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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Loretta Detroit, MI

    Dear Mr. Perry, Thank you, thank you, thank you for these awesome words of inspiration. I am 49 yrs. old and feel like God has left me. Please don't misunderstand I am Saved, Sanctified, and Holy ghost filled and I know that he would never leave me alone. I am presently unemployed, I have a daughter that just recently turned 16 years old in February 2014 and graduated high school in March 2014. I couldn't be more proud of her, she'll be starting college in the fall. The thing is that I am unable to take care of her because I am unemployed and have no home of my own. My son whom I am also very proud of is her care giver at this time, I am thankful and grateful for him. I'm just starting to question my faith I guess, I feel like a complete failure because I can't seem to take care of my own child. She's only 16 and can't really understand why she cannot be with her mother. She knows my circumstances but she still wants to be with her mom, but I can't feed myself let alone feed her. I'm trying daily to find employment it's just become so discouraging. Today was my first time viewing your inspirational corner and it was very uplifting, even though I already knew that everything you spoke about was absolutely correct I guess I just needed to hear it from someone besides myself for extra encouragement. Well I've vented long enough, Thank you for an awesome encouraging word. God Bless & Keep you, May he continue to give you Peace!!!!!!!

  • The Free One Michigan

    Mr. Perry, you have inspired me in so many ways I know God brought you across my path keep being who you are.

  • ricardo taylor houston tx,

    I'm been watching everybody on YouTube play madea's sister. something inside me kept telling me just do it just do it so I dropped the homemade video madea's sister Rose mary fresh out jail I don't know what my made me do it. I been praying asking the lord to help me get out the streets. Rapping in the studio selling cars doing everything.something in my head was telling me ack like my grandmother so I did. It was hard, and I know god works in mysterious ways so did it.

    • ricardo taylor houston tx, #1968380

      It's on YouTube. Madea's sister Rose Mary fresh out jail check me please and thanks

  • Patrick Ingle Guthrie , Ok

    Me. Perry My family have grown to love every one of your Play's. I would like to tell you how much it means To see someone not to mention the h*** cast of So many people to praise god the way all of you. So in end thank you so so much and keep up the great Works of god. God Bless you and all the crew members.

  • I was listening SC

    To you and you say what I read in that book. I am so smitten! I love you with more hair. Too bad I can't play in it. Tyler gift wrap yourself and post mark send to me. Or fly lol so sexy!

  • Twinkle Midnight

    Awesome testimony to letting go and letting God lead. Putting God first and letting God direct your path will ensure you are in the right place at the right time...his appointed place and time. I know you're quite busy, however, your inspirational corner needs more posts from you.

  • Paula Blackshear United States

    All I can say is my God is awesome! Thank you for letting God use you. Thank you for your obedience. Thank you for confirmation.

  • Mesha Harris Milwaukee,wi

    Hello Mr.Tyler perry just as I was watching this all I can say is thank you Jesus because God has given me a vision an you were apart of that vision so I say to you this day this year of 2014 that I will be meeting you soon and when I do you will be honored God bless

  • Kathy McClary United States

    Tyler Perry is one of the most inspiring voices of our time. Keep talking... we are listening.

    • jennifer michigan #1967004

      Wow! Tyler Perry ,you are very encouraging.I know you are sent by God and everything you are saying is exactly on point. Thank you so much for speaking truth to all of us because in the end God will get all the glory. Part of my problem has been looking everywhere but to God for direction, and pursuing my way in life. I'm learning to go to Him for everything, no matter what. God has a specific plan and purpose for me individually, so I'll rest and just believe. Thank you Jennifer

  • wanda howell bx ny

    Well this must be my time 2014 im sure on the back buner 35 years waiting not one song recorded im oñ utube at thee apollo check me out it must be my time im on your site God bless

    • wanda howell bronx ny #1973731

      lov to sing or act on one of your shows im tied of foodstamps and can use my gift to work make income wheres thee open door lord

  • Raa Philadelphia Pa.

    Thank You!!!!

  • Beth Johnson Bahamas

    I am going through much stress over not being able to find a job. Everyone who I know can help are not helping. When I woke up this morning fighting to get out of bed I did what I have been doing for the last six months. I got on the computer to fill out more applications. I got a reply to another job declining my application for what ever reason. So I gave up my search for the day and went to youtube to listen to music and lift my spirit. I saw a video of you and Oprah on Live with Kelly and Micheal. That led me to your website. I am listening to these messages and its like you are speaking directly to my heart. I feel so defeated. I am inspired by your advice. Everything in its own time, maybe I am hidden for a reason, the end of my story will show God's great work, my outcome will seem like a miracle. I am so happy a listened to these videos I can make it through another day with God's grace I will keep trying.

    • jameshia fair weir, ms #1966989

      I can say I can really relate to this because I am going through searching for jobs as well. I been praying and praying for something to come through but it seem like im headed for failure but I know GOD will not give up on me he never will. I just hope and pray something come through real soon because I feel so useless because I cant do for my own child or have my own.

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