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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Yolanda Mathis Houtson, TX

    Mr. Perry, thank you so much for the inspirational corner message regarding there is an appointed time for everything, because I'm currently going through a door closure. I'm not only doing all I can physically possible to help to get to an open door, but I'm praying and I'm asking God to give the patience that I need to indure this storm that I'm currently facing. I have faith and I'm trusting and believing that God is going show up in a mightly to open a new door for me. I know pray, all the time but I would like to ask you to just whispher my name when you pray and ask God to give strength while I'm going through. Love Mr. Perry, thank you.

  • Kel North Carolina

    Tyler I wish I could talk with you. "There is an appointed time for everything" ... thank you.

  • Denise Houston, TX

    Last night I had a dream. Waking up from that dream, my body felt a rush of energy streaming through my veins. I believe exactly what you said about God having a plan and how that plan is put together by having you in the right place at the right time. I have had so many doors slammed in my face, and I asked why is it not happening for me? I know I have great ideas! Tyler Perry, you are right when you said that God wants your story to be such a miracle that everyone including yourself has to know that it was nothing but God. Thank you for being someone to learn from and someone to be inspired by.

  • Cynthia Jonesboro, GA

    This was truly a Word that I can relate to and this was the time for me to hear this. So many projects some finished and some in motion, but now I truly understand even more that its all about the timing of God. I am going to take your advice and continue to move in the direction God has for me. God wants to get the glory and truly there is a story to my life, but I will take one day at a time and in due season God will take me to the next destination. God bless you!

  • Tina Crawley Walters Montgomery, AL

    Blessed and Highly Favored! I just wanna say that i just finished watching all of the videos in your inspirational corner at tylerperry.com and I really needed that! When you said focus on one thing you really hit home with me. Man I needed that because my ideas are definitely all over the place! You're awesome!! I definitely get it!!

  • Denza Y. San Francisco

    I absolutely love the inspiration corner! Many things you have said or shared, in the spirit of giving, have been a confirmation for me and I am sure for others. I wish I could share how or details but I do not want to type that much! God is so amazing. I know you are grateful to be used by him. Tyler, I can imagine how you must feel at times. It has to be overwhelming to understand God's love for you and to give so much of that same love to others. Thanks for the example and the mentorship.

  • shaquel Houston

    MyStoryGod'sGlory.com by: shaquel ware

  • Tanisha Brown Delaware

    I could not agree with your statement "It is not always the devil" more. I learned this during one of the most difficult trial's of my life. Everybody from my Pastor to my grandmother told me it was nothing but "the devil". So naturally I believed what they said and rebuked him to no end. But then I went through a period of being quite, closing myself off from people, and demanding that my ears no longer here what other people thought about this painful time in my life. Once I did those things, I heard God plain as day say "There was a reason you HAD to endure that pain, now let ME tell you why". He showed me that not only had I given into my fleshly desire, but I got off track and out of His plan for my life. It is never God's will to place people or things in your life that will distract or possibly remove you from seeking Him first. And so I had to fall pretty hard to learn this lesson, but I am thankful for that fall. God Bless you Tyler. You are my brother in Christ whom I love and pray for all the time.

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  • Ruby Lynette Turner Murphysboro, Illinois / Home Of SIU

    Mr. Perry, When I Watched This Video Tears Just Ran From My Eyes And Each Time You Mentioned God Want You In Place Where You Can't Turn To Anyone Except Him, I Just Screamed. Well, I Am About To Be Set Out Of My Home Of Fifty Years, What Must I Do Lord, Where Shall I Really Go? These People Don't Have A Way To Work Without My Services, My Chest Hurts And My Heart Is In Pain.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    :-) Hi Love, its been so long!! Help T! Have you forgotten about us? I'm gonna need for you to send us some Tyler Perry love, at least by tomorrow, T! Ok. :-) Thank you, too! You are missed. Do you want me to write on everyone of these posts? Yes, I will! Now, its been too too too longgggg!!! Hello, do u hear the words that's coming out of my mouth? Ok, I'll be back! Ttyl.... Hug & kisses... :-) ...LoL... :-)

  • Bianca A. Houston, TX

    Thank you Pastor Perry.....:)

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