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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • So??? Sc

    may be hurt now by holding too much in but there is more to come. Made me think of Jonah and the whale holding him captive until he completed Gods task the way God wanted. We just cry and get over it and embrace what we have to. Then we succeed and become a living miraclous testimony. Overcoming barriers! I get it.

  • Dietra Cage Benson, NC

    Hi Tyler, Thank you is insufficient for the timing of this (your) message in my life. An appointed time...yes! I'm in this place of hold right now. It's interesting because I just re-read your January 8, 2014 message titled "Don't Stay Too Long." Both of your messages in conjunction with one another speaks to my Christian journey, my life, my circumstance, my career and my business. As I desire Jesus and surrender my life to Him daily, my life is changing and yes it is uncomfortable. I'm drawn to Jesus for everything and I can't and will not make a move about anything in my life without Him. All I know is that I trust God and as my life turned upside down and I lost my job and my security, I began to dream again and rely on God for everything. I find hope and joy daily in Christ even though I'm not sure where He is leading and taking me. I am confident and sure that He is working out the details so that He can bless me beyond my wildest dreams as He uses me for His glory and His kingdom. I give praises to God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ all day every day because it is He that keeps me and has destined this appointed time in my life. I am so thankful that God has given us you Mr. Tyler Perry and your life as an example for us to follow and reiterating that our life-our struggle = our Cross and our test = His testimony for those who live for and surrender their life to Christ Jesus. Victory is ours when we surrender, trust, listen and obey. May God continue to bless the work of your hands and those you bless abundantly.

  • Brian Roberts Sr. Cleveland, Ohio

    Mr. Tyler Perry I would like to just say thank you so much. To hear these words of wisdom and motivation from you is nothing short of how the lord has been able to use you to bless so many others to see that through every test comes an award whether that be good or bad. You are a true light in the dark and inspiration for me. I really needed to hear this today may the lord continue to bless you beyond measure you deserve it and so much more.

  • KayGee Virginia

    Hi Tyler, I watched two of your videos and I couldn't stop crying. You were so on point with there is a appointed time for everything and reaching one's goals. It is such a struggle to hold on, but I realize GOD has never let me down and there is ONLY one set of footprints in the sand because he is carrying me. This has been a long dark road and only his light is what keeps me moving forward. Thanks! Blessings :-)

  • Teyona Ga

    The last few days seems as though I could completely lose my mind. As I was traveling down the rd my tire blow and I flipped my car a number times. I remember thinking God why and I hear him say I got you. I balled up in a ball and waited for the car to stop. As I began to unfold and look around me I panicked to get out of my seat beat drop to the roof and darted toward the hand that reached for me. Dazzled and confused the harsh reality that I was now homeless carless and my job is now being threaten. I have not been able to break the stone around my heart. That causes me to cry often. I think about the people that were there to calm me comfort me and reassure me that God has fully wrapped his arms arm me. Doesn't mean I'm not afraid but I AM FULLY PERSUADED GOD HAS NOT LEFT ME! There's lies all around me. Pain seems to sallow me up. Everything's spiraling out of control. I ask WHY??! BUT GOD...did it for job...he'll do it for me. SIGNED STAYING FOCUSED!

  • MiKO KS

    It's true.

  • Debra Common Chicago, IL


  • Adrienne Bailey Covington Ga

    I just told my sister the same thing I had got involved with a man and gave my heart life and everything to him until one day I realized he was lie n to me to the point I didn't even no his first nam. I gave him so much of me that I lost my job my car my home I rented he told me to move out of all to be living in a care to having NOTHING. so I thought that he needed to pay for all he made me loses in my life that I would text him everyday to helping me get back my stuff I had in my life when I met him. But one day as I was reading my bible God put in my heart that man can't help you the way I can :) and that when the world know your story and see your blessing I want them to see it's God who will bless me not MAN.

  • 'Lika Nigeria

    Hello Ty, I find your writings and movies very inspirational and encouraging. I really wonder how you build your relationship with God despite your busy schedule and distractions ...Ecc.3:1 I pray that the Almighty God will give us the wisdom and grace not to miss out timing for change

  • Hadassah LO

    ..I agree completely with all you say here... Grace bro... pure Grace... and another thing i discover... Most people will readily discourage you your dreams because 1. they dont have one 2. they are afraid you will make it 3. they are JUST PLAIN Jealous that..its u that have the dream and not them....and as in your own experience 4. God will close all human doors to fulfill his purpose... everything great is never built in a day and lasting impact requires no human glory... but God's ALL GOD'S . I am amazed at What God did for you..in You... Through You and still does.... Above all... I celebrate your unbroken allegiance to God and your unapologetic stance on Faith.... Kudos... and? More grace

  • Tracy Sydney

    Hi Tyler Happy New Year! I'm just wondering why you've stopped recording these inspirational videos .... OHhHh ...and being busy is not an excuse ... lol. I've shared it with many of my friends depending on their circumstances, so I am hoping you can find a spare 2 minutes to record a few more that will be so relevant to many others out there. Blessings Tracy

  • Queen Searles

    Tyler, Thank you so much for sharing this testimony because this is exactly what is happening to me! Every door is closing on my business plans, I've been fasting an praying for Divine Guidance and Direction as my Hobby has turned into a passion that won't turn off… I've completed My first Audio Book and faced my fear of receiving and giving Love; reached a decision to find a temporary Shelter for 3 to 6 months while I peacefully complete my second Master’s degree… and make preparations to temporarily live in Africa… I wish I could find Mr. Deeds and ask if he has another corporate executive suite available to house a teacher recovering from school closures and other atrocities, that caused her to lose many substantial material possessions, while she procures her second Master's degree at the age of 56, maintaining a 3.9 GPA...