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Alex Cross follows the young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry), from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller.

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  • Sharon Junction City, KS

    Alex Cross was a great action packed movie and it was good to see you showcase more of your talents. I admire the fact that you refuse to let your critics place you in a box and limit your potential. I look forward to seeing you in more novices in the near future....Congratulations!!!!

  • Tonya Charlotte North Carolina

    Tyler, Alex Cross was a great movie, and you did an excellent job! I am a huge fan and I enjoy all of your work. I pray that GOD continues to bless and keep you.

  • Erica Harrison Cincinnati, Ohio

    Tyler, You never cease to amaze me! Job well done in Alex Cross. I and my two girlfriends went after church today and we loved every minute of it. There was a woman in the Cemetery scene that I personally know! I can't say it enough how great of a job you have done. May God continue to bless you in all that you do! Love you TP. Erica H.

  • Habeebah Shafeeq Las Vegas

    Two thumbs up Tyler!! Me and my family 4 total saw Alex Cross this Saturday and it was FANTABULOUS. I thoroughly enjoyed you playing Cross and I'm looking forward to you playing him many more times. You hit it out the ball park. Secretly, I was hoping Alex would morph into sinister street maniac after Picasso killed his wife. I wanted to hear the mf word, lol. I loved the movie TP. Congratulations and God's blessings over you always...xoxommuah

  • Barbara Hopkinsville, KY 42240

    Tyler, Just left the movie, loved seeing you play Alex Cross. It was a blessing seeing you play in an action movie. It was very good and hope to see you in more action movies. I believe it was one of the best movies you have ever played in. I enjoy all of you movies. Keep up the good work and I will continue to pray for you and your staff. God Bless!!!!! Have a blessed day.

  • Jackie Conyers GA

    I love the movie, you did awesome job, I knew it was going to be great because it was you.

  • Janice Bronx, NY

    Alex Cross was a great movie. Tyler you were Alex Cross. Great job. God bless and keep the great work.

  • stephanie New Haven

    Tyler, I think it was a great idea to open the movie with the action scene with you in your new role. This was genius! We saw you as Alex Cross! You did an excellent job with this role. I'm looking forward to seeing you in more roles like this. Great job!!

  • Darlene baltimore, md

    I loved Alex cross. Tyler u r amazing. U can do it all.

  • Marion Atlanta, GA

    Wow! Amazing work! I loved this film!

  • Dana Lynn Saint Louis, MO

    I had the pleasure of seeing Alex Cross this weekend. I give you ten stars as you truly came out of your element and did one h*** of a job. I hope you do more action movies as this is not only your calling but your gift. Again great performance and thanks for making me cry TWICE! Lol

  • Jerri McCants Lakleand, FL

    Tyler, Loved you in Alex Cross, you were absolutely great. So different from your normal acting. You really took us on a ride. Can't wait to see more of you in these roles.

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