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That Is Your Past And There Is No Future In It

We have some golf carts at the studio. We use them to run around the campus, getting actors from here to there and so on. But the thing that bothers me the most about them is that when you put them into reverse a beeping alarm goes off. And it doesn’t stop until you go forward. It is so annoying to be in the middle of a shot, when I need it very quiet, to hear that beeping noise. I wanted the facilities guys to disconnect the reverse alarm but I was told that they couldn’t because it is a safety measure. The alarm is there to let people know that you’re about to go backwards.

I walked back to my office thinking about this and this thought popped into my head: wouldn’t it be great if we as humans had an annoying alarm that made a loud continuous beep when we are about to go into reverse? When we’re about to look back, like when you’re about to pick up that phone and call an ex that you know is no good for you, wouldn’t it be great if that alarm went on and stayed on until you hung up the phone? Wouldn’t it be great for all the people around you to hear that alarm so that they know you are about to go backwards and bring up some old crap? I think husbands and boyfriends would love that… LOL.

But seriously, there are a lot of people who are living their lives stuck in reverse, alarms going off, beeps beeping very loudly, but they can't get it out of reverse. You know these kinds of people, the ones that nobody wants to be around because they can be so annoying, always dwelling on the past. Full of “I wish I had done this” or “I wish I could have done that”. These kinds of people are sad to me, not focusing on the beauty of today, they’d rather dig through the ashes of yesterday. Listen to me, you can’t change anything that you have done in your past, all you can do is go forward. No matter how many mistakes you have made, no matter how many things you have done wrong, you have got to move forward. That is your past and there is no future in it.

And the only way to move forward is to ask for forgiveness from the people who you have hurt and wronged. Whether they forgive you or not you must ask… sorry that’s just the way it is. If you don’t you will continue to reap bad things from what you have done to them, even if they don’t forgive you. You will have the power to be free because you asked for forgiveness. And secondly, you must forgive yourself. Forgiveness is the key that can move your life forward… and turn off the reverse alarm.

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  • Becks Dallas, Tx

    Great message.

  • charlene lane st louis, mo

    Hi Tyler, You are telling the truth. You can not go backwards. But, with forgiveness and God. it seems as though you can move forward with someone who may have been in your past.

  • Aura Ohio

    That is your past and there is no future in it. Love is a beautiful thing when it works for both people in it. One person can't keep the whole relationship together. Thats when it shatters the person that is doing all the repairs. At the end of the day, a bad relationship when it ends is truly a blessing. All the love you gave from the heart was never truly returned, because they really did not love you. When that person is out of the way, someone who truly love's you can enter in.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi there Tyler you sir.. :-) Well I'll just leave my little 2 cents for later..LOL!! God Bless Youuuuuu I'm smiling :-) :-) Ms. Proverbs

  • R Acworth, GA


  • Jami

    First of all, Mr. Perry, I am surprised that as a producer of a movie that told the story of sexual abuse by a mentally ill mother, you would think it is simple for all people on the earth to "make every moment count" if their mom is alive. Second, who are you to say that no one on the earth who attempts to reconnect with an ex in hopes of rekindling love will discover that they are really each other's soul mates? Imo, it's best to say to every one "follow your heart, because when you do, you will hear no beeps."

  • Stacey Dallas, TX

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing right now because that is sooo true. But, this is a serious matter because living in the past can keep you from God's best and I know none of us want that!

  • Tish Spence Nashville, TN

    Good stuff @tylerperry

  • Angeline Vaaltyn South Africa

    @Tyler i also have a bad past that hunt me sumtimes but i pray and ask God 2help me 4give those who hurt me and 2forgive myself

  • Darlene FWB, FL

    Hi Tyler, as I read the email that you sent out concerning whatever in the past, I wondered if I had mentioned this to you, or had you just been on a call with my niece and myself as we just was speaking on the same subject! I went there, in the past! Thinking that it was the cause of where I was right now! Not in the place I like others would have predicted for me and I had one of those pity party as I looked back! You got me straight!!


    Hey Tyler, how are you!? God bless you love.. This message is so powerful wow it's true you have people around you the are dwelling in the past and not moving forward I have an aunt like that and it is very annoying to talk to and be around her.. Moving on the though of calling or going back to an ex of mine came to mind but you know what my mother told me once Cynthia you don't pick up again the garbage you just took out of the house right? Lol I love my mother so much, but it's true I learned to move on the past is the past and there is not future in it just like you said Tyler... We have to try super hard not to go back with God it's possible! So what are you going to do about the golf carts!? Lol take care Tyler and God bless you ... <3

  • Helen Albany, GA

    Hi TP, The past is the past and the future will never be in it. Myself had to ask for forgiveness and I tell you when I did, the weight on my shoulders I had been carrying around was NO MORE, felt like a new person and yes, I'm moving FORWARD, because the LORD is my shepherd and there is nothing I shall want. Continue to be OUR messenger. BE BLESSED!