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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything


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  • Alexio Lusinga Johanneburg South Africa

    Wow!! Mr Perry, you my inspiration sir, thank God for you am fully inspired. I have been going through these inspirational videos, you are a God made. I am a self-made Graphic Designer its more of natural I never went to school for anything that I am doing, photography etc. I have got a zeal of acting and directing movies, I have sent application to the USA and UK got couple of promising calls but no one has ever really called me in, I watched 2 videos where you mentioned that at some point I am not suppose to be recognized by anyone for the glory of God. I am definitely taking a relaxing step for God to do His work, this helped me a lot because I have been getting a lot of denials and that has been a challenge to embrace, but thank you Mr Perry for opening my eyes.

  • Melanie Charlotte, NC

    First time on the site. Just went through all the inspiration corner videos. Sometimes I just need to hear another voice, a different perspective. You spoke words that left an impression on my heart. Thank you. I pray God continues to bless you and you in turn remain a blessing to others.

  • Candice Timms Arlington tx-Ms

    Praise Jesus!!! THANK YOU GOD FOR THE WORD. I wont give up and I won't let my dream die.Amen!!!

  • Rosalie Dallas Texas good morning

    Rosalie it's me still standing in the need of meany blessing that some day will flow in side out God will for them to come forth between here and there I just no He needs for me to do something for him and by all means l will give him my best know that not good enough for real he's taken time because it's so so big that's wi he hasn't allow no one too help because it was not time than He's saying yes God bless you each day for the rest of your life your son and baby mama

  • Stephanie Green South Boston, VA

    Hello future Boss, Amen. All things flow through and by GOD. Jesus make the way and confound the foolish things. I speak life on DREAM to work with you and join my Tyler Perry Studios family. Thank you, A Dreamer, Stephanie.

  • Michelle Fambrough Solon, Ohio

    Hello, Mr. Tyler Perry I have watched all of your inspirational videos more than once. And today when I had the chance to watch and really hear what you were saying it truly reached my heart. And each one made me look at my life with a new perspective. Your words inspired me, motivated me, and helped me to see my purpose with new eyes. I know I am destined to use my poetry to change people's lives. God has given me a gift and I believe this gift is why I exist on this earth. It is so deep inside of me I cannot let it go. I want to thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. Your presence as a spiritually grounded, devoted, inspiring human being means the world to me. I have gained a wealth of wisdom and insight from your videos and posts. Thank you I am truly grateful to you and if I ever had the opportunity to meet you face to face with tears in my eyes I would hug you, shake your hand and tell you from the bottom of my heart Thank you. God bless you.

  • lisa wi

    Who keeps you grounded in your life Tyler? Who tells you to stay in his {GOD} face?

  • MISS P. columbus


  • Choko SA

    Totaly speechless..more like you know wat im experiencing..

  • Luney Desamours Florida

    Dear Tyler, After hearing this uplifting message,I wished I could reach out through the screen and give you a hug.If my Mom was still alive,she would tell me the same thing.I know I can be impatient at times,but I feel like time is running out for me,being 67 years old,living alone and wanting so much to become a foster parent.I raised three children and they are gone ,living their lives far away from me.My only grand child I'm unable to see often.My husband of 40+ years left for greener pastures.I was a pediatric nurse before becoming disabled,then forced into retirement.I love children and I know there are many out there who could be with someone who loves them. Thank you,Perry for your advice.I shall wait for my appointed time. Abundant Blessings

    • Luney Desamours Florida #2125336

      Dear Tyler, I wrote this post 2 weeks and one day ago.To tell you the truth,things seem to be going from bad to worse...But I am being patient,waiting for the appointed time for me... I hope you and your family have been blessed beyond measure...

    • L. Desamours Florida #2133731

      Mr Perry, If you could,please,get in touch with me,I will appreciate it.It's about one of my posts above.Please,it's very important. Thank you

  • Irell Wallace

    Thank you,Thank you, Thank you Tyler Perry. I really needed to listen to this. I do believe there is an appointed time for everything. I've lost just about everything. I am writing you from my car because I am homeless. I really really really want to be an actress. I have some training, but I really believe that I am a natural. I dream about this. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others. God bless

  • L UTAH

    Hi Tyler, I give my all at work, do someone else's job with everything I have, never once asked for favors, cut corners, made excuses, but the recognition always seem to go to someone else. I go home, eat dinner, pray, fall asleep and do it all again the next day. This isn't my life and I know it, I've always been a believer of big things and always wanted to work hard at MY dreams, but where have I gotten - stuck - in a life that isn't even mine, a job I hate, surrounded by people who cut me with their words and their eyes. I can't even smile anymore. I feel like I'm trapped inside someone else's life and I can't get out. How do I get out? How do I LIVE?

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