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Brought together by an incident at their children’s school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges.

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  • Karmelita Dayton, OH

    Went to see this movie last night. It touched me because I have been in that place before. A great message was delivered here definitely a must see.

  • Pat D******** Bronx You

    You have touched on my life with this movie. Only difference was that I was married. Your ability to captivate your audience is a gift from God.Thank you, thank you,thank you.

  • Marsha Bennett Chicago Heights IL

    I normally don't post but I had too today! I am a single mother of three kids. Twin girls and a boy ages 6 and 9! I have been laid off for the last three years, trying to make ends meet by doing odd jobs for people. I am currently in school and will be graduating in September with my associates then going on for my bachelors in October! I personally saved up to go see Singles Mom's club and I must say thank you! I think that every person should see this movie! This was a very honest look at what us single moms go through! I can personally relate to the characters in the story. The struggles that they go through in the movie is what many single moms go through! Thank you for making it relatable, and enjoyable! But most importantly honest! I really hope that those who see it will have a better understanding of the struggle and really stop asking the question "where is those kids fathers?" ,when you go ask for help! I don't have much help, I really don't go out because the little money that does come in has to go for clothes, shoes, school function, and household things. I can wait til my kids get older and then do for me, right now it's about then! Yes they have dads, but one is on drugs and has never seen his daughters nor does his family want to see them or help me with them, and the other likes to put me down and tell me how he never wanted my son and that he hates me, and would rather go to jail than support my son! He makes promises of coming to see him then has my son waiting for him and never shows up or call! (Sound familiar?) this is why I say thank you for making the movie honest! I am ending here by saying to enjoy your work and thank you for putting it out there for others to know what's really going on in the life of a single mom! Please continue your work and giving out a honest look at what others go through and how to overcome!

  • Kennesaw Business News Examiner Kennesaw, GA 30144

    Tyler Perry your talent in uplifting human beings, especially women is so very appreciated. I have been following you since the Madea plays and love everything you do. Your movies have got me through so many difficult days. Every time I feel down I go to one of your movies and come out stronger than ever! Thank you for caring for so many women that have not many around showing us support. God bless you now and always! Congratulations on being the man that you are! Brilliant, compassionate and encouraging! Blessings my friend.

  • sybil crutch 190 Maltbie st Apt B Lawrenceville GA 30046

    Dear Mr perry i been singing since i was a little girl i will like to adition for you i love to sing i sing Gospel

  • Tammy South Carolina

    I love how Tyler captures American culture in all aspects. I especially loved how he brought out the disconnect between parents and children today and how we need to have a relationship with our kids. Great cast! Loved William Levy!!

  • Diane Columbus, OH

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Great job! We need more "feel good" movies like this!

  • paula Indianapolis, IN

    You did a great job with a hard topic. I loved all parts of the movie. A job well done, Tyler Perry!

  • Lorraine Brown Junction City Kansas

    The beauty about this film is that it gives an honest look at single parenting and the struggles that children face when placed in the middle. I love how you incorporated other issues such as women supporting each other, dealing with divorce and making choices which shows integrity. Women educating each other, empowering and celebrating each other. Uplifting, funny as all get out movie, true to life. Group dating :) bring back old wise truths. Thanks for all you do Mr. Perry! Heaven smile upon you.

  • Jarmell08 mobile al

    the Single moms club is funny then Darity of a mad black women and i can do bad all by myself and Madea's family Reunion the play and madea class reunion and laugh from keep from crying P.S which creater do you like daddy Charles madea or docter willey liore Jones

  • Margo Highland, IN - just outside Chicago

    Mr. Perry, Kudos to a fabulous story line, phenomenal acting--especially my niece, Katherine Shepler--and a wonderful expression of today's "reality!" Comedy comes in all forms! My brother and sister-in-law speak extremely highly of you personally, and what a positive testament you are to society. You are truly being used by God to change lives. God Bless You!

  • debbie hamlet, nc

    Tyler - my girlfriend and I went to see this movie yesterday. It was awesome!! I mean awesome!!! The story was great, the acting was great, the ending was great. The best part - the lack of bad language and the lack nudity! You continue to prove a movie can still be off the chain without all this! May God continue to bless you.

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