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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Tianja Bean Bermuda

    Oh my yes. I lost my Grandmother who was my mother in ever sense of that description. She didn't birth me, but, she was is my reason. I had lived in America all my my life, have two sons wanted them to experience the other half of who they were. So, we come to Bermuda two days later I LOST my grandmother. Well, everyone says they can't believe how I dealt with it knowing how close we were. two years later my mother died. So, I have a son who has just come out the prison system after 1 and 1/2 years. He has a son is wanting to marry the lady who has two older children a 14 year old son and a 8 year old daughter. He really is trying very hard to stay on the right path. Now this is the prelude. We have bible study every week together. When I was unemployed at the beginning I was feeling angry lost and unproductive. Now we have study every week. I am financially looking after them. We have become very close. My younger son is a senior honors student leaving to further his education with scholarship in September. WOW. Blessed a true believer in the GRACE. "If you only believe." Sacrifice. Faith. I honor you Brothah. Again I thank you for being you.

  • Angela Robertson Morganton NC

    Hi Tyler I thank God for your many talents.Because of your works I have been able to come out of situations.Your words of wisdom and encouagements or shall I say (MADEA's)have made some bad days be good days. May God continue to Bless you.

  • Nonhlanhla South Africa

    Hi Tyler I am a big fan of your work and really admire what you do.This is very familiar to me becuase growing up, it was just me and my mother who was a domestic worker and uneducated.But she tought me to believe in God and that in Him all things are possible and also to believe in myself.Today I'm a grown up young woman with a great job and I am now in turn taking care of my mother because she took care of me and was there when I needed her most.The greatest thing lesson I learnt from my mother was never to look down on the next person no matter how much you might think you have more than they do.She also tought me to accept my gift from God, if God wanted me to grow and die poor,then so be it, never wish for what I don't have instead work your b*** off to achieve your Goals.Thank you for taking your time to post these messages for us, it really means to a lot.God bless

  • Ophelia Atlanta

    Mr. Perry, I read your email about the kids that you helped during Christmas, and it was heartfelt then, but tonight when I looked at the video you posted about it....I just had to cry. I've been surrounded by kids all my life...none of my own, but tonight something clicked inside me. There are so many kids out there that really need people to just love them. I was raised by my Grandmother and Mother, and even though I knew they loved me by their actions, they never said it, and even though I wanted to tell them... I didn't know how. They died 11 months apart from each other. I was 14 then and I have lived every day regretting that I never told them I loved them. It left a hurt in me that I still can't get out. Both my sisters have 3 kids each and I vowed that I would always tell those kids that I loved them so they wouldn't have to grow up living with the same regret that I have. You can give your children everything on the shelf, but it doesn't and never will compare to that sincere "I love you". Thank you for expressing your care and generosity to those kids....and God knows, I truely admire your mother for raising you into the person you are. I now realize why God placed me around kids so much, and when I say so much, I mean my first job at age 14 was at a church day care...and I didn't apply, that's what they gave me through the Marc Morial program...I don't know if you ever heard of that. Then, at 15 I volunteered at a summer camp teaching 5yr olds, 16--17 tutoring kids after school and helping at yet another day care, 18 Vacation Bible School, and in between 15 and now my 3 nephews and 3 nieces. I used to look at this as a bad thing..."When am I going to get to live the single life with NO kids!?" is how I felt up until tonight. Yes, it is hard because my sisters depend on me for a lot involving the kids because the fathers aren't present, but God has a plan for these kids and I'm honored to be a part of it. I think I just figured out a piece of my purpose. Thank you!

  • Lacey LA

    I just want to say "Thank You." Tyler ( we all feel like we can call you by your first name), you have been such an inspiration. You know those people who make it but forget to tell the world to "make it too?" Or, those who just want to take and not give? You could never be guilty of this. I want you to know that I greet my high school students every morning in the "Madea" voice: "Good Mournting." You should have seen the look on their faces the first time they heard it. I believe in the "hiding." God has brought me through a lot. We lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. The lost really did not hit me until my husband took us to the American Red Cross Shelter to get a voucher for food. I could not tell the lady my name because I was crying too hard. I had just started a business and was the owner of a magazine. My business has just hit a high mark right before the storm. Everything was lost - except for our lives (and our 2 dogs, which accompanied us on the trip). After 20+ years in the classroom, I have written a book about teaching. When I first started out, I had so many denials that I got tired of trying. I remembered a book I read, Sister CEO, where one of the ladies spoke about keeping what she referred to as her "denial folder." She kept every letter that told her "no." I thought - in that case, I may need a crate! I do indeed have a denial folder. I look at it every now and again to remind me of the mountain behind me. The publisher liked my manuscript so much that they accepted a second manuscript soon after the first one was accepted. That's how I know that God is in control of this blessing. I always knew I had something to say about the way our children are being taught. With the continued grace of God, both books will be in print in April (1st book) and June (2nd book). Please accept my deepest gratitude for every effort you make to inspire us. Your outreach has reached. Believe that!

  • Rosalyn Jordan-Mills San Pedro, CA

    Hello, Mr Perry! It's such an awesome blessing to see what God has done in your life, especially how your mother had such a Godly influence on your life. As a mother, it's been a hard road for me. Almost twenty-two years ago I was delivered from being a drug addict. Needless to say, I drug my children through this tormented life. But through God's grace and mercy, I was able to be delivered. My heartache now is that I have one daughter who, even to this day, holds that life of struggle against me. She doesn't talk to me, won't return my calls or even let me speak to my grandchildren. I've even had family meetings with my daughters, and all of them are proud of what God has done in my life and how He has turned me around except the one daughter. I have a life story to tell where my testimony has lead people to say I need to write a book, but there are so many out there who can write a best seller on their lives. My prayer is that God restores our relationship as I know He has something great for us both. So, as I sing and lead worship at my church, I continually lift my children up to the Lord and will forever do so...

  • Shonda Jones Ellenwood

    Thanks Tyler for this awesome mssg. You are GREAT!!!!! It's nothing like the lost of a mother. No one will ever take the place of a mother. Im still struggling myself its been Feb19 will be 17 years. God is my strength!!! Thx again!

  • Carmen McGee-Jeter Detroit MI

    Thanks Tyler. I've heard your story and I've watched your stories. I love Madea, especially because she doesn't spare the rod and we are losing that in our generation. I've been Homeless, been apart of Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and had children in Foster Care, now I'm helping others. I was listening to all of your different video scenes, and the whole time during you can have whatever you want, all I could think of was I want my son back who just died in a car accident at 28 years old. My children were going to start a Music group with each other after the holidays, but my son was killed October 2011. I was mad at God, so I wasn't really tuning in to what you were saying until I heard your start of "What are you giving your children"? That was the best ending of all endings for me, regarding your "Mother". Thanks, Tyler! GOD is truly working through you, especially in your plays/movies. You have a true anointing to reach somebody like me!

  • Tonasha Williams Little Rock,AR

    Mr. Tyler Perry,it is such an honor to be able to see someone not be ashamed to announce what God has done for them. All my life,my mother was sickly she passed away Oct.20,1998,I had just given birth two weeks and three days before that. My mom will always say this"If you meet me today and forget about me,you've lost nothing,but if you meet Jesus today and forget about him,you've lost everything. As a child I knew God was there,but I didn't know that I could try him for myself until I became a single mom on my own,especially after the death of my mother. I was a mother of three at that time and all I had to rely on was those words my mother had instilled in me. Now,today I'm a mother of four and I couldn't or wouldn't raise them no other way than with God!!!

  • KendraL Oxford,Al.

    Hello Mr. Perrry. It is so wonderful to hear you speak about how good God has been to you. It is VERY RARE for stars, celebs, ect., to give God credit for any of their success. Most of the time you hear words like: lucky, chance, breaks, and so forth; but never God. It is inspiring to hear you put God first in your life, and to give God the thanks for blessing you with such talent. Keep testifying about his goodness and his grace.

  • Catreena H Orange City, fl

    Hello Tyler, I am very inspired by you and your drive. Very rearly do people these days give out positive words and vibes. We all have our own roads to travel in life and sometimes we learn from them and sometimes we don't but one thing for sure is that it will change use in one way or another. Lord knows that I have had some triles in my life and I can see where I have grown in different ways and now I can thank God for all he has done for me and my family. My mother is still alive and well but I can remember the times when I was at my lowest and all of a sudden my mother would call me and pray for me on the phone as if she knew I needed her and I would never tell her what was going on in my life but I guess we have such a strong bond that she just knows. GOD is GOOD and he knows what we need.......

  • Carol Sunrise Florida

    Tyler this morning I came to work feeling like, I don't know what but after listening to your message you have put me in a different light on things. You are so right, and thank you for those inspiring words.

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