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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Iva Martenez Stockbridge, Ga.

    I need this, I feel these words deep in my heart. I get frustrated trying to explain myself to people, who keep trying to convince me how talented, I am, smart I am, beautiful I am. I understand their intensions so, I let them speak. Yes, I get frustrated in the meantime, pray, try, and cry. But I also am aware that in this GOMER experience, I have to learn to wait patiently, behind the fence. Thank you, for this word and video.

  • Debi Bham, AL

    Good Evening Tyler. I pray you don't mind me calling you just Tyler. I have the upmost respect for you as a young man walking in God's will, delivering the message of Hope to many in so many different ways. I will be 65 next month (Sept) and I laugh a lot because of your shows. They remind me of my childhood up until now and I Thank God for you in my prayers no less than weekly because of how you share your gifts with us, how you bring out people that we've never seen or heard of and those we've seen and missed for years. I'm just wanting my HAHN to be a weekly show year around. Is that asking way too much, if I were an actress or singer I would definitely apply to be in film, on a stage or something. You just keep on following Holy Spirits' promptings and leadings and I'll keep on laughing, getting mad (sometimes I forget Jim and 'em are actors). I know that's what makes them good at what they do when I have to remind myself. I love how you Bless those who need it at a time when they need it. That just moves my heart. God Bless You and I'll wait until January, 2016 to see about my peoples' as long as The Lord allows. God Bless You and Keep You and this is my story and I approve this message! and I'm sticking to it! Love ya!

  • LeTesha Middlebrooks-Reed Decatur, Ga

    Thank you for these words, I needed this. I am being hidden because God has to groom me so I will be ready when the gates open. Even though I may feel that I am ready and tired of struggling everything in GOD's time. I am underestimated but God is going to get the glory out of my life. I can't see it right now but I know he's got me. Keep being an inspiration for people like me who maybe struggling and sometimes want to give up we/ I need it. Thank you again.... I love you and be blessed

  • Darlene Smith Chicago, IL

    I so much appreciate these words of advice and I wholeheartedly agree with you. I can see how you being hidden allowed you to be the unique and successful person that you are. I feel the same way about myself. I feel that I have a destiny to make my mark of greatness in the world and in due time I will.

  • Erica Jazzie Singh United States

    I agree :)

  • Faith St Lucia (caribbean)

    Good Day Mr. Perry Please continue with the inspirational corner........ it really helps Thank you.

  • khandy south africa

    i blessed the Lord for your presence in this world because you like a father, a brother, a friend that i wish i could have everything u spoke about is my life, felling so blessed by all your works i believe God that trough you am finally trying to understand that my life had purpose and by you i will fulfill it my pray for you is God keep you more and more closer to him so you always be able to turn my life around . thanks all lot mr Perry and stay blessed Xo

  • Anita Lilongwe, Malawi

    Oh wow, this message is exactly what I needed to hear. Amen Tyler, Amen.

  • Michelle

    Between these amazing videos full of inspiration and the amazingly profound comments I've read the past few hours, I am amazed at the impact God has made through you. To God be the glory and may all of those who look to you remain inspired despite circumstance. God will bless you and he hears all your prayers. Have faith! Mr. Perry I pray that God continues to use you as a vessel for his glory, be blessed.

  • Michael Eldon Lobsinger (MEL) Soon to be Fayetteville, Ga.

    WOW, WOW, WOW...Mr. Perry, that was well said! I can relate 100 percent to what you said in this video. I have to mention that today, this very day, April 21, 2014, I became a fan of yours and I'm sure I will be a huge fan by the time this day ends (and I am). I have known the name Tyler Perry for years but have not dug into your story, your life, your shows, your movies, your inspiration, your courage, your talent, your humble self...until today! And I am triple blown away. WOW, I have been on your website for over four hours now if not more and I even went out immediately to buy a couple of your movies (Why Did I Get Married Too?, which is awesome, well done. WOW, Janet's scene was award winning. And Madea Goes To Jail, which I'm watching as I type this (You just dropped the car off the fork lift, LOLOL). Mr. Perry, you are absolutely a beautiful human being. I just sent you a message earlier today about hopefully working with you because I am moving to the Fayetteville area as I'm getting out of Florida soon and wanted to go to a place where filmmakers are greatly welcome. God is my gut, my thoughts, my life. And I understand the 'hidden' part so clear now that this 'time' was to be 'now' not back when I really wanted it years ago. God has given me the passion of not only becoming a filmmaker late in life, but a teacher/mentor to many, many film students to help them follow their dreams. What they didn't know was that they were making my dream come true. I'm 53 now with tons of energy and have a vision of seeing myself loving the film life in Georgia so that I could pave the way for some of my former hard working passionate filmmaking students to come and really be a part of a state that embraces real filmmakers. Ever since I've followed my gut (God) feeling, my envisioned plans have come through (from theatre...to becoming a director, to becoming a mentor/teacher... And regardless if we cross paths or not, Mr. Perry, I'd like for you to know that in a matter of a few hours, you have inspired me so much on this evening of the 21st day of April, 2014. I am so excited to start my next chapter of my life and can't wait to see what God has in store (hidden) for me next. Hopefully 'Hollywood East' (Ga). God bless you and all of your amazing cast and crew. Peace, -M.E.L.

  • Abenah St Petersburg, FL

    Hi Mr. Perry Thank you so much for those words of inspiration, I needed to hear that, most importantly, my soul needed to hear it. I have various skills/credentials but My Passion is Natural Medicine, however, I have not obtained a credentials declaring me as such due to one circumstance or another. I am fairly knowledgeable and would very much like to be able share this knowledge with the community but without the proper credentials to do so I am limited to helping just friends and family for now. With God's help recently I have managed to arrange my work schedule in such a way that freed up some of my days so I can explore returning to school. Now I plan to work on obtaining a substandard license that I can use as a jumping board to get started, which I hope, will help me to be both flexible as needed for study time and allow me to set my own work schedule so I can generate the income I need to maintain thus giving me the opportunity to return to an awsome school I was enrolled in last year to study neurosomatic therapy once again. Again thank you and I will work on my inner discipline to stay the course. May the Creator continue to bless you.

  • Selita Bennett Los Angeles, CA by way of New Jersey

    Amazing message! Thank you!

    • Sharon Chester Greenville me #1945314

      Praise God for you Tyler, and thank you so much for the words of encouragement. They are are so motivating and stimulating for me to soar link the eagle I am. I know that God will give me a word I. Due season and thank hmm for utilizing you to do . Again thanks a million, and may God continue to protect your meditation and study time and cover you with his blood everywhere you go. That you may continue to feed the flock of God. Thanks and praise God for your unashameably proclaiming his name. I strongly agree with the being hidden for everything in life I take that as it's not time and Gods protection. Amen!

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