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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Texas

    Song: I would be you. See you this week, T.

  • Shantinique Cochran, GA

    Very soul touching. I lost my mother almost 10 years ago and every day is just as hard as the previous but the things she taught me about God and other valuable virtues I possess as a black woman keeps me going. I know what it feels like to be on the streets, 17 and pregnant, an outcast due to my sexual preference, and looked down upon because I didn't have what everyone else did but I also know about the love of my Father above and through Him I can do anything and all things. I want to thank you for what you do because when I'm feeling some type of way I put in one of your movies and remember that what God has for me is for me and the one thing my mother left me with on her dying bed and what I instill in my daughter all the time was, "Never give up on your dreams because God loves you and He always will."

  • Uniqua Ratford NY, NY

    I want to start by saying THANK YOU!!! for uploading these inspirational videos up on your website. I am hooked!!!

  • Ansionette Lewis Birmingham. AL

    I can not tell you how good is to know Jesus, although my mother was never a religious woman my great grandmother and both grandmothers were sold out for Jesus and it was their teaching me to be a God chaser that saved my soul and my life growing up in Kingston projects, Birmingham, AL. I am 40 and the single mother of a 3yr old and I dare not miss the chance to encourage her to be a God chaser because I want her to a personal relationship with Jesus for the rest of her life.

  • WJEdwards Dallas, TX

    In Matthew 28:19, the bible says "go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy ghost." After listening to your inspirational words, I hope this is the legacy that I am leaving my 3 adult children, and 1 teenage child: to share the knowledge and talent (by teaching others) that God has given them to help someone else. When my oldest son was born, I lifted him up and offered his life to Christ. At the age of 8 1/2, I introduced him, then very shy, to the world of dance, along with his 4 1/2 year old brother (who was not so shy). Little did I know that God had planned that for them all along. Becoming a performer helped the oldest to walk out of his shyness and "learn" who he was. Our family "hobby" of competitive dance, into which his two younger sisters were born, has become the catapult for all four of them. Keeping them grounded in the word of God and letting them know that sharing their lives and experiences with others is what counts. I have often said, use every part of your being to express God's gifts: if you can't sing today, dance; if you can't use your arms, use your feet; if you can't say it out loud, write it down; but, whatever it is you can do, do it. Thus far, it has worked. My oldest son is on tour and has performed on Broadway twice (while teaching younger children on the side). My younger son has performed with a professional dance company, and built a travelling dance company where he now travels around teaching young dance students how to express themselves and have a good technical foundation, while working for local dance studios to support himself. My oldest daughter, despite her dyslexia, is in design school, while she, as a "nanny," animal rescuer, and part-time tap teacher inspires young children to believe in themselves. And last, but not least, my youngest daughter is finishing her last two years in the dance c****** of the local performing arts school, while continuing to participate in a competitive dance group year round. She wants to become a psychiatrist to assist other people with their problems. I want to thank you for being who you are at the time I was raising my children. We watch your videos, sitcoms, and have gone to your plays because I believed that allowing them to see people who looked like them making a living doing what they enjoyed was important. And, of course the messages behind your creation was the bonus. Keep doing what you do. Maybe one day we will all meet. God Bless

  • I was just wondering... God is so awesome and most faithful.

    Your mother probably did not think of how many children you would inspire, encourage, develop, and have in some way. You help to things to keep flowing in the universe and that is an important function in the earth! Thanks, It is not always easy to keep you head up with Jesus; even he knelt and prayed and wept. And the daughters of often were weeping and waling especially when the death angel comes and takes your love. You inspire the young and the old, the good and the bad; God bless you and keep it real!

  • dee kenner

    You are an inspiration to me. The wisdom and faith that you process is God given. You have continue to let God use you in a mighty way. Some of your posting that you send out, I use it in my writing to be read in church. It's uplifting to people and me as well. I live hear in Louisiana, your home state, and pray that one day I can actually meet you in person. I pray that this find you and I could hear from you. Stay in God care and continue to let him use you to his glory.

    • Temi LA-NG #1850836

      I have always said that Tyler is in Ministry... and right in the center of what he was created to be. Often times what we are created to do does not come easy... there is always numerous discouragement and road blocks... BUT WHEN WE PERSEVERE..we end up in the midst of EDEN..I celebrate the grace of God on Him... and rejoice at his deep rooted faith...and insight....U ARE RIGHT Dee.. he is an inspiration

  • Debbie Kee Tucson, Az

    Tyler what your mom has given you I was also given by my parents, and what I gave my children and now what we are giving our two 9 yr old twins (brother and sister) they are our foster soon to be our adoptive children here in a few months, we have introduced Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into their lives, before they came to us they had not been to church, now they look forward to going, they now say their prayers before they eat, before they go to sleep and they pray for positive things to happen in our lives, because recently we were experiencing some financial problems, and they prayed that we would get through it and after they prayed they would say Thank you Jesus after whatever they asked Jesus for help, this brought such Joy to our hearts.These two have come along way since we first brought them into our home, we have been very Blessed to have these two little ones and for this we pray everyday and everynight for being able to bring Joy, Love and Jesus into their lives, so that like us they will have the Joy and Blessings of having Jesus as part of our lives, we could not do or accomplish anything that we have been able to do without Jesus in our lives, we thank you for all your messages and all that you do to get your messages out to everyone, by the way our little ones Love you and your work. Thanks for all you do and please continue to do what you do, we Love your work and you.

  • Aldrica Saint Lucia, West Indies (Caribbean)

    Dear Tyler thanks for sharing. As a mother with three kids. 2 living a very focused life and one on the brink, I have tried to give Jesus and I know the knowledge is there but I can't see how my middle child is using this knowledge. I am holding on. He is talented and shows signs of being an actor, he has great story ideas, but yet keeps denying his talents and looking in all the wrong places for all the wrong things As a parent I feel I am loosing this battle, fear and doubt are setting in as my son drifts further and further away

  • kesha winston-salem nc

    Hey Tyler i hav a great idea my life please get in touch with me

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    HEY TYLER!!!!! It's been way too long since I been here to see you. I miss you!!! :-) Now let me see where I wanna go!! Can you say, "I have truly missed you!" How are you doing? And is everything going well with you? Where you at, T? I sent u a BIG HUG today hopefully you got it & it brighten your day/week/Month being its the 1st day of May!!! :o To God be the glory!!!! Yes! Thank You Jesus. You call that an advance praise. LOL!!

  • Dr. Cole Georgia

    How do I get something to you, dedicated to the life and memory of your mother, as a gift to you? Thank you

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