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Alex Cross follows the young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry), from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller.

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  • Angela Pompano beach, fl

    This was as real as it get, I was like he dreaming he not going to allow Alex wife to be murdered. Great job continue pressing into your promise

  • Joyce M. Norfolk Va

    I have only one word to say, EXCELLENT! I have spreaded the word to all my friends and family to hurry and see Alex Cross. I think I will go to see it again!

  • Dena Kansas

    Just saw Alex Cross-hadn't read the book-heck didn't even know about the series of books but because it was you in a different genre film I was game. Gotta say Good Deeds was excellent except for the part that made me cry; ok yeah I felt all the emotions so it was definately an A! ok back on task-Alex Cross was my type of movie-I love action packed-excuse me-extra killing movies, lmbo. I especially enjoyed the fact that I couldn't anticipate what was going to happen in the movie; I'm sure you follow me (Lakeview Terrace). The scene in front of the court house or city hall-where you where trying to convince the Police Chief to take your suggestion and you were speaking rather fast-I felt a bit of Madea character shot through for like a split second or two. The movie was great and your acting skills are on fire. Looking forward to seeing you breathe life into your next character. Kinda felt like there could be a continuation of Alex Cross but like I said I haven't read that book series so that's not known to me. Congrats on the 30lb weight loss-I get Men's Health because Women's Health is corny ;) mmm, that was long wasn't it-so! Hope you get mad love at the box office and may God be glorified!

  • olive asi new zealand,Auckand city

    Hi Tyler, My name is olive asi just wondering when will the movie reach New Zealand(next to Australia lol ). very interested in watching it but it hasn't been released in our country.I have been getting your emails about coming to watch the movie.I would love to see it once it comes out...

  • Ja-Quisha Durham, nc

    Hi Tyler!! Alex Cross.........hmmmmmm.....it was okay. It didn't meet my expectations. The movie was a little slow in getting to the meat(action) of the movie. and I was expecting a little more action. However, individually, YOU ROCKED that performance!!! You did your thing Mr. Perry in playing Alex!!! Madea showed up a few times, but that was okay we know she is very demanding and persistent! :) I'm still your # 1 fan!!!!

  • tiger Astoria Oregon

    More Alex Cross with Tyler Perry please!!!!!! Bless James Patterson for putting the wonderful after Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. I have read most of his books about Dr. Alex Cross and there are many can we have all of them with TylerPerry; he is the personlfication of his character and Cecelia is truly Jana momma!!!!!!

  • snapplng turtle Astoria, Oregon

    Just saw Alex cross Killer Good

  • luerenzia Triggs

    Tyler i have sent messages to you , and you never answer them . Are you really getting my emails We always loved O. Winfrey, and we love you too, but never gave my an answer on my request to you. When i try to reply yo your email i am never able., so i cannot give you any feedback on things you are telling me.

  • Sonya Houston

    Hi Tyler , Went to see Alex Cross and I loved it!!!! It was great. Most of us had to wait for change and credit cards. Perhaps because its voting time. You did great! Can't wait to more of you in action. Sincerely, Houston Texas

  • Harold MI

    Mr. Perry, As your biggest fan… you knocked it out the park! Great job sir!

  • EJ NYC

    OMG just left theater,haven't even arrived home.Had to let u know u did ur d*** thing. Hollywood will now b knocking no excuse me, banging on ur door. Thanks for allowing us to see the many dimensions of urself. God bless and much success.thanks for all ur givings.

  • June E.Cash Washington,DC

    I watch the movie Alex Cross this evenning after work, it was great. Drama, excitment,action and you Tyler Perry as Alex Cross help to make it a real show stopper at the edge of your seat type movie. I say let the haters hate. All that you have been through in your life sir you can do anything you set your mind to do. It was a joy to see you in a different type movie and you made a fan very proud. All I can say is "To God Be The Glory".

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