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Brought together by an incident at their children’s school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges.

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  • Jabulile Mahlangu South Africa

    Dear Tyler, Thank you very much for celebrating us. I am a single mother to two kids, not by choice. I cant wait to see the movie. Its not easy raising two kids on your own, but I am grateful to the challenge that God has placed in front of me. I can never trade the joy, the tears and laugher that my kids bring and knowing that God is there all the way to see me through. Thanks a lot, and God bless you always. Regards, Jabu

  • Tracey South Africa

    Thanks Tyler as a single parent I appreciate the fact that someone see and takes interest in us. I cant wait to watch the movie.

  • Maya Allen united states

    Yes that is right i love the movie i glad to see you celebrate single mom the ones dionv it right because it hard being a single mom because i am a single mom rasieing a little boy it not a easy job but i do what i got to do and he do not want for anything he is well taking care of

  • Patricia Burditt Carson,CA

    Hello Tyler how is the best way of life. Thank you again for your website design. I have to admit that it was a good time with the best way for you to bring a good time to us. Thank you again for your support to single mothers who have been working so hard to tell the about raising their children all by theyself. I can't wait to see it on tomorrow

  • Linda Person Spokane,WA

    I think that this was a good idea I will be going to see and own when it comes out. Is there a fear of the violence that we are facing as a society I trully beleive that needs to be addressed and how children that goes to jail and get out and have a hard time getting a job but yet PO'S want them to get jobs but there is not to many people giving these kids chances so what is left for them to do God knows I'm tired of mine being in the dawn system especially when these kids are trying to do the right thing and trouble seeks out our children. So you keep on doing what you do because things may change just be carful of jealousy. God bless you and keep on doing what you do best.

    • Bonnie Maryland #1933864

      I am a single mom, not by choice my husband died and I raised my kids by myself, with some help from my mom & sisters (watching the kids when I had to go places), its was hard at times but there are great rewards also. And now that my kids are grown and some have families of their own, they and their kids are the greatest gifts God have given me. I have great respect and honor from my children and it nothing they won't do for me. Now, I am still independent as ever, but just to know that I have them here for me blesses me even more, be encouraged single moms, God always reward you later.

  • Lisa Jackson Springs

    Can't wait to see this Movie...SingLe MoM's CLub...I was thinking it's opening was last week and was very disappointed that it wasn't opening til this week.... MaYBe people finally realize what we as Single Mother's go thru..especially one like me that was abursed left their Dad...to do better...2 months after my Son was born I went back to school..got other kids in day care..because I knew I needed a Career to make sure I could take care of my babies on my own . I knew their Dad was only going to help but so much...I made it...thru....with the HELP of GOD....!!! REALLY EXCITED...AND READY TO LAUGH!!!!

  • Mimi Ft. Wayne, IN

    My husband and I can't wait to see this movie this Saturday! What a God-given message it is sending....I love it when a platform dispels the negative thoughts that are "whisking" around the world! Please do NOT stop!

  • nodiya South Africa Soweto

    Hi Tyler..Been waiting anxiously .Cant wait to go catch this movie.

  • Leslie David Moore United States

    Dear mr perry ive seen the have n heave nots its getting good please tell me after the season finale. You are going to have it back on tv soon am also going to see your new movie tel medea ive said hi thank you tyler perry

  • Patricia Y. Burditt Carson, CA

    Hello Tyler I can't wait to go and see the The Single Moms Club in Theaters on March 14, 2014. Thank You, Miss. Patricia Y. Burditt

  • Thande South Africa

    Hi Tyler, I can't wait for The Single Moms Club I'm one of the single moms n a proud one. I never knew why God trusted me so much but it now makes sense. He turned my mourning into joy cause with Him where there's a will there's a way.

  • Ola Knoxville Tenn

    I am just a little lady in Knoxville that would like so much to meet you, but I have noticed that none of the big people like you ,ellen opah, and other star never come to little towns like Knoxville oak ridge these small towns in tenn, but I would play in one of your shows for free just to meet you are ellen and opah I have never been near a star but at shows and plays but never back stage are anything I am 63 years old grand raising grandkids before I die I would like to meet just one star and I thought you would be the best one to ask you have the biggest heart I can tell because in movies and plays no matter what kind you always have a spot to say something about are to god

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