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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Antonio London, England

    Thank you so much for your Inspirational messages. This one has touched me because following the breakdown of my 23 year marriage I have returned to my mother's home.....a safe haven. It is where I can also entertain my children and continue to instil in them those loving Christian qualities that I learned from my mum. I am a man of faith but the breakdown has tested me greatly and in all honesty if it wasn't for the loving arms and wisdom of my mother I don't know where I would be. Maybe my being there at 52 years old was part of God's bigger plan because when she got sick recently and had to be hospitalised, God saw it fit to place me there with her at that very time!!! I could have been many miles away! My mother is very special and I love her very much. I am truly sorry that you have lost your mother and i know I wont have mine for too long, but God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! Its taking a long time for my heart to mend and to be more positive in life, but its nice to come home to my mum. God continue to Bless all of your endeavours. Antonio

  • Christie Richmond, Va

    Oh my goodness!! You are not only describing your mom, you are speaking of my mom, Nina Wallace. She passed away July 24, 2011. I miss her dearly every day. Not only did she instill faith and a spiritual way of life in her 7 children, she passed this on to countless foster children, friends children, church family. We use to have bible studies in our home. My mom is (was) and awesome cook, she use to cook for dozens of people and some how it always was just like the 2 fish and 5 loaves of broad. She was truly a miracle. I wish I had the time to introduce you to my family, the legacy she left, she left a teacher, an EMT worker, a nurse (my sister that was murdered in 2008), a writer (local author Gloria Taylor-Edwards) I could go on and on how her faith kept us. Thank you Tyler, thank you. I passed your message on to as many people as I could, especially young mothers.

  • Yaminah Pine Bluff, Arkansas

    Thank you for allowing God to use you!! I'm a single mom of three and I know God is the only one who is keeping us. It feels good to hear you say what your mom instilled in you and how she prepared you for life. This gives me the courage to continue to teach my children about God because he has the last say in our lives. I also know that God trusted me with my children to raise them for his purpose. That's what parenting is all about....preparing children to survive once you're gone, to become responsible, hardworking adults, and to be the leaders of tomorrow!! My heart goes out to the youth that are parentless; I wish I had a way to parent all of them. I pray God continue to strengthen you to do his will!! Much love for and continued success!!

  • Bobbi east of Austin, TX

    Thank you for sharing this. I came across this today and as a single mom I wept at it, knowing my pressing on is not in vain. My boy is 13...and I made sure to raise him in the LORD. Our lives are in and through the LORD. To see you give testimony about your relationship with your Mom through Faith, has encouraged me tremendously!! Lately I have been hearing " and when he is older he will not depart from it". I will be gone-Home one day too...and what was invested WILL pass on to the next generation...and the next. Thank you for this encouragement. El Shaddai is Faithful to provide hope in the most surprising ways :). I love how your sharing is so transparent, a real faith, shining to others. Your mom did a GREAT job!!

  • Adonai Pompano Beach,Fl

    Tyler, Motherhood or a person that’s privilege to raise a child is the highest calling and one of the greatest compliments that King Jesus, Father God, and the Holy Spirits can bestow upon a human soul. It’s our Heavenly Father way of saying “I trust you with the thing I love the most my most precious creation created in my own image and that’s man. Our Heavenly Father faith in us is so powerful that a child is his way of saying “I know you will pay it forward and give this child my greatest gift to man and we all know that’s his son King Jesus.

  • robert milling fredericksburg,va

    my wife tracy is dying of chrons disease. she has had her colon removed. and has a iliostomy bag. but its done got the best of her. she found faith tru you. if you could find it in your heart, please make her wish come true and call her. please. that would be the greatest give anybody could get. please. robert and tracy milling. thank you

  • C Washington, DC

    Hi, I am going to take a chance this gets to you Tyler! I would like for you to do one Good Deed for me. I would like for you to call me. It will only take less then 5 minutes to tell you what Good Deeds did for My Life! If you have 5 minutes please give me a call. You can and I know you will BLOCK YOUR NUMBER. (LOL); I just want the opportunity to tell you in person. I will keep the Faith and Hope you will do this one Good Deed for me. I have come in contact with Star's before but; this time I fill different about saying something to you! You think about it and God will will give you confirmation that's it's ok. Just a call !. Thanks, C

  • Abigail Persaud Guyana

    As a single mother of three i realize that is important to talk to my kids, bring them up in the right way by going to church and being involve in the things of God, which is very important to they life, we are on this earth for one purpose and is to fulfill the plans of God. And we always have to remember that with God all things are possible......Thank you Tyler Perry continue doing God's work...And always remember to put God first and men will follow......

  • Ericka West Palm Beach, FL

    As a single mother of 2 children, listening to this today gave me some clarification that I am on the right track. Thanks Mr Perry, I needed to hear this!

  • Nichole Thibodeaux Houston, Texas

    This is so true. I didn't have the consistency of "church" when I was growing up and I told myself when I was 16 and my father gave me a car, that I would visit different church(es) until I found a good bible base church. And when I did I must say, I enjoyed it. I lost my pastor back in October of 2001 when my father was in the hospital fighting for his life, which also ended October 26th 2001 and if it wasn't for the Lord, I don't know where I would be right now. I must admit that I have fallen off from going to church, not believing BUT attending and as a mother, I tell myself everyday that I will find another church, and as we often do....we procrastinate. After listening to you, I must say that you're right, nothing or no amount of money could outlast GOD....Well said, SMH, well said. I will find that home for my children...I have 3 and at the age of 38, it's not to late...It's NEVER to late, especially when YOU KNOW...AMEN....Thank-you Tyler....

  • Lakisha Troy, Alabama

    Mr. Perry, you are such an inspiration to me. I too understand what is is like to be motherless. I lost my mom to Lukemia at the age of 6. Not only that I have a son that has Autism and it is not easy. I decided to write a book about my life almost 5 years ago, but I have not been brave enough to publish it. After listening to your videos, I have decided to take what I have and publish my book. I hope that it is an inspiration to others like you are to me. Be blessed and continue to uplift others.

  • Tammy west virginia

    Mr. Perry, just a note to let you know that your messages are helping people my husband walked after 28 years of marriage. The stress of his actions and the fact that I am now raising an adopted child from his side of the family alone. Along with my job working with special needs children tha stress level can reach the moon. But I have found if I watch or listen to your plays my stress rolls away. your words of wisdom and laughter has been a great insperation not only for me but my 10 yearold son. He also loves them as much as me. So, for all stressed people thank you and may god bless you and your messages.

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