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You Can Get Anything You Want

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  • Shawntae Dixon Detroit, MI

    Mr Tyler Perry......Wow. You amaze and inspire me. To come from very humble beginnings and to be where you are now is just amazing. I enjoyed this particular video because I totally agree that we as people limit our minds, our way of thinking, and beliefs, not only by what others say to us, but by what we say and think about ourselves. Having the courage to change your own way of thinking is an awesome accomplishment because there is so much pressure in today's world to conform. For many, settling for less and contentment is ok. Well not for me. Fortunately I grew up in an environment that was loving and encouraging, so it's difficult for me to be content with less than I deserve. I will NEVER believe that the sky is the limit because I'm reaching for the stars. My future is LIMITLESS. However, I am merely human and at times become doubtful of myself and what I am capable of accomplishing. But I've been blessed with family and a circle of friends that are more than supportive of my goals. But that is my reality and not everyone can be as fortunate. As for the children that you were able to help and bring hope and hopefully plant a seed within them that gives them a sense of self worthiness and value to know that they deserve the world and that the sky is NOT the limit for them as well. To reach BEYOND the stars. To change their thinking and break that negative mentality. The power to change our way of thinking, I mean EVERYTHING we need is already inside of each and every one of us. I play Strength, courage, and wisdom a song by India.Arie for my daughter (and myself) because I want her to know that she never has to look far for those things because they lie within her. And being a young black woman in America I want and need her to be able to dig within herself to find that, especially when I'm not around to give it to her. But enough about me. Please continue what your doing Tyler Perry. You inspire me and hopefully one day we can work together to encourage the youth (I like to call them our future leaders) or in some other business aspect. I would very much enjoy that as I am an interesting personality. God Bless

  • Sharon Smith Lauderhill, Florida

    Thank you for this inspirational message! When I came to this country, I came for a better life. So many years later, I am still looking for the thing I came to America for...no more abuse or trauma...America, however is harsher than the third world countries...because one cannot live here without a good amount of funds. BUT, one cannot live here completely poor with God, a strong smile and a loving, giving heart!

    • Sharon Lauderhill, Florida #2056674

      I meant CAN...sorry! All things are possible!

  • Barnes California

    This made me cry and touched me. I feel sometimes that my life is over because the stroke I had has affected the way I walk, how I talk and sometimes my ability to think clearly. I have fought to go back to school to get my life back. It seems challenging and scary but hopefully I will do it. There are times when I feel I can have it all then there are times when I feel I'm too old to start over. But listening to your video gave me inspiration to try. To get all my education out the way and just go for it. The dept of Rehab told me that I needed to work and they couldn't support me going back to school. It caused me to get very depressed but I chose to fight and work to get my life back. I was told I wouldn't move my arm again but I did now I want to run. I was told I'll never run but I can't receive that. I've cried many nights about losing normal functioning, my job, my boyfriend, my teeth and my friends. Thank you for giving me hope, graduate school here I come

  • beverly franklin st louis. MO

    Dear Mr. Perry: Thank you for your inspirational comments, I lost my mother a few years ago and the hardest thing I had to prove to her is that I did love her. My family was big on negativity and I have been fighting that demon all my life. I was raised by my grand parents my brothers don't understand because they have always had their parents in their lives. Now that we are older we still cannot get along. I even let my oldest brother stay with me when he was homeless. I even took care of my mothers every need to prove to her I loved her. Now I am taking care of my stepfather and also I helped raised my god child from age 7 now he is 21. The main thing I desire now that I have lost at least 30 lbs is to find a good man. I am currently on disability and I have a Masters Degree in Procurement and I want to be self sufficient. You said that you can do anything and I am getting up enough nerve to ask you for a part time job. I heard you read all your mail. Congrats on your baby and Thank you for being you. Beverly Franklin

  • Katrina Taylor Florida

    Dear Mr. Perry, This is the very first video of yours I have seen. I think it really helps me. I sabotage myself all the time. I love your plays and movies. I think its great you have found a way to reach out to people. I have a lot of laughs while watching. Do you think its actually possible to get yourself motivated enough to get what you want?

  • Alura Marion Illinois

    Dear Mr. Perry, My heart is very heavy right now. I just lost my cousins baby. It was a accidental drowning. Her mother is incarcerated and the person who had her baby which I consider my baby couldn't take care of her so I took her in to keep her out the system. I been working fifty four hours lately to make sure all the children would have a good holiday. The baby drowned in the tub at eight thirty in the morning. We just celebrated her first bday days before. They took all my children out my home but my focus has been on her. Well today I was told she was taken off life support and didn't make it. I am so heavily burdened right now. I write to express myself so I wrote a poem about what happened. I know u r a very spiritual man so I'm asking for a prayer from u as well as a motivational word.....

  • Cher Thompson Snellville, GA

    Here it is 3 years later and I am just hearing your video for the first time and I am crying because I can testify to being one of those adults. I fight with myself continuously to not sabotage my own blessings. God is truly using you. And I know you're aware of it. I just wanna say thank you for being obedient . "You can have anything you want"

  • Juanita Richburg Seon Long Beach , California

    Hello Tyler, I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing this story. One area of interest for me is young people who are aging out of the Foster Care System. This is an encouraging video and I will continue to work on the project to make my contribution to let young people know "They can have anything they want" Peace & Love, Juanita

  • Cherrilynn Bisbano East Greenwich, RI

    Tyler, In my eyes you have "True Star Quality". I am writing a book with that exact title. I actually mention you in the book. TSQ is someone with charisma (uses the gifts of the Holy Spirit) and their life to reflect the glory of God. I would love to get a quote from you for my book or just speak with you about how you keep Christ first in this world. I love your heart and the way you serve our God. May you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. I will keep you in my prayers.

  • Robert HOARD, IV6 Hiram, GA 30141

    Mr. Perry, Proverbs 23:7, is quoted by so, so, so many people, but sadly it's only a saying to them and not an adamant believe. You are truly "a living witness" that, we must think and say what we see before us in our heart, not fixating on what's before our eyes. The concept is truly like Bishop Jakes said in a sermon, "Stop believing [in] what you see and see what you believe." You continue to show us that, it's not good to fixate on the arrow that we're shooting, but focus on the target that we're shooting at. You are...Faith In Action!!!

  • Marilyn United States

    ...and I am in tears :) This is beautiful Tyler.

  • Sylvia Camille Douglasville, Georgia

    Hi Tyler, I haven't posted in a while because I trying to stay focus and live out my true destiny. But, every once in a while I have to listen to your inspirational messages. They help me stay on track and continue my journey to greatness. Believing is everything!!! I often wonder, why do we doubt our potentials ? Is it fear or uncertainity? Can you speak on that topic and how you overcame? Also, how did you balance the griniding with work, home and just life situations that pop up. Hope to meet you one day and share my journey. Love Ya, Your #1 ATL FAN / DOUGLASVILLE