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From the award-winning playwright Tyler Perry comes the hit success Diary of a Mad Black Woman, which began as an accomplished play. Charles, an attorney, and Helen, his devoted wife, seemed to have everything – money, a beautiful mansion - the American Dream. However, as Helen prepares to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary, her life takes an unexpected twist. Helen is forced to rediscover love, life and religion on her pursuit for happiness.

The comedy extravaganza continues as Perry’s four popular plays are made available for the first time ever on DVD. In Madea’s Class Reunion, Mabel “ Madea” Simmons has decided to “go on head an go” to her 50th Class Reunion. In Madea’s Family Reunion, Madea has a wedding, a funeral and a family reunion…and she did it all for only $75. If you thought Madea’s family was crazy, wait till you…Meet the Browns. In I Can Do Bad All By Myself, see what happens when a family is torn apart by one sister’s selfishness and another sister’s refusal to let go of the love of her life. All the while, Madea is in rare form and is determined to get and keep the family together.

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  • faith durban

    the dairy of mad black woman is my favourate movie it teach me me so man things how to face love problem ,how to solve problems and so much more I like this move

  • sharon

    this is my favorite movie of Tyler perry! the best so far in my opinion!can never get tired of it!

    • ashley cape town/south africa #2011671

      this is a terrific movie that leaves me emotional evry time I watch it. its not borring an every time I watch it, its like I watch it for the first time. it made me believe in love and made me faithful.

  • valerie smith louisville'miss.39339

    Hi Mr.Perry well you know my name cause Iam posting and Email Ilove this movie dairy of a maddddddd black woman she really was mad but what i really email you for was one of your old friends Bishop Jimmie Goss was trying to get in contact with you you can give him a call at 1- and you can talk to him your self we is trying to grt over the tornado that hit us here in louisville'miss. 4-28-14 it really tore up winston'county we here in louisville' need your prayer I email you once before but I guess you didn't receive it so good bye for now hit us back with and Email or call we love you always. valerie smith & and Family of the Paulvine M.B. Church Family.

  • Darryl United States

    Next year in 2015 will be the 10th Anniversary of this movie I wonder how will he celebrate it ? maybe a re-release in theaters or Dvd with a special edition version ?

  • Isaiah Williams Denver,Colorado

    I'm watching this right now.

    • KENNY MAMPANE south africa #1998599

      Love that movie so much, is touching and teaches us about life's real challenges.

  • AIALA brasil

    perfeito eu adorei esse filme pos ele e muito paracido comigo

  • Sandi South Africa, Kwa-Zulu Natal

    heyTyler!!! i honestly just watched your movie last night, i loved it!!! first it was Whu did I get married now this and Madea!!! i sure can tell you one thing yu can act, all your movies and characters ae so funny!!!!!!! you are the best i love all your movies that im addicted i cant wait for your next one just remember MAKE IT FUNNNNYYYY!!!!!!! BYE!!!

  • Zamambo south africa

    just watched the movie, again it must be for the 25th time but it always feels like the first time, it takes one with guts to forgive someone who has abused you emotionally, well the movie helped me forgive other people too and life went on, keep up with the good work, God bless you

    • Ntsoaki South Africa,Gauteng #1895710

      I was once in a very abusive relationship I stayed and make excuses for him and also not knowing how to handle the whole situation thank God I never married the man and now I feel sorry for him so so much and Iam praying that God I can forgive him, I still have scars I could not tell my family (He would have long dead) ,and his family they don't get themselves involved in each other affairs, besides he is a respected member of his family. Something inside me is very angry and has not let go......

  • Darryl G.

    I seen the play and film I love them both years ago But I would like to see it as a soap drama series called ''Diaries of mad black women '' the series will be a little like For colored girls and The women of Brewster place

  • Ora Richman West Memphis, Arkansas

    Tyler, after watching Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, I fell in love with the entire movie. I'm glad that Helen did not take Charles back after he put her through a lot of emotional abuse. Shemar Moore and Kimberly Elise had great chemistry in this movie and they looked absolutely perfect together. You really know how to conjure(make) up a good love story Tyler. Seeing this movie was a real treat....thank you!!! Love you dearly and God bless!

  • Cindi Pinyan South Carolina

    I love all your work, but my favorite is "Dairy of a Mad Back Woman". Tears, laughter, and inspiration..... are renewed in me every time I watch it, no matter how many times I watch it. (at least a dozen) Not sure what you've been through in your life to have the insight of a woman's feeling to write these stories. You are truly a blessing from God. The messages in your stories transend race, religion, & social status..... we are all sisters in Christ.

    • Kiara Pearland Tx #1895332

      Charles deserved to be beat. He shouldn't have hurt her like that.

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