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Alex Cross follows the young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry), from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller.

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  • Ericka Daly city, Ca

    I have to say Alex Cross was something else. I think you should do more Drama films. Do more drama. Hang the "Dress" up for about a year . Lol. I looked it. Go Tyler

  • keisha aurora, co

    i had my doubts with tyler perry being alex cross. i am an alex cross fan. i have read almost everything that james patterson has written. i thought that tyler who sounds like madea when he yells or argues wouldnt do a good job. but i was wrong! my fault, i am sorry. i have followed tyler for years and i think he is one of the best men out there. i just wasnt sold, but he did such a wonderful job that i hope james patterson lets him be alex cross for all the other alex cross movies that i hope he makes. wonderful job tyler perry, wonderful!!

    • Tiffanybridges Jennings La, #1763886

      Wow Tyler this one powerful moment for u. Huh? Thatylerperry ineverseen befofore

  • Jackie O. Buffalo,NY

    Hello Tyler, Very good job - you know; I’m a true fan of Morgan Freeman in the roll of Alex Cross I fell in love with him giving our people a vision to see wisdom, promise and prosperity - when I first saw him in the roll as the “Painted Man” with Kevin Kostner in the movie Robin Hood, Morgan’s characters in his films supporting and/or lead always gave life-listens-similar to Yours’ when you look beyond the theatrics you can walk away with so more than just, entertainment. You did a beautiful job; following a man who played “God” in Hollywood. I can see the growth in your Characters’ as you evolve into so much more. However, I must say this at the end of the movie I could not help but smile when you walked away with your back to the camera in that long trench coat – I had a flashback - you have to see it too, your swagger in that baggy coat, walking away brought me back to Madea. Yes, a job well done in my site your still a man of many faces true diversity for the greater good keep pressing forward.

  • Charmin Blake Hartford ct USA

    Hi Tyler I went to see the your movie Alex Cross with one of my youth from church and it was awesome, you did a great job with changing your personality . We wouldn't mind watching some more from you just like Alex Cross. Keep up the good work. Talk soon! Charmin Blake

  • Karen Ervin Baltimore, Maryland

    Tyler, I truly loved watching you in Alex Cross. I thought that it was a great movie! Alex Cross will definitely be part of my DVD collection when it comes out on DVD. It was, perhaps, a risky move on your part but I love the fact that you have not allowed yourself to be typecast as one dimensional. Kudos!

  • Janice United States

    Alex Cross was wonderful!! What are the critics thinking? Makes me wonder if we watched the same movie. Keep up the great work!!


    Congratulations on this and all your blessings!!!

  • Martavia Bell richmond

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry please contact me I have a story to tell would u tell my story...seeing how everyone can see what I post Iwont say it on here so please call or email me.

  • Trekina California

    Tyler.....my husband and I went to see Alex Cross over the weekend and WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! You did an excellent job. You were so believeable as this character. And Matthew Fox did his thang as the villian! Congratulations on a job well. done. Excellent work.

  • Frieda Wooley Columbus, GA.

    Hi Tyler... Seeing, "Alex Cross" proved that your acting range expands beyond the dynamic vast stage plays and comedy flicks that we all had grown accustomed to. Good job Tyler! Your acting abilities are as great as ANY other A-lister. "Alex Cross" cinema was packed to its max capacity!:) --I LOVE her but it was good to see that, "Madea" was never spotted in any of the scenes nor did she make a cameo appearance:) --Your beloved late mother IS still utterly proud of you! I'm hopeful for your future to be nominated and win a leading actors award. So glad you didn't give up on your craft years ago when times were a struggle. "God has bought you too far to give up now!" ...Blessings and the Best to You!

  • Julian Columbia, SC

    Mr. Perry I am conserned about the madea play madea gets a job as to why it was cancelled. Thank you bye

  • vickie miller Belleville, Michigan

    I hope this email reaches you not your representative. I need the real thing YOU. I just want to hear your voice. You are on my bucket list. No! don't get it wrong I'm not ready to go yet. But, I do know hearing from YOU, Mr. T.P. would do my heart great joy. Now, I am aware you have millions of followers but, I prayed that this one reaches YOU. Sincerely, Ms. Vickie

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