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You Can Get Anything You Want


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  • Angela N Raleigh, NC

    I too believe that I can have anything but, like those children, it seems impossible. I am a dreamer. I hope my dreams don't die with me and not come to reality. I'm believing and hoping.

  • Precious Hena Kekula Liberia

    I bless God so much for you Tyler. Your first movie I watched was the Dairy of a mad black woman which made me to know that God is my everything. It taught me to never give up in life no matter the circumstance. Thank u so much and by the grace of God,we will meet one day and I have a story to tell you.

  • Angela Verges Ypsilanti, MI

    Mr. Perry, I love your spirit. It is certainly a joy to see kids excited. I used to work in a community center located in a public housing area. I go back every few weeks or so to check on "my kids". During a summer festival a couple of years ago, one of the kids ran up to me screaming, "Ms. Angie" and hugged me around my knees. It was heartwarming. When the little boy left, my teen son said, "I guess people do like you." Be encouraged and keeping doing what you do.

  • Ivette Col√≥n Canton GA

    I will love to help!!! If you need help taking this year a group of kids shopping . I will love to be part of seeing the beautiful smile on their faces . It will be priceless!!! Thank you for being you!!! Ivette

  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    God Bless you for giving to those children your story really wowed me I know it says in the book.of John to share your blessings and God will triple your blessings back but you can't expect the blessings just know he will and your message about positive thinking and having is so true and inspired me so much so thank you and God Bless you...always

  • Lljennings Washington Ga 30631

    Mr. Perry u r awsome. All the things you've gone through, from growing up 'til now. And all the inspiration, and jobs, and the help, the"giving giving back." I thought about emailing u several times but never did until now. Ask me what I need, not want.

  • Alexio Lusinga South Africa

    Wow!! Mr Perry, you my inspiration sir, thank God for you am fully inspired. I have been going through these inspirational videos, you are a God made. I am a self-made Graphic Designer its more of natural I never went to school for anything that I am doing, photography etc. I have got a zeal of acting and directing movies, I have sent application to the USA and UK got couple of promising calls but no one has ever really called me in, I watched 2 videos where you mentioned that at some point I am not suppose to be recognized by anyone for the glory of God. I am definitely taking a relaxing step for God to do His work, this helped me a lot because I have been getting a lot of denials and that has been a challenge to embrace, but thank you Mr Perry for opening my eyes.

  • Elaine LLoyd East York Ontario

    Greetings and blessings to you and your family and i hope that my post find you at peace. Mr. Tyler Perry you have truly been an inspiration to me throughout the years. It is with gods blessing that i would like to introduce myself to you. I am Elaine Lloyd-Robinson and i am a mother of four and a grandmother of three. Because of you sharing your story i never gave up on my dream of telling the G.H.E.T.T.O Stories.l Like you have been trying for 20 years to tell the G.H.E.T.T.O Stories(getting higher education to teach others) everyone i told laughed at me so i printed T-shirts and i wore them ever where. I purchased I am GHETTO and i am sharing the authentic stories of people who has overcome struggles..Like myself.. A bit about my G.H.E.T.T.O Story i grew up in few public housing communities in Toronto. To begin on my sixteen birthday i had my first child. The second one when i was twenty two. Number three and four in my thirties. I received a high school diploma at 33 and my college diploma at 41 and and at 36 i welcomed my first grandchild. I have been working in community since i was 18 and i am still doing it. I aspire to be a world changer and i am in the process of putting it all together. I am privilege to be fabulous at 50 knowing that the best is yet to come. Not to mention I am writhing a book titled Stepping Into Myself My G.H.ET.T.O Story. Enjoy reading my post and thank you for being so open and understanding in sharing your journeys . One Love Elaine..

    • Mrs. Champion Harrisburg NC #2140330

      Mr Perry, I'm in need of some inspirational advice. My son pasted 8 yrs now. He left money for my husband and I to purchase a home. We have been in bankruptcy for the second time in 4 yrs. My husband is a truck driver that every time he gets a good paying job, something happens then he looses his job. He's working but he's not getting paid enough and not fast enough to keep up payments. I take care of all the othet bills in the house. Mr Perry, what inspirational advice can you give me so we don't loose our home?

  • Stephanie Green South Boston, VA

    Good Evening Mr. Perry, THANK YOU JESUS, FOR THE WORD! I recently gained the boldness and understanding of this concept. Ever since this revelation, I have been fighting for my DREAM E-V-E-R-Y SINGLE DAY! Mr. Perry, please understand what I'm getting ready to say as I'm not just a DREAMER. I BELIEVE with every fiber of my being that I WILL and SHALL work with you. Sooooooo many years have passed with this Dream suffocating inside of me. I suppressed this dream down all because I didn't think I was good enough. When I gained the boldness and courage to begin fighting for what was already placed within me the stirring inside increased and won't let me rest. It's somewhat hard to explain when you wake up, lay down, pray, work that all I think about is when I will join my Tyler Perry Studios Family. My family have intimate conversations regularly to help prepare for the transition. I've started to live like it's already happened. In the meantime, I'm positioning myself for the move ,i.e. headshots, acting classes, coaching, learning everything within my reach to help propel forward. Therefore, it's just only a matter of time because ANY DAY, ANY TIME, I expect to hear, that official "YES" from you. I admire you, your work/art, creativity but mostly the spirit of God that reigns in you. I love you, In Jesus Name. I won't stop asking and will not stop knocking until I hear a YES. Mr. Perry will you provide an opportunity and allow this DREAM to come ALIVE. Thank you, Stephanie Green

    • Amy Canada #2137567

      Steph, I sooo totally see myself in your shoes as well. God is surely faithful to those who believe and trust in Him. Let His will be done and so it shall be. He has major plans for you not to harm you but to make you prosper. So keep up the good spirit, I have no doubt that sooner if not later you'll be working with Tyler. Eccl 3:1-8 says there's a time for everything and yours shall come. Your dream shall be fulfilled so keep the faith. May God richly bless you.

  • Deborah Jackson St.Petersburg Florida

    Thanks for that story about the young adults.I am a single mom.And have been my entirer adult life since age 19.I have 2 adult children age 26 and 33.I've sacrifrice doing things for myself for so long.At age 52 I'm just getting exactly what you're saying it brought me to tears because.I've been sacrificing myself for so long.That's all I knew to do.And I really needed to hear that.I really want to get me a decent car.lost my last one in a flood .Taking my son to work one night.Was able to save for another car which I purchased from a family member.That turned out to be a lemon.So now I'm disabled and unabled to really save like I need to .But with God's help I'll get what I want.

  • Elonda Price Dallas, Texas

    Thanks for your encouraging words. Sometimes it's so hard at times to think positive when so much is going on around you, but the scripture you quote is so timely. We can so easily get consumed with sour thoughts. I just walked right out of those empty thoughts. Love and Blessings to you Big Brother! The light truly illuminates through you.

  • Carmen Guardado Aurora, Illinois

    I'm at a point in my life now where I dont have alot of savings, no stable job, I work temp. jobs until I can find something permanent, I have no car,5 yrs without a car struggling to get to and from work. I m in the process of moving to another apartment because I live with a family member who is bitter and filled with hatred. And she has kicked me out of the apartment so many times. I admit I'm behind on the rent. But I do not deserve her negative , degrading treatment towards me. I am moving mainly because I don't want my 15 year old daughter to get depressed. But as soon as I move Aug 3oth , somehow I know I will be alright with my daughter. I truly believe that sometimes one must get away from toxic people and negative environments. I am honestly trying not to hold hatred towards this person who has made me suffer so much with her negativity and venemous tongue. I have held my peace and walked away when this person is trying to provoke me or start an argument. I m a responsible person and have tried to live in peace with this person but the more i try to be at peace and mind my own the more this relative gets more angrier at me. I try to block out the pain and pray alot. I know that sooner or later the truth will shine about this relative and that God is on my side. But still it is painful when I try to defend myself against this persons false accusations and my own family members do not believe. I pray to God everyday to show me how to be wiser and to be strong enough to make it on my own with my daughter again. For 9 and a half years I lived with my daughter on my own and supported myself without noones help. I pray I can start anew again and become a successful person and make it in life. I read your post today about "you can have anything" and it really touched me. Thank you Mr. Perry for your words when I really needed them. God bless you. :)