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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Tonasha Williams Little Rock,AR

    Mr. Tyler Perry,it is such an honor to be able to see someone not be ashamed to announce what God has done for them. All my life,my mother was sickly she passed away Oct.20,1998,I had just given birth two weeks and three days before that. My mom will always say this"If you meet me today and forget about me,you've lost nothing,but if you meet Jesus today and forget about him,you've lost everything. As a child I knew God was there,but I didn't know that I could try him for myself until I became a single mom on my own,especially after the death of my mother. I was a mother of three at that time and all I had to rely on was those words my mother had instilled in me. Now,today I'm a mother of four and I couldn't or wouldn't raise them no other way than with God!!!

  • KendraL Oxford,Al.

    Hello Mr. Perrry. It is so wonderful to hear you speak about how good God has been to you. It is VERY RARE for stars, celebs, ect., to give God credit for any of their success. Most of the time you hear words like: lucky, chance, breaks, and so forth; but never God. It is inspiring to hear you put God first in your life, and to give God the thanks for blessing you with such talent. Keep testifying about his goodness and his grace.

  • Catreena H Orange City, fl

    Hello Tyler, I am very inspired by you and your drive. Very rearly do people these days give out positive words and vibes. We all have our own roads to travel in life and sometimes we learn from them and sometimes we don't but one thing for sure is that it will change use in one way or another. Lord knows that I have had some triles in my life and I can see where I have grown in different ways and now I can thank God for all he has done for me and my family. My mother is still alive and well but I can remember the times when I was at my lowest and all of a sudden my mother would call me and pray for me on the phone as if she knew I needed her and I would never tell her what was going on in my life but I guess we have such a strong bond that she just knows. GOD is GOOD and he knows what we need.......

  • Carol Sunrise Florida

    Tyler this morning I came to work feeling like, I don't know what but after listening to your message you have put me in a different light on things. You are so right, and thank you for those inspiring words.

  • Gloria Maine Maryland

    Tyler, Thank you for sending this message today. It 's a Blessing from God. I was reading my word and asking God what do you want me to do? I remembered I had a message from you on-line. I also remembered that every time I needed to read your message my speakers won't work. After I finished reading I opened your message with headphone on to hear the word that God sent you to give. Thank you it was everything I needed to hear and more. May God Bless You

  • YouthUSA Marietta, GA

    Your lessons learned have blessed me, my family and youth ministry more than you know. I too lost my mother - July 5, 2010. As an only child, she began to "water" my life while God was still developing my body, mind and soul. When I arrived, she sacrificed everything for me to have the very best that she could afford. She fought for my rights as a child and made sure that I knew my ancestry. As a young woman, my profession and business grew largely in part due to the encouragement and support of my mother, grandparents and Whole Village. Today, I thank God Amighty for her words of wisdom: Trust your instincts; Remember your manners; Never let possessions "own" you; Nurture Your Friendships; Keep your hands clean; Believe in yourself; Be grateful; Treat others the way you want to be treated; Always keep playing; No matter what, you will always be loved! R.I.P. Mom

  • Nancy Hawaii

    Wow Thank you so much for this wonderful message, I accidently came across this video when I needed it the most.....lost my job, my home and my husband, and I was thinking what's my next chapter in life? what do I need to focus on? and I got my answer... God!!! Thank you so much... Naneki

  • Ruth briggs Burbank il

    God be with you tyler, thanks for your powerful messege , it had opened my eyes to do what I really wanted to do and focus on it.

  • Liyu Bekele Seattle

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry: First of all, I am sorry for you loss and your video message is very touchy and the same time it helps me to see myself on my children eyes. I am a mother of three beautiful boys. I don't have money to leave my children and the only thing that I can leave for my boys is love like your mother. I would like to thank you for sharing your thought on video clip. I watch and listened all of them. I reside to US 19 years ago and every single day is a learning moment for me. Especially from you and Oprah I changed a lot and I have so much strength and faith on god. God Bless You!!

  • Willie Hardy North Carolina

    Hey Man, I just want to say that I lost my Grandmother around the same time you lost your mother. I can really relate to where you are coming from. My mother and I are very close as well and I too dream to become a Mogul. All of your videos are Right on Time for me. Be Blessed Brother. God Will Supply Our Every Need!

  • CRYSTAL Ohio

    Heyy Tyler!, You know, I never thought about me instilling who GOD and JESUS is in my kids.......a "gift" from me. I know it's a gift from GOD but I've always felt it was my JOB to make sure my kids knew the "necessity" of knowing who GOD/JESUS are. When I first decided to believe in GOD/JESUS, I was 12yrs old. I picked up the Bible, read it (to the best of my ability lol) and (while everyone else prayed for success, big houses, nice cars ect..) I prayed to have as much (or more) FAITH than ABRAM. My prayers have been answered and now Im teaching my kids the IMPORTANCE of having GOD/JESUS in their life and I worry that they will deter from it later in life. Im literally worried about that because of the way the world is right now. I know all I can do is pray that it will not happen but after listening to your message, Im starting to believe maybe that's what Im here for, because I keep praying for success for myself (Im trying to write a book)... it's not happing and it makes me wonder what am I here for or doing wrong. Although, I become frustrated about me not finding success in my life, I ALWAYS come back to the thought of my kids BELIEVING and MAKING GOD/JESUS 1st in their life. It's really IMPORTANT to me that my kids UNDERSTAND this and YOU just made me realize maybe it is a "gift" that I'M giving them and maybe that's what Im here for :-))).

  • billy turner arlington texas

    I love to hera you say she gave you Jesus....I miss my mama aswell like yesterday.I know time take care of everything even though i didnt think it would make it Jesus promise did.I just kept repeating to myself you said you would never put more on me then i could handle Amen.Remember her voice