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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Debbie Jones birmingham alabama

    Mr. Tyler Perry : I am a writer and author; you are so correct about being hidden to prepare. There comes a time in your life were you are place aside; so you can use your creative power to bring your dream to life. I would like to leave you with a quota from my favorite author. "Words are more important than money; words change everything, money fills a need ,or a desire, words are use to change them both." Author: Latonia D. Scales

  • Deborah Jennings Atlanta, Georgia

    Mr. Perry, keep on doing you. I LOVE THIS INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE!

  • Tonya M. Jones Portsmouth,Virginia

    And all of this time, spent, wondering, pondering in my mind. God truely has his hands on me, and he is protecting me for his purpose and for his will. Mr. Perry, your entertainment ministry has blessed my life. I often share with people, when I was going through a very difficult period in my life. I walked passsed my tv and you said this "When people show you who they are believe them. I was knocked off of my feet. I was waiting on a word for the lord. Something out of the sky, but it was you, who God used to give me that "tailored" made word. And Lord Jesus it set me free. I pray that God will continue to bless you ministry, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Love you to life. Please take sometime out for yourself and get some rest. Take Care, Tonya

    • Grace #1794141

      Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Hello Mr. Perry. My mother will be celebrating her 95th birthday this year and I would like to do something special for her. Mommy is a Proverbs 31 woman and a blessing to all who know her. We will be going to visit a relative in Georgia and I would very much appreciate for Mommy to have a tour of your studio. Mommy is still building her collection of your movies! Please contact me and let me know if it is possible. I am not sure if you read all of your messages, but I do hope and pray that you read this. God bless you always!

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, MD

    Tyler, My God..I'm listening, embracing, and applying your Words of Wisdom...God Is So Real We can't do nothing without him....I remember when God said to me not long ago....Every extended hand that appears friendly, proceed with caution...Just because people may say they are with you or for you doesn't mean that they really are...Thank God for his Holy Spirit that leads and guides us in all Truth! Peace & Blessings, Ms. Proverbs

  • Shondanette Turner Freeport N.Y.

    Wow, this is deep hidden on purpose. When you know who you are in God you dont have to be seen. But yep, I agree ONLY things that WE do for Christ will last :) be blessed\ P.S. Sponsor me Lol

  • Keep me in prayer California

    Please keep me in prayer as I am trying to stay positive, and patient as to what God has in store for me. I have tried so many different lines of work, even started my own business that went under. It is not easy falling flat on your face in front of everyone. People can be very cruel, unsupportive, and negative. I know that God has given me many talents, and I am grateful for everyone of them, but to not be able to make an income is horrible. I don't need a hand out, or hand up. I just need prayer for focus, clarity, and to wait on THE LORD! I know deep down within it is just a matter of time, but I'm asking God to not allow me to get back out there until HE knows I'm ready. There is so much left out there that I want to do, but I must learn to wait on THE LORD! Keep me in prayer that all I do will be pleasing unto THE LORD, and that I will do it with EXCELLENCE! Pray for me Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. Pray for my family. Thank you all so much! I know GOD IS ABLE!

  • Donna M Freeman NC

    During a time of great change from success and exposure in management to disability at work and dismayed (story expounded on FB page in the water story posted on Diggin In), God impressed me with this thought over 18 years ago. He said " I have created you to be a Human BEing not a Human DOing. That is why Jesus requires we seek Him as little children do with expectancy and total reliance. Only adults try to take that responsibility from our Heavenly Father because we need control and get worth in self through impressing or achieving. It seems the wisest of men/women are the quietest and most stayed and steady. Have you ever noticed that? Less of me...means more of Him.

  • Jeanette Clint Toledo

    man, oh man, oh man!

  • ebanga Paris

    Tyler Perry, just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to know you. I'm going through a tough time in my life since 2007. I knew you by a relative who showed me a movie and a play by you. And let me say to you that it helped me to understand what was happening to me. Cause sometimes it is difficult to get what's going on. The whole world must know how special your are. God made how he did so that you can help your fellow citizen around the world. Keep going forward. God bless you. Your work is very impressive. Kind regards,

  • Kyra


  • Roscoe Morton Jacksonville,Florida

    Thanks once again for the advice this is me all the way Tyler like seriously i always wonder why ever time i put my hands to the plow i get knocked back down i was always wondering am i not capable enough am i not wise enough what is the case and all i have the heart to do is christian music, act and do missionary work for the kingdom. And you said something very profound never despise small beginnings and i do remember u said it was from the bible but u brought it up and i appreciate that. Now i really just may need to be more patience. BUT FOR HOW LONG!!! LOL

  • Agape

    The insightful message that you gave on being hidden. You are so right. but what about when OUR father exposes you...Man He is something else...being under the radar truly is preparation! In listening to this message know I know why I missed a lot of things..I used to beat myself saying, if I woulda, coulda, I shoulda!! you know..but I sensed even then that God saw what He did not want me to see. Boy do I love the Lord! Bless you Mr.Man....Bless you.

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