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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Vicky Lee San Clemente, CA

    This is so powerful, this message. I graciously receive it into my heart. Thank you, Tyler Perry.

  • Pearly Smith Oklahoma City,OK

    I enjoyed everything you had to say,it is so very true. Sometimes GOD gives you so that you are able to share with others. No I ask not for money only for help. I am a published poet, (only 5 for now) with more to come. At present I'm trying to get my book published. I am a deli worker at Wal-Mart in Mustang, Oklahoma. I simple need direction as far as getting published goes and having one not charge me a fortune to do it. My poetry is centered on Father God, things He has brought me through, and life. If you wouldn't mind it I'd be honored if you were to read and advise me on this matter. May Father God continue to bless all your hands touch. Respectfully Pearly Smith

  • Lena Hovanesian Los Angeles

    ~THE HIGH ROAD~You have two choices in life: to travel up the High Road or to follow the crowd down the low road. The High Road will lead you to people and places that will be blessings to your life. You will receive favor, honor and praise from The Most High. The High Road is a road not taken by many, because following its path is difficult and never easy. The low road is where most people dwell, stuck in traffic jams, on the way to hell. You can try to lift them up with Love and Truth, but most lost souls will sadly reject you. They will see you traveling on the road above them and be filled with envy. You will be loved by few and hated by many. They will attempt to make you stumble and fall off the path you are on, by throwing things at you to cause you harm. No matter what the world does to bring you down, you will be alright. Traveling up the High Road will lead you to a Crown of Life. ~~~~>Be Sure To CLICK www.facebook.com/WrittenByLena For More Reflections of Truth.~~~~> ©2013. The High Road. Written by Lena Hovanesian. All Rights Reserved.~~

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    Hi Love, Im sensing this notebook moment coming soon. So, just let me be, if u will. Thank you, TP. :-) ok ttyl

  • Robbie Lufkin, tx

    Mr. Perry, I thank you for this message. I am 42 and have felt so lost in the direction of employment. At this time I am unemployed and when I have been offered a position the door has seemed to close. I try to hold myself up and be reassured that God has never let me fall. I am just asking for others to pray for God to open the doors in which he would have me to enter. God bless! love and peace to all.

  • Telu Qarau Suva, Fiji

    Tyler Perry you are a GOD-send! I needed to hear this especially today. GOD bless you :)

  • Ruth J

    YES & AMEN!!! Confirmation....thank you for sharing. God bless you!

  • D. Mason Massachusetts

    Tyler Perry, I want to Thank you for your Message; I was searching and searching for someone to help me... and there it was; your message telling me to trust and wait on the Lord. I do believe; but there are times; when you have to make some steps in that direction to know that you did your part. I am a single mom my youngest 18yr old daughter is going off to College She is so excited; and she did it all on her own merit; but unfortunately her mother (me) feels that I am failing her because I have bad credit; and cannot get the loan that is needed to pay the balance on her tuition. I say that to say this; My intention were to write you and ask if you would sponsor my daughter; but after reading your Messages; I truly believe that it will come to be with or without. DM

  • Glorivee Garcia Hartford, CT

    Hi Mr. Perry, I just seen your video post of "How To Be Successful" It has opened my eyes and how I will see things. I been struggling for a while, I had asked God to send me a sign of what to do, I'm taking online college courses and I'm doing an essay about you. I been in your web page searching watching your videos, and this one kind of took my breath away it's like God spoke through you. "I need to do one thing at a time" and that's what I'm going to do finish school first and then let everything else fall into place. I want to Thank You for taking a little time of yours and share it with us your fans. Love Glorivee,

  • Kathy Washington Washington, DC

    Dear Mr. Perry, I admire everything you have done, you are a Wonderful and Outstanding Gentleman. God has Blessed you in so many ways. I have a wonderful Movie that in my heart you would be very interested in "Enough is Enough". If you are interested Please contact me. Sincerely Kathy

  • Marcellus Manning New Jersey

    Man you are the man!!!!!!!!!!! I happen to be a songwriter, you don't have to help me but I'm going to post this here just because. Www.youtube.com/TheReVeRweWriters2. I haven't prayed lately but I pray that God continues to bless your idea pool. Through you many other peoples dreamw are being realized. Stay cool my friend.

    • Marcellus Manning New Jersey #1861728


  • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville (Macomb County )Michigan

    In May while shopping at the Walmart store in Sterling Heights, Macomb County Michigan, a rather strange situation happened to me. While waiting for my door-to-door transit to take me home, the driver ignored me flagging her down. So finally she stopped and the door opened; the lady said may I help you? I asked aren't you here as my return-home pickup? She answered no I'm not! I,m looking for a White Jewish Woman and you're a light-skin black woman with nice curly hair. Then she said what is your name? So I showed her my driver's license and she was a little surprised to say the least. The African American woman replied' you're kidding me? She was about 48yrs from Detroit Wayne County Michigan and said where are you from? Cincinnati and explained there are thousands of African Americans with Jewish last names. So she stated how did you get that Jewish name? I said what do you mean I was born into this name. Then I said you should get out more. So three-four months later I'm staring at the interesting item on my round coffee table (until a new is purchased) that in the 1950's was a table for setting for a beautiful fire place: with two wing-back chairs; and of course they were the petistaled with lions feet, also a very high back for the most comforting when reading Miss Rochelle Alers Novels. The item on the table in my living room is a plaque/statute; that somehow looks as though scrolls have been opened of the famous representation of ' The Lord's Supper'... But has a Holy Bible at the bottom , opened to the very Holy Scripture and Jesus took bread, gave thanks and broke it, then gave to his disciples saying, " Take and eat; this is my body. (I promise not o preach) I've had this particular piece for along time; and just noticed that the whole Upper Room is there! Which brings me to the subject do we as people in general really know what families we really come from.. My Grandmother taught us about where she came from in Alabama. And when I was ten years old they took me on Summer Vacation to Birmingham so that my true heritage would be revealed to me. My Grandmother's two aunts were these Indian Women that married African American Men. My two cousins females were gorgeous and so were their children. My Uncle Thomas was so-very tall : dark but beautiful skin and he looked like a Watusi from the Continent of Africa. By the time I was thirty-six I learned about my Father's Family in Tennessee. What a Historical Heritage! Yea!

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