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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Kim Lay Miami

    I receive and thank you for this message my job is laying off the whole department of Headstart. Leaving 600 single black and latino parents jobless including myself. So again thank you .

  • Chaunise Mebane, NC

    You are so right, we sometimes give the Devil credit for things that God is doing... Thats why in all things we must give thanks because the word says all things work together for the good of those that love God and who are the called according to his purpose. Tyler you have truly been called and I like to call what you do a ministry. You don't have to be behind a pulpit to change lives. But outreach as you do is very much needed, again all I can say is what an inspiration... I would love for you to meet my pastor personally here in the Durham NC area... Please feel free to contact me, there are many things that I am trying to do to help my ministry because it is so needed in this area....

  • Sharon Johnson Myers Moultrie Georgia

    Can't wait to meet you!!

  • Sharon Johnson Myers Moultrie, Georgia

    Thanks for the inspiration corner! A Good Teacher teaches but a Great Teacher inspires...Thanks for being a Great Teacher.....To and By God's Glory!

    • kathryn lawrenceville #1705357


  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Genesis 18:12 Sarah laughed within herself, saying, After I am waxed old shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also? 17:17 Abraham fell upon his face, & laughed, & said IN his heart, Shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred yrs old? and shall Sarah that is ninety yrs old, bear?

  • Nadia Toronto, Ontario

    I used to have an imaginary friend that spoke EXACTLY like you... I used to take him to the Guildwood Gardens in Scarborough. It's Toronto's best kept secret...The Guild of all Arts. Good luck and I hope you see it one day.

  • Cinnamon near Gary, Indiana

    Thank you Mr. Perry...I needed to hear this message today...God bless!

  • Patricia Roberts Houston

    Its been 5months since you recorded a message, its time for another one..These messages keep me going, its like being on empty and going to church to be recharged for the week. Keep them coming Tyler

  • MarlettaPriscilla Fomby Almost Home

    Hey tyler I can't explain that full moon we had last night. It made me feel and see things in a whole new way. I see this lime light all around me and Jesus sits above me saying job well done, women of God. I can feel these positive energies from within as I move toward what the father and I desire of me from him given to me at birth. My dreams are playing out right in front of my eyes and I'm so completely unconditionally in love with love, that nothing even matter's but the Love that Our father has given me. and guess what I have more then enough to share with the world of endless stream of love that he (the Father) has intrusted in me to give out, so as he set forth for me to do so. Well I'm so glad that you had over come an tried to be obstale and you got 3 million people in to see your work that weekend. I didn't make it this time. You put movies out faster than I get currency (only for those moments we are in today, not yesturday). Well Tyler enjoy the you that you have created and mark your calender.... I will see you at the top.... It's lonely there so expect company. No hahaha's Just lalala's.

  • Kareem Bowie, MD

    Thank you for saying so... sometimes I forget what I know already!

  • Terence Tate Fairview Heights, Illinois

    Wow! You were an answer to prayer today. I've started my second church this year after the first being a failure 6 years ago. Things were good at first but are beginning to sour like the first church. I told my wife "I feel no one wants to hear me and the doors of the church are closed" I feel like God is against me. I've wanted to quit and stop preaching altogether. I asked God to send someone other than my wife or sister to encourage me. It's just like God to send Tyler Perry. May He increase your view of Him so that your life would be pure worship. I'm learning this is true joy. For your joy, Terence Tate

  • Katt ru

    Thank you!

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