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You Can Get Anything You Want

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  • Sandra Stanley North Carolina 28164

    Thank you for this because it lets me know the Best is yet to come for me. I know I will have to work hard and over come a lot of obstacles. A good friend once told me to not let anyone know my ideas or what I was trying to do just work on doing it. You are a blessing in my life.

  • Adrienne Bailey Covington Ga

    Good morning Mr Perry I must say I love this video a true blessing I have adopted two kids of my own and had over 25 kids I have fostered in my home . I must say that all some of them want is love and I thank God always for blessing me with a heart of helping our children . thank you for blessing those children I would love to one day have a place to help children that live out there age in foster care to a place of Hope and a place where they know that they can do anything .

  • Baa outer limit

    I was wondering if you thought about putting the inspirational moments on DVD. You could donate the money to the homeless children. The ones you take shopping for holidays and they sound so humble. They could have jobs and pay them while they learn viable skills and go to school. It could be self-sustaining if managed properly.

  • Jose De La Sierra san dieo

    thank you its wonderfull gift to be able to acknowledge a sufficient story how glad and happy you must feel

  • Kelechi Saint Lucia

    There is nothing I find more charming than a man/woman who declares God's words with confidence. I do that all the time, even when it doesn't seem to make any sense. Thank you for being who you are, suddenly; I don't feel like I'm the only who believes in God's word.

  • Daborra Faith Plano, Tx

    Crying tears of acknowledgement! Thank You 4 all you do and for obeying the Holy Spirit when he moves on you 2 do something. Its harder than it use 2 be, but the Lord is using people like you every day, whom are obedient to pull someone up. BLESSINGS AND PROSPERITY 2 U!!!!

  • Katherine West Sacramento

    I want the joy of being a blessing always. The philanthropy work you do as describes is similar to what I do....because it's like therapy to my bones. There is no better feeling to give of your heart like that to others. I totally relate to that...I've done that myself and love doing that for others when I can. I want a man like you in my life that I can continue being a blessing to others as the Holy Spirit leads and guides me....One Love...Tyler. Love Katherine

  • wendy sedith South-Africa

    Dear T you are a blessing to us God love you. I just want to know when will we see your stage performance in South-Africa we love you, you are an inspiration to us. I have learned something from each and every movie that I have watched about you. You are a true mentor, when I feel down and out I watch a Tyler Perry movie. I do not know how to explain myself to you, you are amazing I am older than you but would like to have a mentor like you. God know character when he bless people you have true character. I wish I can meet you one day in person just to have a hand shake. may God continue blessing you with you inspiring movies. When you come to our country one day I want to be in the front row. God Bless Tyler

  • Destinee Douglasville, Ga

    Just looking at all of these videos, and listening to your stories and your advice... you are truly amazing, and you deserve all of your success. You have inspired me, along with so many other people like me, to go after my dreams and not to listen to other people's opinions about my dream. Most importantly, you have let me know that I should live for myself and do what I love and live the gift that God has instilled inside of me and I can't thank you enough for that. You might not read this, but just in case you come across my comment, I would just like to say that again, I thank you, and keep inspiring. Thank you for allowing me to keep the faith Mr. Perry. You are truly amazing.

  • Candice Whitehead Clarksdale Ms

    I believe u when u say you can have anything u want I really love your shows and movies they give me hope I'm a single mother if three boys I fight for them every day to male sure they have every thing they need. I love your show have not my friends really think I suppose to be a comedian or a talk show host or something of that caliber. I don't really know whats my calling I just enjoy making people smile if u ever need me I'm here for you I would love to talk to u one day I'm your biggest fan!

  • Gina Spence Bermuda

    Mr Perry I greet you in the precious name of Jesus! May God continue to bless you in all that you do! I live on a small island called Bermuda. We are the third richest country in the world with a population of 60.000 people. I run a performing art's company and ministry for underprivileged children. We also have a ministry that cares for children who have been left behind from gun violence . We also help the homeless, recovering addicts and prisoners .We would love to invite you to visit our island. He knows the plans He had for you Mr. Tyler and they are good! Be encouraged ! Keep trusting Him! You can check out our ministry on gspic.org You can e-mail us at

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    ANYTHING?! ...okay, don't be talkin' no trash to me either. I need to be in the bed. What time is it? I'm still waiting on SOS. ...pleases. Ttyl ♥u! (Care4u!)

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