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Alex Cross follows the young homicide detective/psychologist (Tyler Perry), from the worldwide best-selling novels by James Patterson, as he meets his match in a serial killer (Matthew Fox). The two face off in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, but when the mission gets personal, Cross is pushed to the edge of his moral and psychological limits in this taut and exciting action thriller.

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  • Freda Jackson Las Vegas ,NV

    I am looking forward to the Alex Cross Movie and your performance .....

  • Thandeka South Africa, Port Elizabeth

    I can't wait to visit cinema when the movies (Alex Cross) is showing in South Africa. South Africans loves your movies and above love your talent. You bring the character to the movie, making your target audience to believe in the character and to see themselves in the situations your movies are potraying. I support you 100% in everything you do because I know, you didn't just accept the offer to play this role, you have prayed for confirmation from God to play this character. Your work has been excellent and you have never disappointed your fans. I enjoyed watching you in Good Deeds, and you delivered so profoundly. So for sure, Alex Cross will never be a disappointment....Keep up the good work and continue to implement the purpose and plans that God has for you....Love Thandeka (SA P.E.)

  • Ms. Donna Cage Cgicago Il.

    The ONLY reason WHY I am going to see this movie is because of you Tyler Perry I, I love everything you but your hands, or should I say mind n heart on I would like too see it movies plays and you. God but you here for a reason???? And once you got out of that web you Tyler just started to bloom you Tyler ,Prensident Obrama , and Myself was put here to make a different no matter what. No one on this earth cn stop us on what is plan for Us, so keep shinning and touching our lives. Yes i am goingg to see this new movie Love you

  • Cassandra Milwaukee

    I can't wait to see you Tyler in a thrilling movie, at first you looked like Eriq LaSalle to me. There may have been some people who told you this already but. Can't wait to see you in more actions movies.

  • Brenda MS B Davis Los Angeles

    This is going to be a fabulous movie, I know what ever you do is blest. I will be there to support what ever you do, because you are so talented. My daughter is 8 and she says hi and she hopes you had a great time making this film.

    • Yolanda Wade Charlotte, NC #1755153

      God bless and continue to inspire you to soar high. Stretch your acting wings and know you are loved, supported and encouraged. Looking forward to the movie opening this weekend. Continued blessings and much success.

  • Deirdre Edmond Pittsburgh, PA

    Yes Tyler I'm going to see your movie! I have a ritual that all my family knows. Whenever you have a new movie that comes out, I write it in my dayplanner and then I go the the very first showing of the movie. Whether any of my family members goes with me or not, I buy the expensive seats and go. There is no if and's or buts about it...I'm there! I loves me some Tyler!

  • demetra robinson freeport, illinois

    Mr. Perry, Yes, I plan on going to see you in the movie Alex Cross. The blessings from God have taken you to another creative level. Very proud of you! Demetra

  • Priscilla Simmons New Britain, CT.

    Love you Tyler, God Blessing be upon you always. no matter what the people of the world say God our Abba Father just keep on blessing you. Keep up the good work continue to put joy in the people of the world heart. The best friend you have in this world, is Jesus. Love you.

  • Swaybee California

    Mr. Perry, I take pride in saying, you are no one trick pony. As you explore your creative horizons, we the fans continue to benefit. It takes courage to step out of our zone to take a chance on something different. I know I just relocated to California from the East Coast. I'm looking forward to another great night at the movies with "Alex Cross". All the best to you.



  • Valerie Akron, Ohio

    I will be their at the movies to see Ex Cross with friends and families: "God Bless You Always."

  • Mrs. C Atlanta, Georgia

    Mr. Tyler, I love your dedication, commitment, and energy to God and your work! I am anxious to see your new project Alex Cross and I know God has already touched and blessed your present and future endeavors. I myself am forty-seven years old and at a cross road in my life with handling breast cancer diagnosed September 2011. Through my battle I had a bi-lateral mastectomy, I lost most of my teeth from chemo and prior prescribed medication, and at this present moment fluids are flowing out of incisions from a recent surgery. Radiation has weakened my skin which prevents the healing process even more. I tell you this because I want you to know that you have been a inspirational figure in my life and I respect you for creating plays and movies that are for Christian believers all over the world! All I can say is I am Bless to know and been able in the past to view your work first hand. Mr. Tyler stay encourage and focused on the things of God and don't worry if it is not popular because God & Big Momma Gotcha Back! You are truly Blessed! Respect, Love, and Blessings Always! Mrs. C

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