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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Darius Mcdonough, Georgia

    Thank you so much for this message i never thought about it like this, Im a atlete i play basketball ive gotten doors or opstacles that always put me on my b*** so i turned to god and my relationship has gotten stronger. thus i wanted to play college ball lost track of that goal over seduction and stupidity. I am proud too say i turn my actions and previous actions and looked at them not as negative nor positive but neutral it happened for a reason. I believe god was showing me something for this experience and i think it is i cant plant a seed with out any water im only human thus ive practiced trained and when i get back in when ever he opens a door for me that i will put my all in. Also keep him first and stay away from sin. but god bless im just trying to become a better sharper christian.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    ......for everything. :-) Summerbreak is over here. School is back in section for both of my sons. My oldest is in his final school year of high school which begins on Monday morning. Also, this summer he started his first job at Chick-Fil-a next month it will mark his 90day period is over. He turned 17yrs old on Aug.9th. Also, he's enrolled in Driver's Education, and he is indeed looking forward to driving. Lol..... My other son is entering into Middle School this school year -6th grade. Both of them are playing football this year now let me see how I'm suppose to be in two and three places at one time. Lol.... This shall be interesting. The good part is my oldest will soon be driving himself around. Yet and still I will need to be at his games as support as well. My mother's b-day was this past Friday, do u know we wasn't able to be there this year? I even thought about going tonight after my son got off work but he ended up having to stay til 11:30pm, he went at 11AM. :-) I'm so happy to see this stage in his life. :-) Now that school is starting back this coming week, with practice, football games, etc.. he won't be working but on Saturdays being his job is closed on SUNDAYS!!!! He was hoping to only have to be in class every other day being he only need his 4 credits which are the major subjects of his senior year. Still working on getting that accomplished if possible. We'll see! What I can say is its preparing him for the years ahead. Thank God, Our Father for being the Father to the fatherless and a Great Father at that. I really didn't do this without His continuous help, & strength.... And we still need Him even the more. Thanks, :-) Have a good night. Ttyl! And yes, its passed my bedtime. Lol... :-)

  • Lola Little Rock, AR

    Excellent word!

  • katlego phore south africa

    thanks god for me

  • Baron D. Zackery Calumet City Il

    Very Powerful.. (( Thankyou )) I Needed That!! God Bless

  • Ann Marie Kowlessar United States

    Hello, thank you so much for you and your messages . This was very encouraging! We love you!

  • tamera Javonni loyd United States

    Amen! I need that I'm going though it i'm 38 years old i need a kidney i took all my test passed but Tampa General said i need 9887 thousand dollars before i can get on the list i'm so angry i've been on dialysis after had my baby in 2007 in 2008 my kidneys failed . I though i was finally going to get my kidney I ask people but know response when i listen to your words o f wisdom i realize there's no job to great for God. Thanks Tyler God Bless!

  • Deborah Rivera Longwood,Florida

    Amen!Watching this video brought tears to my eyes,as you speak I can totally identify myself with everything you are speaking of.......God bless you...I wish I will be able to come to one of your plays sometime!

  • Paula Jenkins Traverse city Mich.

    Hello Mr Taylor I believe there is an appointed time to received God riches because He promise in my struggles and endurance.He will manifest to me what gifts he have in store for me. Tyler God's blessing is so overwhelmed in my life in health and for my sons even while I was a single mom. I give Him praise that my sons are healthy in well doing. Regardless how difficult it may seem for me even at this moment. God promises to me He will fulfill my needs all the day of my life.

  • Prudence Lokothwayo Witbank, Mpumalanga (South Africa)

    God has a perfect plan for our lives, organised in detail before the world begun. HE will reveal it to us in good time, just step by step because HE wants to teach us to WALK BY FAITH not by sight.

  • Dartrisha Wheeler Huntsville, AL

    So true no one has invested in me, no one seems to know anyone that can help me, the one's that I know could did not and do not. Yes, doors have been closed for many of months now with employeement and getting my poems into the hands of other Dartrisha's out there; with this 'down' time Tyler you have reminded me that 'my' time 'will' come. There is a stratigic plan to my life!! Yes, Tyler for if I did not go thru I would not have been able to w*** the tears of other Dartrish's out there. My poem, 'Homeless' would not have touched many that were there, my poem, 'Yes!' made many give me hugs upon hugs. Yes, I will wait for my name to be called to recite my poems so that all those single parents, raped, mistreated and forgotten will be inspired......Yes, Dartrisha Wheeler your day will come.......for I will hear and see God working.

    • Patrick Nigeria #1735922

      Now I know that I do have you to thank for such an inspirational tips.

  • Prudence Lokothwayo Witbank Mpumalanga (South Africa)

    Without GOD's direction we are lost. HE has perfect plans for our lives &with HIM everything is possible.