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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Mrs Jackie DeWitt Atlanta, Ga

    Thanks for your messages . I will share with my daughters as confirmation of what the Lord has been telling me about their paths in life. They have passions for catering and film and educated in those areas but find themselves in other areas to survive...customer service jobs, making money but not in the field they want to achieve. Sometimes we are led down a different road for a reason....hidden and waiting on that appointed time..as you mentioned in your inspirational comments.. Whenever they reach their goals ....they will remember their hoops and hurdles as a necessary path.......I tell them they are just being marinated for a delicious life ahead. Thank you, Sir

  • Karen Haygood Columbia, sc

    I listen to this video and was truly blessed by it. I am the one who keeps trying to make things happen in my life and I know without a doubt this message was for me. I rest. Thank you so much for those words of inspiration. What is meant for me is for me and no one can stop the plan of God. Love you my brother!

  • Linda CA

    Tyler, Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You are a gift to the world by sharing your knowledge and faith and I am forever grateful to god for leading me to your website. You are such an inspiration through your messages and your movies. I am a loyal fan for the rest of my life.

  • Robert HOARD, IV Hiram, GA 30141

    Mr. Perry, Prayerfully, those who visit this site come to KNOW that these are jewels beyond any worldly wealth. When we listen to God's voice, His Word, and APPLY what He says, we'll make it through the storms. He KNOWS where we need to be when we need to be there. I am beginning now from the bottom, but I trust that, I'm going to the other side, through this storm...So, that I can go through the doors that ONLY God can open for me!!! You've given me a new understanding of Psalm 84:10...Thank you for opening the door to show me more of God!!!

  • Paulina Y. PiƱa Dallas, Texas

    Salutations Mr. Perry, first let me say congrats on your success I truly love any human being that can inspire another human being just by taking the time out to give inspirational talks. I have been told to listen a little more but I feel like I will run out of time, especially when it comes to my children. I must say I am impressed by your words when it comes to my Lord. Thank you I needed that and I would love to hear more, for once I find myself listening lol. Hope to hear many more. Signed Lina

  • Pastor Christopher W. Boone Mount Pocono, PA. 18344

    Brother Perry, I am originally from Moss Point, Mississippi. My family and I, lost 3 homes on the Mississippi, due to Katrina. I have always been inspired by your movies and plays. Happy Birthday to you , and may you have many more. I am disabled now, but if you go to youtube, and look at one of my sermons titled " Faith Under Fire/ Pastor Christopher W. Boone, New Ground Breaking Church, maybe you might be able to find a new talent for one of our productions. I am also a comic, and singer. I keep you and the whole Tyler Perry family in my prayers. I also want to go toSouth Africa to help some people out in Johannesburg, Durban and a Zulu village outside of Durban. I have a website, www.cwbooneministry.org, and a GoFundMe campaign under my email address. GOD Bless you and all that you do.

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Mr. Perry: I would just like to take part in the celebration of your life and birthday on today. God truly blessed the world with a special person when you were born. You are kind, compassionate and offer encouragement and hope to the world. I am very proud of you. I pray you have the best birthday ever...wish I was there celebrating with you...be blessed and have many more...Love You! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  • Neli Mhlongo Durban, South Africa

    Thank you very much, this means so much to me. For me this is an answered prayer. May God continue to bless you

  • Sistah Pat Atlanta, Georgia

    I just do not know if I should laugh, cry or shout right now. This is the second video I watched tonight and you are definitly helping me in this season of my life. I appreciate you!! Blessings!

  • Shanay Fulton CT

    I just cried watching this. This is EXACTLY what I need to hear. I've been broken and lifted, broken down again lifted and broken down again and idk how I'm still standing. How I'm inspiring others, how I can be a mother to 2 little boys with doors closing and rejection at every corner. This is what I needed to hear bc I know I need a miracle. Idk when it's going to happen, but God hasn't allowed ALL of this mess to continue without there being a message to come from it.

  • Helen Hegedus Maine, NY

    Those words I so do understand. I am starting my life in the direction he wants me to be in. Yes he has closed doors on me and they are not easy, and some hurt. but I have gotten through them, one day and one minute at a time. Thank You, Helen

  • Hyacinth Sterling

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