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For years, George Needleman, the gentle CFO of a Wall Street investment bank, has been living with his head in the clouds. His frustrated second wife, Kate, has reached her limit taking care of his senile mother, Barbara. His teenage daughter, Cindy, is spoiled beyond hope and his seven-year-old son, Howie, wishes his father were around more. But George is finally forced to wake up when he learns that his firm, Lockwise Industries, has been operating a mob-backed Ponzi scheme -- and that he's been set up as the fall guy.

Facing criminal charges and death threats from the mob, George and his entire family are put under witness protection in the safest place that Brian, a federal prosecutor from Atlanta, can think of... His Aunt Madea's house down South.

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  • LadyLynette Harvest Alabama

    I purchased Witness Protection in Blu-ray edition, however it wouldn't play in its etirety. I tried several times to solve the problem but with no success.

  • ralphshanee carter new orleans, louisiana

    I really enjoy your movies and play i think you should be able to watch them on your web page for free once they come out on dvd

    • Nodumo J. Mdlongwa Zimbabwe #1767751

      Well the movie was a total blast for me, especially when Madea saw that the family that was supposed to stay with them was white! Total blast, enjoyed it fully. Unfortunately in our country we don't have any theatre places, we rely on dvds.. regards

  • Dr. Shirley A. Jones-Johnson Dayton, Ohio

    Witness protection is absolutely healing through laughter. As a widow I find all of your work to have just the right touch for each person. When leaving the movies or a play just listening to the chatter and excited buzz of all the people seeming pleased and sharing their personal special moment of joy from what we have just witnessed; is always extremely fulfilling. I am old enough to be your mother and so I feel proud of you as a son in the village as I need to say that I have three adult sons of my own of whom I am proud. My youngest obtained a degree in media production and is working to sharpen his skills. I have such a great love and belief in this field but was directed in a different way as a young woman; however, watching you grow encourages me to encourages me to encourage my son. Well Mr. Tyler Perry you have done it again and I will see your new movie soon. I know it will be blessed. I am from a very fragile family. I am the only core member alive. I have published a book about my life. I wish you could receive and read a copy. It is my prayer to meet and talk to you personally.

  • Katleho RSA

    Tyler do you know the saying that says keep a diary and one day your diary will keep you alive? well you have kept your diary of good work in all of our hearts in our homes in our computers and you allowed us to make friends laugh in their toughest times in their lives with the diary you have given to us. I'm talking about your movies, your foundation your story about your past and how you came to be who you are through God who strengthens us all. You my good friend i will keep your diary safe for one day it keep you alive forever....Have a fabulous day cant wait till you turn another page for a new diary entrance. SA loves you by the by..lol

  • Gabriel Moses Bangor,PA

    HAHAHA this movie was hillarious. i loved it i went to see this in theaters and i am glad i did. Again I am 13 and i am your biggest fan. My dream is to one day be in one of your plays or movies or just work for you period. You inspired me to be an actor. I want to be just like you. Cant wait to see your next project.

    • jalen orlando #1763052

      i'm his number 1 fan. I bet i seen Madea''s Witness Protection more than i really should.

    • Kamodjia #1766181

      we shud do a movie together once me and you meet hollywood bc Everyone is a idol to mr.perry and i saw every tyler perry movie and play...watched it alot and he inspired me to be an actor 2 so thats why i have a webshow called the kam show and my name is kamodjia961 and i ack silly and have a character based on madea called Mama Kam its funny watch it bc my class loved it at school

    • jalen orlando #1791269

      i want to be a actor director producer and writer just like him and i seen every one too

  • sonia orlando, fl

    This movie had me falling out my seat, literally, I laughed so hard tears fell from my eyes and I had hiccups. The thing is I was feeling so down at the time and I decided to go see this movie to take my mind offa my stress and it helped. I just thank God for giving you to us, you are such an inspiration and we support everything that you do because we benefit in some way from your great works. God bless you and continue to make me feel uplifted.

  • susieq falmouth


  • Claudette Kyle Texas

    I have two things to comment on. One I was not able to open up the trailer for Meada's Witness Protection and second I ordered a voice keychain. The shipping was suppose to be free and when my daughter at college recieved it the post office would not release it until she paid .23. Free is free to me. Why did she have to pay any money for it if your website is saying that it is free shipping?

  • Matthew Outside of Columbia, South Carolina

    Love the series! I love Madea!!!!! I can't wait until the movie comes out! Witness Protection is my favorite!



  • Jamie Vidalia, Ga

    Have you ever considered having Madea and her extended family appear on Family Feud with Steve Harvey as part of a movie? Just thinking about Uncle Joe, Mr. Brown, and Madea on Family Feud makes me laugh out loud.

  • Maria Mene Cairns, Australia

    Hi Mr Perry, I live in Australia and my family and I ABSOLUTELY love your movies. The only problem is I can't buy them in Australia and have to troll internet sites in an attempt (often unsuccessfully) to find them. I was wondering how I can order them direct from you or a franchise which may on sell them to Australia. Am happy for any advice you can provide which will enable me to own such side splitting comedy :) Keep up the excellent work and may Madea live forever lol :)

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