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The film tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.

A bold exploration of the intrigue and perils of infidelity, Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a compelling love story that dives straight into the heart of obsessive passion. "It's about a woman who starts to get restless in her relationship and her choice to be with another man has a huge effect on the rest of her life," explains screenwriter/producer/director Tyler Perry. "She goes on a journey - in her career and in her marriage - and she ends up in a very different place than she expected." In a departure from his previous dramas, this explosive film finds Perry exploring the nature of desire - and just how powerful and dangerous a taste of the forbidden can be. "This is definitely one of the most provocative movies - sexually and otherwise - that I've made," says the director. "There are a lot people who struggle in their relationships. They make bad choices about their marriages. They get divorced. And so many of them don't step out of their situation and really think about the consequences of what they're doing. This movie asks, 'Are you sure you want to do this?' It sends up a flag."

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  • Valarie Richmond Virginia

    Hello Tyler I think that this will be a wonderful movie and it would put so many peoples relationships into perspective and as usual you have used your talent that the lord has blessed you with to share with us and we thankyou i love all of your movies and plays Love Always Valarie

  • Mil Atlanta, GA

    Sounds good. We all go thru this at some point in our life ~ and IF we don't we know someone who has!

  • Bianca Johnson Napoleonville, La

    Hey Tyler forget what everybody saying about KimK. You was blessed with da talent to do what you do so keep on keeping on cause im gon be one of the fisrt country bumpkins in line to see da movie..... Can't Wait!!!!! God Bless!!!!

  • Anisha New Orleans

    This is my second post..... I was not able to see the trailer so therefore I didn't realize this was the same movie which had the old title of the marriage counselor starring Kim Kardashian. After I heard she was starting in the movie it made me think twice about going to see the movie. My remark is non judgement of her but dislike of the times we are in. She is celebrated for being nothing. She is a socialite who made a sex tape and since has become famous for it. I really don't care about her but I hate how she is almost worshipped for WHAT!.... And I feel putting her in a movie just because she is who she is, is sad. I understand business, profit and reaching a broader audience but at the same time there should also be a standard. There are plenty of actresses known and even unknown that could have been given the part, who hones and loves their craft. I feel sad for the little girls who look up to Kim Kardashian and feel like this is the way to be and aiding in giving her more popularity doesn't help. Mr. Perry at the end of the day it's your company and your movie but I'm speaking for not only me but many who feel the same way. At the end of the day in these hard financial times I'm starting to limit a lot of my spending and I will surely think twice before I spend my money to see a talentless, over saturated woman.

  • Sharon Ashley Oak Forest, Il

    Can't wait to see the movie, but you no i love what move you make.

  • Trina P Atl

    This is deja-vu!!! I read a book called why we wont let go thats similar to this movie script. wow. if this movie is like that book is, this movie will be great. you go tyler. do your thing

  • Yvette Stone Mountain. Ga

    As usual another Tyler Perry m***** peace for my collection. And thank you for the preview. Much love

  • Patricia Goode(USA) Fort Washington Md

    I can't waite to see your movie it sound truly extraordinary and Me and my Sister Vanita will be the first at the Movies to see it on 3-29-2013!!!!

  • Rowena San Bernardino, Ca.

    cant wait to see it Tyler, I already have about 8 of your movies.


    I get the snake, apple,man. Tempted in the garden. I like the cover, its fresh and new for you, yes" a welcome change. I will see this Perry when it come out.

  • Mark Patterson Henderson, NV

    Tyler... I will be going to see this movie because the subject matter is interesting and intriguing. II could give a c*** who you chose to act in your movie. That is your right as a director. I'm sure if you thought Kim K could not deliver the goods she would not be in the movie. Continue to make quality products and I will continue to support you work. Youccan't please everyone...but you already know that... M. Patterson

  • Debra Knight Ardmore,Oklahoma

    can't wait to see this movie, there are alot of us who has been in one or more of these situation congratulations on what i feel will be another great movie. GOOD LUCK

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