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Work While It Is Day...


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  • simone south Africa

    Good day sir all of your movies I have watched inspired me .you know I'm a single mother of 3 kids working my but of.but nothing seems to work out for me I try my best my biggest fear is that I'll fail to be the best mother I can be I'm mother and father .Was married got divorced .I try my best not to stop believing not to lose hope telling my self everything will work out everything will be ok the sadness will fade .what do I do where do I start.Help

  • Deborah Brown Johns Creek,Georgia 30097

    Thank you for those so inspiring words. Listening to you just fortified what I have been striving for over the years and I will never stop even as I win. By God's grace and mercy he has left me here for a purpose. Although I can not work a traditional job any more . I can and will continue to move forward and do a home base business so that I can help as many people as I can. I am in it to win it. And I do know that prayer works. I will keep fighting. In addition I will continue to seek my dreams and help others achieve theirs if I possibly can. Thank You

  • PAC

    Hello Tyler it has been a long time. I was reading somewhere that Oprah made a comment about your car about how she liked it and you went out and brought her one wow...,. And then Gail her friend also expressed her like and you purchased her one. Dam I couldn't believe it. Would you please give thought to a poor woman who lives in Mississippi an inexpensive kia soul 2015 for a Christmas present. Make my heart happy too.

  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    Great message and I see how that scripture tells us a great story especially me :) Thank You so so much God Bless you...always

  • Rosalie 2337w70 Chicago il

    Bless you are this morning keep being in his way you Will been kept in all what still loses ahead of this life thank you for allow me to be your friend may your day be the most beautiful of all you're had this weekend God bless you see you soon

  • twila auora co

    hello mister perry my reason for contacting you is I work for my church, not large but a very good pastor and friend, i always was the one finding thing some how to help me and my children, I have 2 that I bore but I also raised my oldest g son and half way raiseing his daughter, I really hope and pray that you do because my church is in need for a pastors pulpit, I have called so many churches big mega churchs, I thought that we were in the same business which is helping one another, but al they wont is money, I even called the catholic church, they don't even call back, a lot of people can say all they wont but there actions is not living the life, well sir I am why? because I fear GOD, I was born in church my father was a pastor, my father was a wonderful man he worked 2 or 3 jobs to take care of all ten of us.i am the youngest, tyler we need a that furniture so GOD put on my mind to contact you this is not a scam are lie, I wish I could help them we have wonderful people the are really saints, my children don't help me I have spent many mothers day alone with birthdays I am on section 8 and disability I could barely take care of me, but this about my church PASTOR CHESTER L MAXWELL FIREST LADY CYNTHIA MAXWELL CHURCH SAULS HARBER COMMUNITY OUTREACE CHURCH OD GOD IN CHRIST 1431 DAYTON ST 80012.......NO ONE ELSE WILL HELP US, WILL YOU?//////I wont the bishops collection which is bishop chair and 6 minister and elder chair first lady chair with communion table and podium. please call me if you wont to talk to me/////////////THANK YOU even if you cant ms twila holmes

  • I love listening Lovebug

    to you talk Tyler! Good wisdom flows from your mind. Nice that you share yours. I wanted to continue to work. But when your body say no at an young age then what else to do? I didnt ask to be sick and hurt. I planned to own my own businesses by now. Still wanted to own property and my own hotel. That was my dream. To do like the Hiltons. But life happens and things change. What now is just being here to enjoy seeing my babies grow to maturity and maybe do what I couldnt. Maaybe I'll try something else but figuring out what is the issue.

  • Visionary Atlanta GA

    Powerful! To be a visionary is very tough especially when you and god are flowing together with every move being made that nobody understands. How do you tell the world you're going to be the next world leader/innovator without them looking at you like your crazy. I have 26 books on my table that I'm writing, 2 movies, television hits, inventions, and future companies already purchased along with my youth program. I'm originally a 5 star chef but I also went to film school to perfect my crafts which led me to learning filming, web design, photography and graphic design. I use all my skills and business sense to strategically plan my success. Im certified in editing. I have an eye on the full outcome of the project and if i need to jump in i can. I say that to say I study success and never cared about money but my driving force is my family. That little voice inside that won't you go. I always told myself that if i gave up i had nothing else to do so whats the point lol I might as well get comfortable on this journey because there is no going back. I want to touch on your other 2 videos as well because you gave me insight on not reaching out to people for help and the right people will come when the time is right but until then I will continue to work. I was approached to pay $1,500 for 30 min Skype to pitch my ideas to well known businessman and the next day i had another word from god that told me thats not the route to take. In order for me to be different than others I have to take a different route which is exactly what you mentioned in your other video about timing. I am connected to a few of your closest friends and I thought it would be cool to write this letter so when we do meet before or after success we could say it was already written. Before I purchased my last 2 companies my goal was $12 billion and now its $120 Billion. I wish you continued success and I look forward to being next up to make a difference - well a greater difference since I'm already making a difference. Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom Tyler. #Blessings

  • Corliss Matteson, IL

    Tyler, I want to say that I have been digesting all of your video conversations and here's why. I like to listen to them and really take them in, apply them to what I am doing and being that its not critical but good sound information I pass what I hear on to my son, my daughter. I didn't have a father cause he died when I was five so only my mother was there and like most moms she worked the majority of my life so wisdom was given thru extended family and some moments with my mom. What was always missing was good sound advice on business, how to approach your dreams, task and taking nothing away from her and my father who where people of strong work ethics (my father died at work) I just always needed more in the way of seeing how other people approach things and applied them. I come from a generation of people that thought that a job or education was the way out and not being a scholar and always more happy creating my own thing didn't fit into those scenarios completely. I was a creative child, and day dreamed a lot, now I always did my job well but felt absorbed by the norm. When I created my own small business I spent hours building and making things happen, when the economy dropped out I went back to the norm. I am now re establishing my dream and working during the day to make it a strong reality. please continue to bring new information, especially for someone like myself who is in a later stage of the game but believes that it is still possible to achieve your goals. Thank you Corliss

  • Tunisia Brooklyn, NY

    Mr. Perry, I lost my Mother 6 months ago to cancer, although I've joined a bereavement group and have a grief counselor, I'm still having trouble coping, I know that you can relate to what I'm going through because you've lost your Mother a few years back. Will you pray for me, Lord knows I'm praying for myself as well. All the best. Tunisia

  • Oluwasola Nigeria

    Thanks so much Tyler. I've been greatly impacted. I honestly can't explain how I got to this page. You're God sent, my angel today. My husband had said this several times but dint just act for reasons I can't explain. Maybe I dint take him serious because of the closeness. I've done so many things without much positive result in any. I believe and now I'd focus on just one aspect/thing and patiently wait for my change and breakthrough to come while I put in my best effort. Love you brother

  • Ronnie pemberton, New Jersey ,08068

    Tylar I just want to say thank you for being the insparation as a black thanks for incouraging me.,

    • Debra Benson charlotte nc #2189433

      Yes sir ree bob! Been dreaming big most of my life. It continues to take so long - fast forward 20-some years forward, I am still crafting and working - while I wait, take detours, have set backs, etc. etc. - yet still the dream is there. A big, culminating part of my dreams is to one day be able to sit on a stage and tell stories. I believe I am a good storyteller, and I love to tell 'EPIC' stories that engage, promote, inspire, and connect with others. For me - my storytelling dream is FREE to all. My other dreams/entrepreneurial ventures just seed the story time. Like you've said in other times - you were constantly bombarded with ideas - ME TOO! It's crazy. I believe my day to fly and soar will come - so even today as I often feel stuck in this state of WACHE (ie. WAIT) - I continue to learn, study, take notes, and file thoughts and vision. Like you said because I too feel that when the IT (ie. time raises) I won't have time to plan - it will be time to activate and do. Thank you Tyler!

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