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You Can Get Anything You Want

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  • Shane A. Lee 200 Victory blvd-A-4,Staten Island NY,10301


  • shantae cameron atlanta, georgia

    sir i am trying every thing that comes to my mind just to talk to you and i am sure one of them will work. i believe it will happen and it is going to happen because i believe in god myself you and every one who has lead me into doing the write thing i know you get thousands of messages emails and stuff but i hope and pray one day that you will see one of my messages. love tyler perry...

  • fancy B spherical twirl

    Each day can have its ups and downs. Its smiles and downs and so many frowns, we will choose to be happy. God bless and stay warm ....Hugs and kisses.

  • Kay James Baltimore

    Mr.Perry I would like to know if you have any suggestions . On how I could start a homeless shelter. Any pointers would be helpful. I like to call it (Safe Haven) or (Touch Of Heaven) (Fresh Start) any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time!!!

  • Terry V Lewis United States

    Mr. Perry, i believe i'm going to get what i want. I have basically built a manufacturing facility for toys in my mind. I have every thing except start-up money. I think a miracle is coming my way. I started moms games under sole priority ship. I was only able to afford a few hundred decks of cards,which was done at a local printer because i couldn't afford a production run from a game manufacturer . However i was still very proud of myself. I was also blessed to attend the 2003 toy/game show in chicago at the navy pier. I didn't sell many games,but i felt just as important as the other game companies. It's been a struggle,but i refuse to give up. If i can get my foot in the door, i think i can make it from there. Thank s

  • Veronica Smith Evansville, In

    I understand the child s thinking of only have one. I was a foster care child my whole life, and getting one was nothing common. That is what the child was used to.

  • kordelle Bahamas

    hi Tyler I'm so encourage ,inspired, and motivated by your videos i wish these were available 20 years ago i believe i would have reach my dreams, however i am really going to work hard and pursue my dreams and take the advice very sincerely and with Gods help and your encouragement i will succeed!

  • Sandra Stanley North Carolina 28164

    Thank you for this because it lets me know the Best is yet to come for me. I know I will have to work hard and over come a lot of obstacles. A good friend once told me to not let anyone know my ideas or what I was trying to do just work on doing it. You are a blessing in my life.

  • Adrienne Bailey Covington Ga

    Good morning Mr Perry I must say I love this video a true blessing I have adopted two kids of my own and had over 25 kids I have fostered in my home . I must say that all some of them want is love and I thank God always for blessing me with a heart of helping our children . thank you for blessing those children I would love to one day have a place to help children that live out there age in foster care to a place of Hope and a place where they know that they can do anything .

  • Baa outer limit

    I was wondering if you thought about putting the inspirational moments on DVD. You could donate the money to the homeless children. The ones you take shopping for holidays and they sound so humble. They could have jobs and pay them while they learn viable skills and go to school. It could be self-sustaining if managed properly.

  • Jose De La Sierra san dieo

    thank you its wonderfull gift to be able to acknowledge a sufficient story how glad and happy you must feel

  • Kelechi Saint Lucia

    There is nothing I find more charming than a man/woman who declares God's words with confidence. I do that all the time, even when it doesn't seem to make any sense. Thank you for being who you are, suddenly; I don't feel like I'm the only who believes in God's word.

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