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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • B Owens Al

    This is confirmation to me. Thank you

  • charless Nairobi,Kenya

    What is a teacher? I'll tell you: it isn't someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows. You are our teacher, you are an inspiration and a mentor to us.God bless you.Visit kenya one day

  • wilbert pritchett DALLAS TEXAS

    Mr. Perry I have so much respect and admiration for you. Your wisdom has made me reevaluate my Journey, from removing the scrubs and weeds from my field and planting one seed to nurture and water and watch it grow. I was one of those Types who always wonder why everything I was trying was not bearing fruit and you said something that really change my whole prospective. You said and I'm paraphrasing!! "That sometimes we have our garden over crowded, we want everything now and that by overcrowding the garden, we don't have enough room for the roots to grow properly, or enough water, sun light to nurture it properly" and when that happens thing wither and bear no fruit, but If we focus on that One seed that we can plant, give it all our attention, water, sun etc. the we will in time begin to see the fruits of our labor. you also say that "a man can get a thousand NO's but One Yes from God is all you need." I am a man living on SSI with a serious Illness but I have always been a person who believe that My life has a purpose and that sometimes we are constantly waiting on God to make changes in our lives and make things better, when one day we realized that God was simply waiting on us. today I Passed the Texas State License board test for health and life insurance. and now I will pursue my securities license.Being a former nurse , helping people is part of my DNA, Although I have always wanted to open a help center, recent events in my life has reignited a deep fire in my belly and God has shown me what my destiny should be. I say all of this to say The world is blessed to have someone such as yourself in it. to Bless so may folks with your great deeds and wonderfully inspirational plays and movies. If I could be 1/10th the inspiration in my life then I would have reached that golden ring, God bless you and your family and let me just close by saying" But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and walk and not faint. I am running. Love you man!!

  • James Delices

    I love it. Www.jdmerchantcapitalllc.com

  • Senaah railey Lubbock,tx

    Thank you, that was confirmation!

  • sarah st.Lucia

    Hi am 29 year old Sarah Ashton.deeply unemployed quiet skillfull mostly in hospitality.I wish you can come visit us in st.Lucia too find talented and skill people like me for the work u do.i love you and admire you as a person your work is and will always be extraordinary.looking forward to working and speaking with you in the future

  • Anthony Davis Charlotte, North Carolina

    Great message

  • Ivana Powder Springs, Ga.

    Dear Tyler Perry, I am inspired your work and I too would like to share my story with you. I just published my first book "Lost In The Valley" I would love to send you a copy, call me let's talk. www.ivanavereen.com Amazon:

  • Donna Florida

    after listening to your talk, I totally agree with the fact, that God has a plan and its His timing that will bring us where we are supposed to be. In addition to this, relating to the song "wind beneath my wings", for whatever reasons, I have always felt like im the wind beneath everyone else's wings, children, spouse, grandchildren. On the other hand, no one whether be family or friends, reciprocates. No encouragement to " go for it" that's a great idea, and in spite of sounding negative, I feel that maybe they are the insecure ones, and possibly feel threatened, that if mom does for her self, then she wont be there for me!! So being hidden , takes on a dual meaning, it presents doubts in my mind that I could be successful at another stage in my life or do I stand still until I hear, this is your time, don't over think, don't be concerned what they think in terms of your too old, your don't have the money....that wont work!!

  • Ms, objective New England

    Being hidden for a reason because I feel entrapped by external intrusion apon her life. She just tried explaining this odd phenomeonon of being focused apon. The mind of introverts, what it is they focus apon and exploit for sheer happiness or to stimulate , the public sector mindset. MADNESS, well it turns into a relentless forwarding selves at the expense of distacting the subject focused apon to think go forward. I am watching U right now as this serial killer who enjoys making others suffer before they are killed I have no intentions on being killed ,but I am a bit preturbed as to the relentlessness of a constance of spilling private personals, it is the invisible bully that is terrorizing her. Its the same type arena where;as I have no social life, family except for the boys are distant, She has been handling this shock attack, this stalking if you can picture thru social media ect. And still I rise in the face of constant cynder blocks. I have hope that as I remain hidden amongst the enemies or shall she say the unaware and if aware that it is as observed a bliss the suffering is'nt absorb by them, it rather is a foundation to think the rite to selfie. As that serial killer spoke She thinks of the tone here in this habitat is as well a stalker that pushes buttons , this is a mulitude of persons. and the body language the nod is a expression of satifaction and its quite the okay amongstt them that i pointed out as the sacrificial lamb to think them .That is the realm of a cult . Mr Alex Cross. I am going to get to the madness in a liitle while.Here is the other mindset that She is the designated red headed poster child. Identity theft is okay, and after absorbing of her she is discarded of even thought of if she outspoken to be hospitalized. Just let that s*** sink in Tyler my freind .Her body did. Go to message board where she will this afternoon discuss mad .I am inspired to have you here in my living room on 3/11/2016 watching Alex Cross.I say what 50 says Somebody put a hex on me. She am to be hidden

  • Juliana Cheatem IN

    That explains why I was moved so far from family and friends, that even the ones with cars don't want to visit me. I understand Tyler. I have a 50 year old women going back to school studying Business (major), Spanish (major) and music minor. I use to be an auto mechanic but after being in a coma I had to learn how to do everything over again. So I am back in school. When I have a hard day I have a Tyler Perry marathon or I listen to your positive talks. I thank you so much for your words of wisdom because yours words keeps me balanced. I almost gave up on Everything until I heard you talk about being hidden. For me being homeless on and off for the last 30 years due to illness was taking a toll on me. I had to figure out how I can fix this because I feel like no one is listening. I got so sick last semester that I lost my funding for school and even though my classes and housing are not paid for I still show up. I will beat this!!! Thank you Tyler.

  • Howard Coleman Tampa, Fl

    Phenomenal message! Thank you so much for taking the time to inspire and uplift.

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