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A successful, wealthy businessman, Wesley Deeds (Tyler Perry) has always done what's expected of him, whether it's assuming the helm of his father's company, tolerating his brother's misbehavior at the office or planning to marry his beautiful but restless fiancee, Natalie (Gabrielle Union). But Wesley is jolted out of his predictable routine when he meets Lindsey (Thandie Newton), a down-on-her-luck single mother who works as a cleaning person in his office building. Outspoken, impulsive and proud- and also recently evicted- Lindsey struggles to make ends meet for herself and her young daughter. But when Wesley offers to help her get back on her feet, his innocent good deed ignites and unexpected attraction- and suddenly Wesley finds himself caught between the life he thought he wanted and the powerful desires of his heartÂ….

A moving, uplifting romantic drama about relationships and the defining choices we make in our lives, 'Tyler Perry's Good Deeds' is written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, and stars Perry, Thandie Newton, Brian White, Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Kennedy, Eddie Cibrian, Jordenn Thompson, Beverly Johnson, with Phylicia Rashad, and Gabrielle Union.

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  • Veronica Jackson Calumet City (south suburbs of Illinois)

    Great movie! Thanks for the performance. I laughed, cried, and song when I watched the movie. It is refreshing to see positive performances. Keep up the great job and God Bless you more. We all have a purpose in life.

  • Tonya Columbus, Ohio

    Tyler, Great movie! Great actors and roles that all the characters in this movie represented. This weekend was my first time watching it and I watched it over and over the entire weekend. I even called family members back home to see if they had already seen it (a little too late, but we talked as if at just hit the theatre). It was very moving, funny and full of emotions. I'm sorry that I didn't see it sooner. Keep doing what you do, regardless of what the viewers may or may not agree upon, THERE IS ALWAYS A POSITIVE MESSAGE! My nephew who I raised for the past 13 years is going away to college this fall and I feel that I have done my GOOD DEED and am ready to begin living my life for me and being happy. Thank you!

  • joyce juarez COLORADOSPRINGS CO


  • Aundrea Alabama

    Great movie. I am believing God for a real life Wesley.

  • Yvonne Virginia

    Tyler Perry I really your work!I love Madea;However I still enjoy your work when you play yourself in them. You are steady climbing and reaching toward a higher level in production.Your God given talent is shining! How bright you want it to shine is totally up to you.God has already given you the green lite.Keep going.Keep going.You asked us how we feel about "Good Deeds";and this is my impression.I don't think it was even as good as some of your other work.At the beginning of the movie I truly felt that it was going to be one of best ;like "Diary of A Mad Black Woman"-which is probably your "Best. Because it transcends all cultural/and racial boundaries.Any woman when done wrong as she was would probably do or in some cultures wish they could do what she did after tolerating all she could . But in "Good Deeds";all the excitement and drama quickly whittled away to almost nothing.It reminded me of the movie" Pursuit Of Happyness.In that movie Will Smith was truly as courteous as he could be to those people that God put in his circle to help him;and Will deserved everything he got and more. " However in "Good Deeds" the cleaning woman "Lindsey "was so" rude" and "disrespectfu;even almost to the end.I just don't feel that God would reward someone of that personna with someone like you. I feel that God will always help us even when we don't deserve it.And in her case it was absolutely your duty if God placed it upon your heart to help her and her daughter out of their situation I don't feel that Lindsey deserved Wesley at all.I was more happy to see Natalie to marry Wesley.IThe story line was so predictable;it got boring. The acting was very good by everyone cast.However it just didn't keep my interest /like it started out like dynamite!I guess the trick is to keep the attention by suspense/ heightened emotions/keep people guessing.Because if I can guess what's coming next-It's all over at that point-Why keep watching? I hope you read all our comments.I think you do. Keep improving upon yourself.You set a very high standard for yourself when you produced "Diary of A Mad Black Woman" and "Madeas Big Happy Family." You have to try to stay ahead of yourself in the race;then you can stay ahaed of others in the same race.You are going to get to the very "top" and possibly supercede others in movie production.Your going to need to branch off and get more in the company "of the best" so they can help you become "the best."Share your idea and thoughts with them and they will enlighten you.Good luck! God bless you and your family!The Best is yet to come.You can do this!

  • TitusD'emetrius Philadelphia Pa

    I been longing for a movie with this kind of message in it, of kindness desency passion and love I write alot and Good Deeds do is confirmation to me to never stop writting.

  • Emma south Africa

    What a great movie. Just curious,which country in Africa where you going to...

  • sheliza sunshine state

    Kimmie (kirby, TX) ...had some great point. Total understand Lindsey characters, good people turn ugly when bad luck is walking behind them. I enjoy all your movie s & enjoy seeing more of you in this one. But.. Tyler this was not a home run. No matter what the rating ...just keep in mind you still have a fan , so it all good!!!!

  • Kimmie kirby, TX

    I literally hated this movie. I generally like all of your movies. I like the way you showcase strong black women. However, the character of Lindsey you missed the mark. Her character was selfish and rude. She was not deserving of "Good Deeds". She needed self improvement in attitude. From the moment she took Wesley's spot I was not intrigued by her but yet irritated that she would take this man'spot knowing it was not hers and then when she avoided getting her car towed she took a chance with her daughter in the car in getting hurt because Wesley's brother seemed Psycho??? Who does that. Then she was rude to her landlord who warned her she needed to make a real payment arrangement. Then on top of that she went of the teachers and adminstrators with that rude I have got it together attitude. UGGGH then she is walking around at work with an IPOD and when she gets of work she doesnt have a dime to get gas or feed her child. Any real Momma would have pawned that IPOD to feed their child. Plus the fact in how she grabbed two bags of clothes instead of pulling her car to the side and gathering what she could for survival. She was not a hustler she was a BLAMER. Who would leave money in the home that was on the brink of being taken. Never did you hear her say this was a bad choice until the social worker was their with an officer. If that officer was not there she probably would have cursed and went of on her. The Wesley swoops in and gives her an apartment okay ...so what does she do with free daycare and a free apartment she tries to impress him by riding a harley.......instead of being grateful and maybe trying to go back to school or save her money you dont see her doing any self imporvement. Then Wesley is just as selfish he jumps out of one realtionship and into another one. He offers to drag her with him while he finds himself yet again sacrificing her and her child at his own expense. This movie was horrible horrible horrible. A better ending would have been Lindsey learning to stand on her own two feet before jumping in a relationship. A good ending would have been Wesley his mother and brother reconciling going to counseling or something. A good ending would have been Lindsey not accepting the tickets and them meeting later in life after they both got thier lives together.

    • Portia South Africa #1708222

      Tyler Perry never dippoints , really loved the movie. Keep up good work.

  • kk tx


  • Babette Harrell Rochester

    I rented Good Deeds last weekend, and was shocked to see the sex seen with you and Gabrielle Union. I was combing my daughter's (9) hair, and had to quickly tell her to close her eye's due the inappropriate scene. Maybe I should have watched it first. I'm just not use to seeing things like that in your work. Please keep it clean so our kids can watch too.

  • Eloisa Georgia

    I just finish watching this movie. Shame on you, shame on you. This movie hurt the Lords heart, and you spend a lot of money on this. Sorry to tell you brother but this movie does not glorify God, or gives out a positive message for a person that does not know God. I beg you, don't do another movie like this. I wonder what your mother might think if she would had seen it?

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