I have ever read are on my message board. Thank you for opening up your lives and sharing your stories - stories of betrayal and of your own temptation, but most of all thank you for letting me know that this movie gave you hope or a new outlook, which is what it's all about for me. There were several testimonials of how this movie has spoken to marriages. One person wrote, "Thank you for this film, now I have closure." Several of you said that I must have been peeking in your window because this movie was too close to home. Another lady said that she left feeling hopeful, and another couple went home talking about how this movie stopped both of them from making the wrong decision. You have no idea how this moves me.

Again, thank you.

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  • Tanesha Barkley Dearbornhgt,Michigan

    Thanks for remembering us on Ressurection Sunday you could have been doing something else. Hope you had a lovely day . In Sept we are playing a family reunion in Ga. hope we get a chance to holler at each other until then get plenty of rest enjoy your self and take it easy big brother. TaneshaB

  • Shanyn hall Rocky mount NC

    You've done it again Mr Perry number in the box office and number one movie ! I've been with you since the beginning with the plays and ill continue to support you love you! Continue to make wonderful movies !

  • Fatimah atlanta

    awesome movie always a message...

  • Mara Hagood Greenville, SC

    Okay, so you know you've wowed me again! Reality hurts, truth hurts, and guilt hurts at the end of the movie the couples were quite and serious. I'm single so I left like thank you Lord for my singleness and my love for the Kingdom. But, well, ummmm, you see, I, I ............... Tyler you are always in my prayers, I love you, may our Lord God Strong and mighty continue to cover you, your staff, and family.

  • Brenda Texas

    It was a good movie. My husband and I double dated with our friends- another couple. Afterwards we had drinks and a reflective conversation. It was so interesting to hear both sides (male vs female). We got loud but the bottom line is we had FUN and it heighten our awareness regarding our relationships. Some people are broken and hurting. Misery loves company. They will try hard to DESTROY what you got. My take away from this movie is to honor you marriage. Stop disclosing your business to people who are not whole. Commuicate. Let your spuose know what you need. Reminders are GREAT! Put the Work in. STAY IN LOVE ! Happiness is not problem free but it is solution focused.

  • LaTunya Cannady Fort Stewart, GA

    AWESOME JOB with Temptation this movie was an eye opener, the grass it's always greener on the other side. God truly speaks through you the messages are sooooo powerful and exactly what we need. Thank you I know the next movie will be just as Powerful

  • Dwayne Ayres St.Louis,Mo.

    ATTENTION !!! Mr.Tyler Perry ,"Very Important Story" I Have Something AMAZING To Show You ! I Captured Michael Jackson's Face In The Clouds 6 Days After His Passing, You "MUST See This!!! I Promise You That You Will Be Astounded !!! Go To youtube @ InsaneDwayne1 and See All 3 Of These Videos To Get A Full Perspective Of The Depth Of This...Believe, Divine In Nature, And "The Story" Behind Divine In Nature CR-2009

  • Lisa Edwards Houston,Tx

    The movie Temptation was awsome! The grass is not always greener on the other side. Thank you for this movie because couples really needed this. God Bless!

  • Lynette Purifoy Arizona

    Hello Mr. Perry, great job on your movie. Kim Kardashian did a great job. She is very funny. I admire that you listen to God when choosing the actors and not the critic's. My family and I are loyal to you. We always go to see your movies on the opening weekend. God Bless you!

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi Tyler, I have no idea what happened to my other L-O-N-G Message that I posted on your message board. LOL! Titled: Lesson Learned.. Oh Well maybe it wasn't meant for me to post it...God Bless You Tyler Nighty Night (*-*) Ms. Proverbs

  • Queen brown Reidsville nc

    Two thumbs up!!!!!

  • Ana United States

    All I can say is Thank you Tyler, I can and started to tell you the story about Friday but It's too long and a little too personal..... I will say this "Temptation" kept me from repeating the same mistake. And I feel like the better person............I guess I can say it gave me the kick in the b*** I needed. Thank you

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