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You Know I'm Reading Your Comments!

You know I'm reading your comments, right? I'm so glad you're pleased with Alex Cross. You seem to be loving it. May I just take this time to say, "I TOLD YOU SO!!" LOL. Tell somebody what you thought.

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  • eltra STL., Mo

    Enoyed Alex Cross. ... And I believe you did too! Hey Tyler, that one scene (just before the bomb blows up) cracked me up because Madea will never die! Lol. It was all good.

  • Joyce A. Toronto, ON. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I went to see 'Alex Cross' some hours ago (its 2:11am....cant sleep) and I loved it. Now that they know there's more to you than Madea, what do you expect they'll do?

  • Tonya Marshall Milesburg, PA

    There seems to be nothing you can't do!! The release of Alex Cross and TBS is running your other movies tonite! Can't wait for the dvd release on Tuesday as well. We love you Tyler---your work inspires, entertains and brings so much joy to the world!

  • lindelle oklahoma

    Im sure its great.(: I cant wait to see it.

  • Anonymous New York, NY

    Haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it's great. Keep being who you were created to be, and ignore negative comments (like the one below). "If you don't anything good to say, don't say anything AT ALL."

  • joe

    you are not a good actor. s**** to your slap s**** buffoonery. leave real acting to the pros. i understand you have a cult following, and i wish they would snap out of the bs. i am the fartthest thing from a r***** but i bet 99.9%of positive comments are from black people. i think forest whitaker would have been the better choice for this role.

    • AJ USA #1757661

      Dear Joe, Even Forest Whitaker or any actor or actress had to start somewhere before they became good enough for the critics. You should think about every level or possibility before bashing(this mean positivity). This is wisdom for the critics also.

    • beth TN #1767009

      Excuse me, I am not the type to stand up and say something but I BELIEVE THAT ALL COLORED MOVIES COME FROM THE SOUL NOT COLOR! I absolutly love TYLER PERRY MOVIES AND I AM A WHITE!

  • Noemi G Los Angeles, CA

    According to Yahoo's poll on Friday, Oct 19, 2012 at 10:35 p.m., Alex Cross is the movie more people will see this weekend. I hope so. I like the message your movies and television shows present and I like to back up (if you will) people, organization's that do this. Tonight saw For Better or Worse and I must say you have talented people on your shows and movies. Press on and God bless.

  • Danelle Gregory Phoenix Az

    All I can say is AMAZING. You really out did yourself with Alex Cross!!! Every time you have a new play/ film come out, I get excited to see what you'll do next! God has TRULY blessed you above and beyond what words can express. I just wanted you to know how much you exceeded ALL expectations! And to thank you for sharing YOUR gift with us!!!! Much Love!!!

  • Ronteryl FL

    Alex Cross was dynamic and the ending was a twist! Kept me out of my seat entire time! Different yet awesome!

  • Hagan Benson Miami, Florida

    Its not weird asking you to personally find me a dreamboat guy, right?


    Can u LOAN $2000.. so i pay my rent!

  • Quinton Washington Texas

    ALEX CROSS was GREAT. 5 out of 5 stars! you we're amazing & Mattew Fox as the Villain was the BEST I've seen since Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight Rises. To be honest I don't know why the critics are HATING on this movie so much, it seems Oscar Worthy to me, the plot & suspense was great. The family element you added to it was also very good it reminded me of your movies so that was great to see that also. So just keep it up & I can't wait for the ALEX CROSS sequel I heard yall are already working on! GREAT WORK Tyler! Don't let those HATER Critics bring you down! You doing a GREAT JOB man!

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