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For years, George Needleman, the gentle CFO of a Wall Street investment bank, has been living with his head in the clouds. His frustrated second wife, Kate, has reached her limit taking care of his senile mother, Barbara. His teenage daughter, Cindy, is spoiled beyond hope and his seven-year-old son, Howie, wishes his father were around more. But George is finally forced to wake up when he learns that his firm, Lockwise Industries, has been operating a mob-backed Ponzi scheme -- and that he's been set up as the fall guy.

Facing criminal charges and death threats from the mob, George and his entire family are put under witness protection in the safest place that Brian, a federal prosecutor from Atlanta, can think of... His Aunt Madea's house down South.

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  • henrietta batiste new orleans la,

    I enjoyed the movie very very much.

  • TASHA SCOTT lima, ohio

    Thank you Mr. Perry, the movie was great. At first I was worried that I wouldn't get to see it in Lima, Ohio but lucky me it was playing here. My daughter is seven and she just love Madea in any movie and she watch them all the time. Keep doing a great job.

  • Lynne silver creek miss

    Tyler: what a great movie you know one thing about you come with some good movies i want say you out did yourself because you problems already working on something else now but madeas witness protection take the cake It a great movies and looking forward to see it again may god bless you.

  • R. Yates ATL

    this movie is so freakg HILARIOUS!!! I thought they were going to have to remove from the theatre at one point I was laughing so hard!!! Way to go MADEA!!! You are HILARIOUS!!!

  • Erica Austin, TX

    Hello, First of all I wanted to say that you, the cast and the crew did a terrific job in this movie. I love Eugene Levy and the fact that I got to see him and Madea together, truly made my day Saturday. Too many funny moments that almost sent me to the hospital. It's been a long time since that's happened. I'm not saying that I didn't like your past/present movies/shows, just this one really did it for me. I was down and hoped that seeing this movie would truly help and you didn't disappoint. I thank you so much and I thank God for creating you. One day I hope to meet you and tell you and person how truly thankful I am to have been able to be blessed to be born in a world where you exist, until then, keep em coming. Love ya and God bless Erica A.

    • Erica Austin, TX #1703876

      In person...my apologies

  • Ms. T Philadelphia

    Good morning. OK, I say Witness Protection. One scene I laughed so hard I started crying and almost couldn't see the next scene. Great movie, as usually, I expect nothing less than brilliant when I see a TP play or movie. However, while I was watching the openning advertisements there is a movie coming out with Tyler Perry; however, it is not a TP production. I told my daughter (7 yrs) that I would email you and ask you about it. Honey you would have thought I mentioned Santa Clause, she said "you know Tyler Perry??? Really mom!!" I didn't lie, I said yes... just kidding. So, do tell Mr. Perry, what are we in for in the near future? Love you and keep up the good works.

  • Karla Griffin Morristown Tn

    I saw MWP Friday night & OMG it was Awesome! I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry's movies but this one is my favorite so far! I laughed so hard I cried throughout the whole movie... I can't wait til it comes out on dvd... Awesome job as always Tyler

  • DawnWhite23 US

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    • Sylvia Staten Island, NY #1703631

      Tyler: I saw Madea's Witness Protection yesterday and it was hilarious. I laughed from beginning to end. I also saw a clip of you playing a cop in an upcoming movie which I thought you would never do. It looks great and I am looking forward to seeing it. Great change. Thanks for making me laugh. Sylvia PS: I am going back to see it.

  • Nancy Murphy Tifton, Georgia

    Tyler I am so glad you were able to help your mother. That is the greatest gift of all. My mom will soon be 90 years old and I have not been able to do to much but she knows she has all my love. Do not let anyone keep you from making us laugh. Your movies have been a breath of fresh air. I wish you the very best in life !!!!!

  • Beverly Olawunmi Jamaica, NY

    Tyler I loved the movie!!!! It was extra special as it came out on My Birthday. Continue making your movies and let the haters keep on hating... We got your back!!!! Luv Ya... My Son's dream is to become an Actor, would be nice to see him in one of your movies. I am a Social Worker here in NY and believe me I have some DRAMA stories for you. Be blessed.

  • miss p. USA

    Hello Tyler: My grandmother and I went to the movies Friday and there was a big storm that shut off the power at the theatre. We received tickets to see another movie anytime we want..I will go again sometime this weekend...do you love me as much as I love you and your work...

    • Angela Florida #1704264

      Tyler, You hit a home run this time! I mean you REALLY knocked it out of the park with this movie. My husband and I, along with the rest of the audience in the theatre were ROLLING with laughter. Sometimes it was hard to stop laughing. Congratulations!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

  • Crystal Akron, OH

    Heyy! Tyler! We went to see "MWP" today and it was good. Like I said b4 my daughter loves Madea and she thought the movie was HILARIOUS lol! I thought the movie had a GREAT storyline. I feel Madea didn't "throw-down" like she usually does. We ALL were expecting more with the carjacker and the young girl who hit Madea with the pillow lol! But over-all it was a GOOD movie. I give it a 7 out of 10 (Im only being honest :-))! but.....**Don't worry about it, YOU'RE STILL A GREAT DIRECTOR and YOU ARE BLESSED!!!** KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! and MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU EACH and EVERYDAY!

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