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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Kesha Anglin oklahoma city

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I found this to be so true. I am not where I want to be in life right now but I'm where God wants me to be. However, I have a group here in Oklahoma that aware people about domestic violence. This all began last year after I survived an 8 year domestic violence relationship. My groups are small right now but one lady that attended one of the meetings told another lady about me that does work for the NAACP here in Oklahoma. I was asked to be a guest speaker. This was truly a blessing to me. My cousin said I have to be careful what I ask God for because he just might open up the doors. Right now God is hidden me, and one day He might use me in a way. I could never imagine. Thank you in advance Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mr. Perry for every inspirational word that come out your mouth and through your work.. Your are a blessing....

  • Kareem Spain Bowie, MD

    The one thing I breathed into my soul was, "Stay the course, LEARN, PREPARE, God will make you SEEN at the right time". Sir, I will do just that. I truly believe that God uses man to speak unto His children. Thank you for saying so.

  • SC UK

    This is wonderful. Keep doing what you are doing.

  • shannon ragland jonesboro ga,

    love the mess....

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.


  • Eranga NYC

    WOW! Thanks Tyler for that message. So often when we are struggling as an artist, we tend to get discouraged although we know that this is our dream and this is what we are born to do. Thank You for encouraging me to create my own paths and sometimes God wants us to be hidden till the right time to shine comes, and it will only make my success more unique. You are truly anointed. I am so glad I listened to these videos today. It has uplifted and motivated me! God bless you.

  • Sherrell a.k.a. Shelly Horn lake, Ms

    Wow, Tyler!!!!!! I know now that God has ordained and anointed you. As I sit here typing tears relentlessly stream from my eyes and this is why. I found out about your auditions so I was searching the internet to find this site. As I am just looking over the site I come across your Inspirational Corner and I know the spirit lead my right to this particular video. As you were speaking about God purposely hiding you I could not believe it!! My heart filled with joy as my tears fell! God had just whispered these exact words to me just a few minutes before I he lead me to this particular video. Thank you for blessing me today and I know that you are a man of God! I mean Tyler, in the past I had dreams of singing and being on tv and helping and taking care of my family and many other people if it be God's will, but nothing ever came through for me. However, there was always this little voice inside of me motivating not to give up on myself even when everyone around me did (tears) God is not only Good but he's truly an Awesome God!! P.S. I am also thinking of submitting an audition tape I trust that the Lord will inspire me as what to do!! Thank yOu once again for all you do for your people!

  • Camille United States

    I am inspired by this video. Not only am I hidden but I still don't know what my purpose is. Maybe one day...I'll know.

  • Angela Bermuda

    Tyler I really like your explaination of why we are 'hidden' at times! It is very true! It happened to me; for example: I have tried many entreprenuer projects that have not worked. And was wrecking my brain trying to figure out where I was going wrong, blaming myself. Then I found out the people I had as partners were liars and cheats! Wow, I am so thankful to God He kept me 'hidden'. Even though I am sad my business enterprises haven't worked out I am also very glad I did not end up in business with dishonest people. Blessed be our God!!!

  • Syreeta J California

    I definitely get it, being "hidden,' can actually be a form of becoming mature and getting yourself ready to hanle your blessings responsibly. I get it something I will take with me, the hidden concept, I like it.

  • Jeanette Foresta Staten Island, NY

    I understand everything you are saying in these videos. We must be worshiper's of God. Complaining is the opposite of worship. It's like saying God, you did not do a good job with me. Sweet water and bitter water cannot come out of the same vessel. The double minded man comes from the word meaning skitzoid. My purpose was hidden and, some of it has been revealed. I continue to ask for guidance and know, as long as I think it, it will be done. Negative thinking works as well as positive thinking.

  • Detra Sutherland Chicago, IL

    Thank you. I can't even say it enough. Thank you for these words of wisdom.

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