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  • Sheila Houston,tx

    Thank you Tyler Perry for your inspirational words. Tyler Perry you are a blessing in disguise and I pray one day to meet you because your words are inspiring. Tyler you are a true man of god. I pray one day I will become successful and also to become a blessing by helping someone else.

  • June Sadler North Carolina

    Really needed to hear this today. Thank you. Gratitude to the highest.

  • Janael Sherrod West Palm Beach, Florida

    Hi, Tyler Perry, & to the community here reading the comments & also watching videos. I definitely would say I felt as if I was hitting rock bottom, not knowing what was next I was even questioning God due to the doors that were closed in my face the money I had wasted on agents vocal coaches and even planning my own showcase. I wasted money in studios due to people lying about mixing and mastering I was almost signed to a record label but because I wouldn't do certain things that was taken away from me not that I cared I wouldn't ruin my character for something that I wouldn't have when the rapture comes. I'm 21 years old I saw all my friends with a plan finishing college getting engaged and here I am trying to still reach out to people audition for more roles find real agents sing more write more music but now I realize God does have an appointed time instead of getting mad sad and frustrated I need to speak my dreams into existence reality without a struggle what story am I going to have to tell if it's all easy. Mr. Perry I thank you so much I know these videos are old but I really felt like giving up, but than what? Continue working a 9-5 or go off to finish school to get my bachelors I want nothing more but to use the gift God has given me to be a famous singer, song writer, & actress all things are possible & if I focus myself on one thing instead of trying to do it all and pray to God ask him to help me get through the maze to the light it'll happen. I hated the place I had gone too the days seem so FAST like someone was spinning the earth & I was just at a halt, made me not want to do anything period because the mood gets you that low. I'm ready to get out of that now and be the gifted young women God created its still a dream that I know will be reality I just need to get a chance to meet you and sing for you and act I pray you reach out... Thank you so much for the inspiration because God knows I felt I had given up...

  • Lisa Harris McLean TX

    Thank YOU for this INSPIRATION .. I am sowing the seed. I believe every girl should be a D.I.V.A. = A girl who Dreams-Inspires-Volunteers-Achieves. I've set my goal to reach & teach girls so they can be the best that they can be. GOD willing I will do just that! By teaching girls I have found that their caregivers..moms, aunts, grandmothers... need this empowerment too!! My work continues. You and your talented team have made me laugh, cry, and see that we are all connected by our challenges & triumphs through the stories you tell in your films & shows. THANK YOU for all you do Mr. Tyler Perry.

  • Kim Newport News VA

    Thanks Tyler.........for my conformation!!!

  • Quentina West Virginia

    Mr. Perry, Thank you so much for your words! I recall listening to this post when you originally posted it. Amazing how God brings things to your remembrance. I listening to your Facebook post as you were giving your commencement speech to the graduates of Tuskegee University. Thank you so much for your words over this next generation. I recently started my on business with a company that assists families in extreme poverty and/or helps women and young girls out or to avoid having to enter into the sex trade by helping these artisans to have sustainable business. As much as I want to get the word out, I needed so much to be reminded about remaining consistent and allowing God to water the seeds that I plant in everyone that I meet. I love hearing the messages that you give, but I do wish that there were more. As I look on this site I only see videos from years ago. Could you post more or is there somewhere or somehow as a new entrepreneur that I could continue to get mentoring or advice and encouragement from you and your experience? Thank you again for your words.

  • zamina Charlotte, nc

    Thank you Tyler well said.

  • Terry Charles Cross Douglasville, GA

    Good morning Mr. P, Its such a blessing for us as a people, as a community, and as a nation to have been gifted you by FATHER, our marvelous CREATOR. Your messages are so straight on and so humbling, I can't help but cry everytime I hear them. My friend has so many times told me the same thing, about staying focused or focusing on one gift, because I have many. What you said put it all into perspective for me. Watering one brings them all into fruition.....I am one that loves doing many things and I've been gifted to do those things but could not and would not focus on just one. My friend, and I know it was GOD speaking thru him, said, Terry what is it that you want to do, I began to answer and it was so many things coming at him, he said wait, listen to what I said, what is it that you really love to do and you want to do it really well, then I gave it to him... I love plants, flowers, grass, decorating yards, making yards look beautiful, but in a decorative way. So I just want to say listening to this has given me the push to do what I know I must do to bring my success to the forefront of my life.... Thank you so very much for sharing what GOD has put in you....

  • Dylan Chicago, IL.

    What a word! Thank you, Tyler Perry. You said, "If you are watering too many seeds, you won't have enough water for that one". I've wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember, and I'm sure you know how up and down this industry can be. I used to ask God, "If you've blessed me with this gift, and have watched me have such a passion and love for it, how come it's not going anywhere?" I learned of course, not to question God, and to trust him by having faith that he is control. There were seasons in my life where I thought about giving up due to not booking any work. I would go out on countless auditions, to callbacks, and make it on check-avail just to be released. Discouraged, I questioned my dream- trying to decide whether or not it was time to just let it go; but each night I would wake up with such a hunger in me for my dream to become my reality. I could not go throughout my day without feeling the burning desire in me to be a professional working actor. God's timing is everything and one thing I have to learn each day, is patience. Thank you for the encouragement, and for the inspiration. I've come too far to stop now, I have faith that God will open up doors of opportunity that I couldn't have ever dreamed about. Favor is coming my way! We have to speak those things into existence!

  • Angela N James Raleigh, NC

    Ok. I got it. I wont stop. My dream is believing that God will give me the outlet to my writing. The seed also had to die before it lives again. As long as the death is not eternal.

  • Carol Kent, Ohio

    You are right Mr. Perry. I have a dream of becoming a writer. I have already planted my seed. I am working on my first book. I am believing that God is already publishing it. It is already done. I applaud you for delivering this messages. Everyone needs to hear that you can't give up on your dreams no matter what. Keep pushing, keep believing that God is bringing it to pass. Thank you for that.

  • Rubernabe Pierre (ABE) 07018


    • Beverly Anderson Durham NC #2173045

      Hi Mr Perry I just wanted to leave you a message, don't know if you really do read them but here goes. I am a single mom of two beautiful college girls,both went to college both got a biology degree baby girl is going med school, I have been sick all my life I have sickle cell disease I have live in my car but not my girls take them t my sister. So when you said that you have been homeless I been sometime we didn't have food no heat no water but I never gave up, now my daughters are helping take care of me. It's still hard sometimes for me but I want tell them. I wish I could know how it feels to have something new 52 yrs old never had anything that was new., I will keep frighting you be bless. I just nobody.

    • Nikki G South Africa, Johannesburg #2173996

      Good evening Beverley Anderson If you could have something new that could be posted to you. What would it be?

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