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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Hyacinth Sterling

  • joann garcia 2535 park heights terrace.baltimore city.21215

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  • SHENEA JANUARY moreno valley ca

    I Believe...

  • Mable A Aikens - Clark Roosevelt ,N.Y. 11575

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, I'm a 55 yr. young women . First and for most I have to say Thank you lord for another day above ground. To you, Mr. Perry for keeping it real and simple. I have to agree with you we can't lean on humans to give us a break in life ! what we fail to remember is that the book is already written and GOD is the AUTHER ! You see I feel we already have a part in life " God has it predesigned ' We don't go through things in life by mistake , God is the Potter, has to Mold us to where he wants us and who he wants us to be. and to totally lean on him. Sometimes (I) we forget that because we get in our own way. That book is the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth LOVE ,PEACE , FAITH MAC

  • Yolanda Ellis Freeport, New York

    Hi Tyler. I do know if you will see or read my comment, but I listened to your testimony when you said that maybe god is closing doors in order to bring you out to something better, in which that happened in your career when you first started. This is my story. I am single mother who lost my job last year. I have been struggling to find work. I finally landed a job this year in March 2014, as a Worker Compensation Medical Analyst. While in my probation period on the job, I had to pass a test which was called the Independent No-Fault Workers Compensation Exam in order to keep my job. I was given 4 chances from the company to past the test, each time I failed, as you needed a 70 to pass. I was then let go on 6/30/14, as I was not able to pass the test in order to get my license. I didn't give up, I then went and took the test again 2 days later which was on 7/2/14, and I passed. I was advised by supervisor that when I pass the test to give him a call back, and he will speak with the boss of the company to try to see if I could come back, but he was advised that I would have to reapply to the company, in which I did, but I did not hear anything as of yet. When I passed the test I kept asking my self why couldn't I have passed it when I was employed during my probation period on the job. I then started to think the maybe it happened that way for a reason. I am now still looking for work, that will pay enough to cover my mortgage payments and other bills, as I am now 2 months behind in the amount of $ 4,898.00. I am reaching out now to local churches to see if the can help me, as I will be facing foreclosure of my home soon. Please pray for me . I also wanted to say that I love watching all of your plays, movies an sitcoms, as they have some inspirational message in them that can help someone that is going through something and maybe coming out of it. Thank you, Yolanda

  • B Anita God is love

    Greetings Point of Light so bright! Thank God for you helping us through difficult times. Love Always, ps....pray for me loving is never wrong, it is how it is expressed.....that may be wrong

  • Debra A Kennedy Montgomery, AL

    Good morning Mr. Perry, thanks for the encourgement this was on point for me today. This put me in the remembrance of Isaiah 55: 8-9. Hallelujah!!!

  • Saralyn Barkley Leary, Georgia

    Hi Tyler, You are an inspiration to many and you're right. God is always in control! No man can hinder him!

  • Robert Martel Hill Triangle VA

    Hi Tyler, I have heard people give advice but you spoke to me on a level that I can understand, and I thank you for your work and your inspiration in my heart I feel that I'm already there. God Bless You Tyler.

  • Takisha Carter Lake City,FL

    Right on point, as always! We are all grateful for open doors but I'm learning to thank Him for closed doors as well. Good, bad, or ugly it will all work together for my good; I trust God completely :)

  • Theresa Rhone Peru,IL

    Mr. Perry, My church is in need of financial help , EAGLE ROCK CHRISTIAN CENTER we are in Bankruptcy Harris bank is giving us a chance toB uy it they want 500,000$ Please pray and ask God if there is a part you could or couldn"t play ask people, we are reaching out to save this awesome place of God he moves in this church I have been here 13 yrs almost 14 my kids have grown up in this a church, Th apostle has been the only Peron who has stood for the right thing, no funny stuff, a all she real she has been the only pastor ,apostle in Peru Illinois for the last 25 yrs who has been there the longest and we do missions and they train us and send us out we have had many miracles at our church we are honest God fearing bunch but we need help!!!! please pray we acheive this goal we only have 2 months before they seize it from us.!!! Thank you for taking time ot read this God Bless you Love you shows all of them. MADEA

  • Terica Holdman atlanta,Georgia

    Hi, Tyler! I have a vision. Im hoping putting this short notice here will give you the notion to use this email. I am so excited that im afraid to take this route. You and I share this one thing in common. Many millions of people are apart of this epidemic. This pitch will change the lives of many. Im so passionate in this I am no one to different than the millions of people who want you to pitch their ideas. This one Is in your pathway and on my street. Contact is available. Feel free to ccontact me for this idea.

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