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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • grace solante miami

    Just listened to your comments about being hidden...I actually do not like to be in the limelight at all...but just write songs and I'd been blessed by a man who not only can sing like no other..so talented..can play the piano...as you said...it's only a matter of time...markdevilliers.com...one to watch...soon..i hope...you might want to check him out. on my spare time..i paint landscape en plein air......i had one collector but died after he paid the second painting...he gave me a lot of hope...so i carried on painting no matter what...i just don't want to die first before i get discovered...

  • R. Hughes California

    Hello Mr. Perry, I can't help but greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the encouraging words about being hidden. In September 2013 I self published my first book "Rhythms, Rhymes and Inspirational Chimes". I say I did it but God did it all. It's out there available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and Family Christian Stores. I've done a few local book signing events and have the support of my church, family, friends, and many locals. I know this is a God inspired book and in due season God will bring it to mainstream America and the entire world. It is full of inspirational poems and writings for such a time as this. I agree with your comments about "in God's time". Right now my time is not my own, as I am a fulltime caregiver for my mom and cannot promote this work as I would like. My desire and purpose for publishing is to encourage others to live a better life and hopefully plant a seed that will result in another soul for the kingdom. So thank you again for reminding me that my work, patience, obedience, and love for God is not in vain. Your wisdom is definitely contagious...

  • Orita United States

    Mr. Perry I just pulled up your inspirational corner and was very enlighten to hear the topic about being hidden. I have written since I was twelve, however I have written a book of poems called Prayers in the Depth of the Storm. It is now at the editors department. I look forward to the finishing of the project so that I may possibly share a copy with you. I have a personalized greeting card service called Sweet Melody Greetings. I have not managed to get a website up just yet but I am working toward that. Your thoughts on this matter encourages me. May God continue to bless you richly.

  • Brandi Oklahoma

    I agree Mr.Perry God does hide and in that Process our lord will open your ears to his Sound andGod will also open Your eyes

  • Eula Echols Dolton Il

    I hope MR PERRY,that you read this,your life story is what's printing me to do this,I am almost finish writing my book,it's about my life,and all the things I've been through,I am a forty three year old,black female,and my story is about pain,suffering,and near death experience,but some how I triumphant through it all,I'm writing this book to free myself from all the bondage that has kept me in the dark for years! Please give me some advice or better please consider reading my book,it is really,something!

  • MARION Brooklyn NY


  • Bill Z Florida

    Tyler, your messages are very inspirational and serve as a good reminder to stay the course; no matter what life throws at you. All is possible with God and through God. May God continue to bless you my brother in Christ and allow you to bring His message to audiences through your movies.

  • Unknown~Di Glenv

    Terry Perry, Stallion: what in Gods name is this today. After listening to this I got very very dizzy. I've had these are the identical words that God has spoken to me. I have 3 going on 4 books that I have written, but every time I want to publish them, God has said to me...wait. He has also revealed my Husband to me and told me that we will have a daughter first and gave me her name staring with a "B". But in all things I have to stay hidden and then HE will reveal me when it is ready. Do you know that I am packed now for so time and God said to me be ready and stay ready.......Ok, I got to go I feel like I am going to past out. This is too much...Your head will probably fall of if I tell you who it is.....Hell no....bye

  • Maria Ramos Philadelphia

    Bro., I appreciate God so much for allowing me to hear you put this out there so I could listen to you say what you say. Keep on.

  • Latoya Charleston, SC

    Mr. Perry, Thank you for all of the inspiration you share. I have used your inspiration as mentoring on so many levels. I have found much encouragement in your words. I hear your messages and apply them daily. I have one goal in life, be a certified Project Manager. A goal I live, breathe, and dream every day. As you said some days when it is hard to keep, going that dream becomes my driver not to give up. I know it is a small dream, buts its dream that I take so much pleasure and joy in. Something that I have become good at doing. Many of your messages have helped me to understand why I feel like I have not been able to get ahead, when others think I should be further than where I am. I always tell them in God’s time I will get there. He has granted me the blessing to be where I am, as for everything I have done, to date is by his grace. God is positioning me to evolve in to more that I want and I expect that I will evolve. I have to continue to knock on doors, sit silent when I do not want to, not follow the beaten and learn as much as I can to get better. Again, thank you for sharing your lessons learned. Thank you for being an unofficial mentor of guidance.

  • Robert HOARD, IV Hiram, GA 30141

    Mr. Perry, I truly KNOW about "being hidden", but God made Psalm 142:7 a manifest reality in my life. That's been a prayer that I've thanked Him for since 2004, and it was JUST manifested on October 28, 2014. You are so right that we must spend our time away from the masses to prepare for when God wants to reveal us to the world. If a cocoon is opened before its time, the butterfly will NOT fly and eventually die. But, the greatest thing I got from your message is...Don't try to be seen by those who'll only see me sometimes, or how they want to see me. Be mindful of the One who sees me all the time and please Him.

  • Paulini Cinavaki Kinoya Road, Velau Drive, Suva, Fiji Islands

    Amen!! Amen!! I thank God for your life on how He used you in this amazing and timely video message. A very good friend of mine Tracy James-Steyn send me this link to watch tonight and has brought me to tears for you just summed up what God has been doing in my life over the years ever since Mom and Dad got separated. I now know that God is hiding me for a purpose....for His Glory alone. God Bless you and your ministry. Looking forward to your visit here in the Fiji Islands.

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