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You Did It Again!!!

Hey Happy Easter,

Well, where can I start? I just want to say thank you for going to see Temptation at the movie theaters. You have no idea what this means to me. After 14 movies you are still coming, and many more people have joined in to support what I do. I say this often but you need to know it’s true, I never assume that you are going to show up, but thank you for doing so. Because you went to the movies to see this film all of my employees are very happy at Tyler Perry Studios…LOL. Just know I’m grateful.

I've been hanging out all weekend on my message board and on Facebook to see what you thought and wow! Some of the most powerful things I have ever read are on my message board. Thank you for opening up your lives and sharing your stories - stories of betrayal and of your own temptation, but most of all thank you for letting me know that this movie gave you hope or a new outlook, which is what it's all about for me. There were several testimonials of how this movie has spoken to marriages. One person wrote, "Thank you for this film, now I have closure." Several of you said that I must have been peeking in your window because this movie was too close to home. Another lady said that she left feeling hopeful, and another couple went home talking about how this movie stopped both of them from making the wrong decision. You have no idea how this moves me.

Again, thank you.

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  • Jocelyn Marie Fort Myers, FL

    Happy Resurrection Day to you as well! I am grateful that you are taking some of the most challenging issues of life to the big screen and exposing the deception in each community so that a "whole" person may emerge with greater commitment to living their best life yet. I am currently back in school studying counseling...and all these theories are truly challenging to comprehend. So, I appreciate the tenacity of Judith to follow her dreams with a great degree of passion of helping others. I also take kind to the fact that she allowed the events of her life to educate others and empower them to make better decision. I am sure you will conversation about this movie for months to come. I would recommend a key chain similar to the "Madea's Big Happy Family." If I person is tempted, they can push a positive message of common sense. Like..." Just because the devil is lie, does not mean you have to join in with him and live a lie." I will be patiently awaiting for my Temptation key chain from Madea. (smile)

  • Toyin Shanu London

    We thank God he has risen, And we are free in Jesus name Amen. I'm waiting For the movie temptation to come to London , Can't wait to see it. Your title of your movie Temptation got me thinking, Why do we get tempted, I went and study about the life of Adam , Eve and Cain , when they were tempted. That seed of temptation has been passed down to To us through Adam and Eve. Temptation is like a wild animal stalking it's prey , it's there to ensnare to capture and destroy us. We don't have to give in to temptation , there is always a way of escape, Paul wrote in ( 1corinthians10:13) . We always have a way to escape temptation , it may be running away from it like JOSEPH did, but there is always a way. Cain's problem then and our problem now is that we don't look for that way of escape. Happy Easter and God bless you

  • Beverly Pearson Riverside,R.I.

    Hey Tyler, you're welcome! "Happy Easter"! You know I'm going to support my brother in all that he does. WOW! Temptation was very enlighting, people need to see this movie. Mr Tyler you're good at writing scripts and producing "You're Bad"! This is your calling from "God". Thank you for bring this subject (Temptation) to the big screen, we all have experienced it some acted on and some had "God" (conscious) standing there saying "It's not worth it"! Another "Hit" Tyler! "May God Continue To Bless You"!

  • dezrine florida

    hay tyler happy easter to you 2, hope you had a wonderful day in church? i did ' just got back from church and saw your message. tyler i want you to know that you are a bless man with a wonderful gift from god, and that gift is to drew all men and women and chrildren unto him god is useing you in such a powerful way that not even you can understand you have a lot more to come , keep your eyes on him and listen to what he is saying to you cause you have alot more to do for him. for it is written,eye hath not seen , nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which god hath prepared for them that love him (1 corinthians chap2 vers 9) keep looking to god he love you . god be with you always.

  • Banke Dare Nigeria

    Hi Tyler,,ur films,encourages me always,I love them,they give hope,but here in Nigeria,we don't have ur films at our cinemas,please could u do something about it,thank you.

  • Fee Fee Dallas Texas

    I'm so happy that you are happy. I might see the movie today. I just needed to hear your smile through the message. Glad you are smiling. Congratulations again big country. I love you again. I'm glad the movie opened up discussion for couples. When I am with someone I never cheat. Where the mind goes the man follows. I k now that if I think about it, I'll do it eventually. So I keep my mind focused on god and he always guided me in the right direction. Have a great week. i am so happy for my baby daddy. :) with all the money you made this weekend my child suppirt check should be looking nice!!! Lmbo!!!

  • Denise D bronx new york

    Your plays/mivies always have a home inspiration or situation. Im really appreciate all the time and effort you put upon your life and mine as well. Tempation is a winner and a lot of relationship should vision and absorb all you trying to place upon us. Thank yoh once again for all your plays/movies. All I can say is your simply the Best at what you do for your fans.

  • TAMARA HAY jacksonville fl


  • tamara hay jacksonville fl

    i lovvvvvvved temptation jurnee smollett was amazing and lance gross as well but i have to be honest the ending mad me mad i wanted it to be a little bit longer it felt incomplete can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET A PART 2 BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW WHAT ELSE HAPPENS TO JUDITH!

  • Lakia

    I seriously enjoyed your movie Tyler! Even though i am 15 this movie was still an inspiration. Although it talked about marriages , but it also talk about having respect and standing up for yourself! Mr.Perry I am looking forward to meeting you one day and maybe even work with you! Thanks, God bless

  • Mike Buie Charlotte,NC

    Hi Tyler, I rarely write into message boards but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you making this movie. My wife and I have went to see it yesterday afternoon and we could see were we have been taking each other for granted. After the movie we had lunch and just talked for about an hour. It was a chance for us to really tell each other how we feel. I could feel the shift in our relationship for the better. We are going on 8 years of marriage and she is the best thing to every happen to me. This movie has got us back to appreciating each other. As always keep up the great work. Much Respect, Mike Buie

  • Yari Greenlea

    Nuthin else needs to be said because I'm sure you have read many of these, but another one of a million (me) is saying SUCH A GREAT MOVIE ! Keep it up !

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