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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Rasheeda Stokes Murrieta California

    Mr. Tyler Perry, Your message on an appointed time is so true, i always thought it was the devil cursing me, but it could of been gods favor that he saw something i couldn't see, I thank you for this message it really touch me

  • Author Anita Graham Decatur, Georgia

    Tyler, I listened to all your videos. I must say they are confirmation to my writing career. I believe I will be writing songs for your plays. I need to know how can I set up an appointment with you. I would love to talk to you face to face. Please give me a call. May God continues to bless you. A poem for you follows: As I leave your website I will implant what I read in my heart. I Pray it will be the beginning of something beautiful right off the start. Nobody can tell me you're too good for me to meet. Only God know the time and hour He will stand you before my feet. I will continue to pray that you will call. Until then Tyler, I will stay humble and stand tall. Thank you for your greatness! Anita

  • Ms. Karen Scanie Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

    Dearest Mr. Perry: You are the most spiritual burst of energy.. that jut knows how to cheer me up on my cloudiest day... I had so many doors close. I have asked family for financial help in paying these fees for a legal documentation. Nobody will help.. Well anyways. your comment you said, that God will close all doors.. till you realize the one door that is not closed is his.. i realize..I need to ask and I shall receive.. Its his door I need to knock on... And another piece of wisdom you shared. about how he keeps us hidden till the time is right to open that door for us or the extradinary beginning. or miracle in our lives to happen will unfold. I have always felt this way in life. That he has kept me hidden. I have done many things in my life. working in jobs relate to a man's job. working in Pipeline Security, Train Derailments, Jail Facilities, Working with homeless woman on the streets trying to get off of drugs and get there newborn babies wheened from Methadone. Even worked in Stabilization youth facility for children coming off of the street life, gangs, homeless, sexual abuse. even crystal meth. All my life these are the kinds of jobs I have done. helping people. My life has not been an easy one. I too have been homeless many times raising my daughter alone. Many hardships and suffering. I guess what I am trying to say from all this. is Thank-you.. For sharing your wisdom. Because you are my inspiration to my successes. and believing in myself to be the best that I can. and I have God to Thank for helping help others. I would not have changed none of my past. I have learned so so much. God Bless you in reading my story. I have learned tonight. I just have to as my Creator for the help I need and he will grant my need. Love you for all you have taught me.

  • Lester Norton United States

    I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. I'm am going through this right now. And I had gotten frustrated because I was asking everyone to help me get a building to help kids in my program. And I was sure they would because of the work I'm doing. Each person said no. And it hurt me bad because all of them has money. So, I guess God lead me to this site this morning to hear this word. And that's funny because I was listening to the radio as usaul. And I told myself I don't won't hear this stuff this morning. Listen to someone is has inspirational words. And I typed in your name, and now I'm happy. You are my hero. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

    • Dee Milwaukee, Wisconsin #1840655

      I always remember a speech that Tyler gave about being turned down 999 times, but it only takes 1 yes to began to make your dreams come true. I believe in waiting on the yes. I've raised a son on my own,struggled to work, involve him in postive programs, put him through school and college. Now he had graduated from college and has worked hard to attain the job the he truly wanted in public relations. He has now received his dream job in N.J. The last thing is to find a way to move his furniture etc.. to NJ. without any added expense in doing so. I have faith that God will make a way and I'm waiting on my answer. All blessings are worth the wait. Denise

  • Christel Jones Stuart Florida

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, I just listened to you video and once again I'm sitting here crying because your wisdom is so on point! It all a confirmation of what the Lord wants to do in my life. It has inspired me to stay focused and just keep walking it out! I will be strong and of a good courage because I know I can do all things through life that strengthens me. Thanks again for what you do for us your family...always praying for your strength and wisdom to continue to grow and increase and that the Lord will continue to enlarge your territory...more movies, more plays and series like that have and the have nots...good stuff dude! Luv it!!!!

  • Kimberly Chattanooga, TN

    I have you on my facebook. The comment you had was when doors are closed. After work I decided to try your website. I saw a clip you had on the same topic. I choose to believe God is truly saying something. What had drawn me to your movies is the depth, not talking Madea. Although I like her :) My past may not be as traumatic as yours but enough. I have no columns in my life. God has taken all out from under me. No doors. Yet within me I ache for more. Not more of this world, money, etc. More of what I thought my purpose was. Feeling like although I can do what those who have a college education can I am looked at like less in a place where I thought we helped others, those who work there are treated politically. God has adopted me as His own. All that I am is found in Him. I just can't understand this discontent within me. This frustration. When I know God provides all my needs, why do I still struggle in this manner. I do know that the Lord is using me where I am, in trainings to show others there is another way. You don't have to stay where you came from. My heart is toward reaching others with encouragement and a knowledge you can be whatever you want to be. Sometimes I wonder if I am not just rambling. Thanks for listening.

  • Cheryl Harrison Orient, Ohio

    Mr. Perry I love you! I watched your inspirational videos and I love how you give God praises for all you success. You teach people as well as show us to believe God, trust God, wait on God, and honor God. You honor Him by giving back helping those that have no hope, restoring those who have lost homes and family, providing jobs as well as inspire many people through out the world. I now you are not perfect but you are striving toward perfection as we all should do. Keep letting God use you and continue to honor Him. I love that you talk about him. He is your Heavenly Father and you know where your help comes from. Where ever you go or do keep him close to you. There are those that don't understand how you got where you are. You had those before you that you paid attention too a d they started from the bottom too. But, you believed God would take you there. I am glad your mother could see your success before she crossed over to the other side. I love you Tyler Perry!

  • Yolanda Mathis Houtson, TX

    Mr. Perry, thank you so much for the inspirational corner message regarding there is an appointed time for everything, because I'm currently going through a door closure. I'm not only doing all I can physically possible to help to get to an open door, but I'm praying and I'm asking God to give the patience that I need to indure this storm that I'm currently facing. I have faith and I'm trusting and believing that God is going show up in a mightly to open a new door for me. I know pray, all the time but I would like to ask you to just whispher my name when you pray and ask God to give strength while I'm going through. Love Mr. Perry, thank you.

  • Kel North Carolina

    Tyler I wish I could talk with you. "There is an appointed time for everything" ... thank you.

  • Denise Houston, TX

    Last night I had a dream. Waking up from that dream, my body felt a rush of energy streaming through my veins. I believe exactly what you said about God having a plan and how that plan is put together by having you in the right place at the right time. I have had so many doors slammed in my face, and I asked why is it not happening for me? I know I have great ideas! Tyler Perry, you are right when you said that God wants your story to be such a miracle that everyone including yourself has to know that it was nothing but God. Thank you for being someone to learn from and someone to be inspired by.

  • Cynthia Jonesboro, GA

    This was truly a Word that I can relate to and this was the time for me to hear this. So many projects some finished and some in motion, but now I truly understand even more that its all about the timing of God. I am going to take your advice and continue to move in the direction God has for me. God wants to get the glory and truly there is a story to my life, but I will take one day at a time and in due season God will take me to the next destination. God bless you!

  • Tina Crawley Walters Montgomery, AL

    Blessed and Highly Favored! I just wanna say that i just finished watching all of the videos in your inspirational corner at tylerperry.com and I really needed that! When you said focus on one thing you really hit home with me. Man I needed that because my ideas are definitely all over the place! You're awesome!! I definitely get it!!

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