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For years, George Needleman, the gentle CFO of a Wall Street investment bank, has been living with his head in the clouds. His frustrated second wife, Kate, has reached her limit taking care of his senile mother, Barbara. His teenage daughter, Cindy, is spoiled beyond hope and his seven-year-old son, Howie, wishes his father were around more. But George is finally forced to wake up when he learns that his firm, Lockwise Industries, has been operating a mob-backed Ponzi scheme -- and that he's been set up as the fall guy.

Facing criminal charges and death threats from the mob, George and his entire family are put under witness protection in the safest place that Brian, a federal prosecutor from Atlanta, can think of... His Aunt Madea's house down South.

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  • amber Columbus, OH

    I watched the movie tonight and loved it. I laughed so hard and it was just what I needed to cheer me up. Keep them coming:)

  • Marcia Ho-Sang Portmore, Jamaica

    tyler you're a blessing to our young people,well done...god bless you keep up the good work an keep those flim coming

  • Donna Bernsdorf North Royalton, Ohio

    Tyler you gave the fans what we've been craving!More Madea! This is by far your best Madea movie. I took a 75 yr old friend with me who never heard of you. He was still smiling about the movie on the way home. Needless to say you are + a new fan! We both laughed the entire movie! May God continue to use and bless you!

  • Z. Asheville, NC

    BRAVO Mr. Perry, it was sold out when I got the theater and me, my mother, my mother's friend and my brother laughed really Hard. I loved it so much this is your funniest Madea film you've made. I will be purchasing it when it premieres on DVD. Be blessed Tyler and don't retire Madea. God bless you Tyler



  • jonathan perez danbury ct

    i loved this movie it was one of you funniest stuff. God bless you on everything you have done and will do and Long Live Madea.

  • Loretta Hamblin Clinton Township, MI

    I'm going to see the new movie on 6/30. I know its funny. Just keep on doing what you are doing. We got your back , but god has it more. There will always be haters, but who cares. May god continue to bless you.

  • Robbie Lewellyn Yazoo City, Mississippi

    Mr. Perry, You did it again, another grandslam out of the ballpark. Thank you for all your plays and tv shows, movies. Can not wait to see you as Alex Cross.

  • Darryl G. St.Pete Fl

    Finally Made it Back to the House Just seen Madea's Witness Protection dat movie funny af If ya'll didn't see it Go to the movies and see It (NO BOOTLEG) THE MOVIES. so go to the movies and see it don't try to keep a straight face cause you just can't! This movie is just Too Funny too miss...So Go Grab your Friends and Family Go! Lol

  • Thelma Washington Irving Tx 75060

    I know it a lot of c*** to deal with but it feel good when you can sit back and take it all in at the end. I desired to some day to lay back and take in all in as well,but the c*** I keep running up against just to get some one to view my material I know when it finally veiwed ,producers will be all over it. If you can help me get there we both can lay back and take it all in. Even at my age I sitll have an intergrated mind. Help me if you can i'll be more than fair.

  • John Atlanta, GA

    I figured I'd post here since my chances of bumping into you in person are slim, but the movie was Great! Every movie you come out with I'm like the first one at the first showing in Atlanta!! And today, there I was!!!! Front and center! Clearly this post is a little different.....question? Did you ever want to be a lawyer while you were growing up? Your character expresses alot, which sometimes is an outward expression of who they are. I'm not talking about "Madea," but I'm talking about who "Madea is." You say so much to me, and the people that watch your movies.....sometime it's like, is this how the world really operates? How the world should operate in some instances? Anyway, I guess this is the closest ill get to speaking with you.....keep up the good work....maybe I'll see you around. JB

  • D Val NYC

    Thank you for the workout my Abs got today. I do not know if I laughed harder at the movie or the out takes. Please include them on the Blu-ray. Everyone will enjoy this movie; black, white, yellow, or purple. CONGRATS ON THE LEAD ROLE IN ALEX CROSS. IT LOOKS LIKE A HIT. CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE IT. STAY STRONG AND CONTINUED BLESSINGS

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