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A funny, moving romantic drama about the power of love and family, Lionsgate’s TYLER PERRY’S MEET THE BROWNS marks another winning portrayal of life by writer/director/actor Tyler Perry (DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN, MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION, WHY DID I GET MARRIED?) and features a return to the big screen by Perry’s beloved comic creation, the indomitable and outrageous Southern matriarch Madea.

A single mother living in inner city Chicago, Brenda has been struggling for years to make ends meet and keep her three kids off the street. But when she’s laid off with no warning, she starts losing hope for the first time – until a letter arrives announcing the death of a father she’s never met. Desperate for any kind of help, Brenda takes her family to Georgia for the funeral. But nothing could have prepared her for the Browns, her father’s fun-loving, crass Southern clan. In a small-town world full of long afternoons and country fairs, Brenda struggles to get to know the family she never knew existed…and finds a brand new romance that just might change her life.

Based on the popular stage production of the same name, TYLER PERRY’S MEET THE BROWNS is a charming story about the joys of family, and the possibility of second chances. TYLER PERRY’S MEET THE BROWNS was produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry, and produced by Reuben Cannon.

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  • Rosalie Pntario

    Why can't you just bring back some updated program of Tyler perry meet the browns and the paynes

  • Wyomie Honolulu, Hawaii

    I just have to say, that I truly enjoy every movie that you made. Each movie that I've watched somehow for some strange reason relate to my friends or familes lives. I love it, I hope you continue to make more movies that keep people like me laughing. Hope to one day meet you here in Hawaii.

  • Janis Oliver Newport News

    Please explain why David's character dresses like a clown?

  • daquan rogers warrenton

    i love that show and vera is the funny

    • Susan jupkins 3146 Burlington st #2156443

      Yes that right

  • Sandra Stokley Newer Park New Jersey

    i do like your show so very much Mr. Tyler Perry

  • jaime garcia san gabriel valley l.a county la puente ca

    Me&my wife are big fans of you & cast we keep watching all of yur dvds hoppe u make new there more browns I'm abig fan mr brown aka david is it possible can get sign pic of him and of madea &yur alex cross movie just great yur one of the great one to do movies and stage plays back to back yur creatility is unbeveilable keep up for all yur fans here and the world thanks from jaime&becky garcia n la puente ca sgv

  • thandeka springs ,South Africa

    Best movie ever ,the browns are the craziest and most fun family ever,looking to watching more movies concerning the browns, hope it continue, meet the browns is my best comedy movie #mwa

  • Laurelle United States

    Above, on the list of supporting cast members, Pamela J. Mann is listed instead of Tamela J. Mann. Correct me if I'm wrong but I googled Pamela J. Mann and it didn't come up with anybody for The Meet The Browns Movie except for a few pics of Tamela Mann.

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I'm watching this right now.

  • ms mcciy palm beach

    Love this movie meet the browns. Funny stuff. Laughter good for the soul. I have allvthe browns cd and dvd. Lol

  • Alberta Albert MS

    Great Movie!

  • jennifer pleasant griove, alabama, suburb of birmingham, al

    Dear Mr. Perry! Yes, I do know English, and the exclamation point was wrong in so many ways but I meant it for you! :) Do not be afraid of Birmingham. Are you? I will fess up right now, and tell you that I am a moderately attractive, middle aged, 42, white woman here in Pleasant Grove, Alabama. I hate to say it like that, but lets just get to the point cause if we don't, I take after my Mama and may talk for days, and I know how soon I tune her out, so can only imagine how quickly you will tune me out. :) Do you know the market you are missing here? Do you think we are all hicks, or backwardminded people? What about the African Americans? Yes, I dared! Do you discount them in your decision making? Cause, I have to tell you, Birmingham TODAY is may the best place you make look for inspiration for anything? You won't know it by looking at press in LA or otherwise, but I don't believe they are really your market? I am your market! That may freak you out a little, but LOVE your sh0ws! I dread the day I tune in one early morning and don't find the paynes and browns to meet me. I literally will cry and be so upset. :( That is your genious. You understand your obligation and place to raise into consciousness, and I just know I love you guys. :) We in Birmingham are so typified by history, media, movies, television, you name it, but personal experience here, none of that. I am not being a freak who says history did not happen, please ok? Do not dismiss me like that? Please? I am just saying, you have avenues here to a large audience, A tlanta is not the only place left of civilizati on past the Mississippi. Just a tiny reminder. Just PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take Mr. Brown away from met! I love him SO! :) Ok honey, all with a pinch of salt, thank you f or reading his far. Love, Jennifer Weigant

    • jennifer birmingham #1733920

      OH MY LORD! Please , I hope many will read this post before sending me hate mail. I could apologize for a couple of badly planned sentences. Just to say, if I could have deleted them upon reviewing, I WOULD have, but that was not an option. :) So guys, a prince from England got shown showing his stuff? Come to Birmingham? I promise it won't be that bad. :) Love, Jennie

    • Lamar Greensboro #2155127

      To I I st read it and this is 3years and 2months ago wow!!!

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