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  • Dylan Chicago, IL.

    What a word! Thank you, Tyler Perry. You said, "If you are watering too many seeds, you won't have enough water for that one". I've wanted to be an actor for as long as I can remember, and I'm sure you know how up and down this industry can be. I used to ask God, "If you've blessed me with this gift, and have watched me have such a passion and love for it, how come it's not going anywhere?" I learned of course, not to question God, and to trust him by having faith that he is control. There were seasons in my life where I thought about giving up due to not booking any work. I would go out on countless auditions, to callbacks, and make it on check-avail just to be released. Discouraged, I questioned my dream- trying to decide whether or not it was time to just let it go; but each night I would wake up with such a hunger in me for my dream to become my reality. I could not go throughout my day without feeling the burning desire in me to be a professional working actor. God's timing is everything and one thing I have to learn each day, is patience. Thank you for the encouragement, and for the inspiration. I've come too far to stop now, I have faith that God will open up doors of opportunity that I couldn't have ever dreamed about. Favor is coming my way! We have to speak those things into existence!

  • Angela N James Raleigh, NC

    Ok. I got it. I wont stop. My dream is believing that God will give me the outlet to my writing. The seed also had to die before it lives again. As long as the death is not eternal.

  • Carol Kent, Ohio

    You are right Mr. Perry. I have a dream of becoming a writer. I have already planted my seed. I am working on my first book. I am believing that God is already publishing it. It is already done. I applaud you for delivering this messages. Everyone needs to hear that you can't give up on your dreams no matter what. Keep pushing, keep believing that God is bringing it to pass. Thank you for that.

  • Rubernabe Pierre (ABE) 07018


    • Beverly Anderson Durham NC #2173045

      Hi Mr Perry I just wanted to leave you a message, don't know if you really do read them but here goes. I am a single mom of two beautiful college girls,both went to college both got a biology degree baby girl is going med school, I have been sick all my life I have sickle cell disease I have live in my car but not my girls take them t my sister. So when you said that you have been homeless I been sometime we didn't have food no heat no water but I never gave up, now my daughters are helping take care of me. It's still hard sometimes for me but I want tell them. I wish I could know how it feels to have something new 52 yrs old never had anything that was new., I will keep frighting you be bless. I just nobody.

    • Nikki G South Africa, Johannesburg #2173996

      Good evening Beverley Anderson If you could have something new that could be posted to you. What would it be?

  • Rosa Holmes Adams Warner Robins, Ga. 31093

    Hi Mr. Perry, Thank You for the encouragement I received from your message. I am a 64 year old black female who has always wanted to write children's books. In 2014 after lots of prayers, I sit down at my dinning room table and completed four children books and one adult poetry book. I had boxes and boxes of paper and notes that I had written over the years, but I had been afraid to put it all together. I know that if it had not been for divine intervention, I could not have completed this project. I have been asked to read at different schools and had my picture in the paper. I am in the process of writing three more books. Thank God! If I can do this at my age anyone can. You are never to old to accomplish you dreams. Again Thank You.

  • aaron MD

    i feel u , cause somtimes i want to quit, shoot i do quit lol be done with it, but then its like i hear music at the grocery store or in the car, tv what ever it is and i just cant stop thinking about music its like a drug i cant quit lol, its all i want to do. like its part of me. man u know its ture when u try everthing and GOD can only open the door. ya stories got me pumped man cause i cant wait to see the platform he has for me and i will pass on the message that u r giving, i will also encourage people. i dont care how repetative i sound T u r such a blessing for people man, take care yo

  • Catherine Scott Moreno valley

    God Bless you...I AM LISTENING!!!

    • Belinda Sellers Greensboro, North Carolina #2166358

      You are truly an inspiration, breath of fresh air and role model and mentor to so many! This is just a small portion of of words . My grandson of whom my husband and myself are raising is doing really well in school. He is 10 and in 5th grade at Hampton Elementary. I can not tell you how heartbroken I am at the educational practices of today, especially concerning our black males. In a school of 200+ students according to state report cards only 41 percent of the students read at level and the overall grade is a D! Tomaiah is academically gifted and has held A honor roll in all subjects. I see many areas in the educational system for that potential for black males and females to fall through that per verbal crack. There is so much I could say and I am just briefing. To this point, Tomaiah has chose you, Mr. Perry for Black History Month. He strives to represent you well! Any pointers you can give him will be greatly appreciated. My email address is sellers_belinda@ bellsouth. net. Thank you and Blessing abound!!! AMEN!!!!BOOM!!!!AMEN!!!

  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    What a great message and fact I have set a goal.it's a small one but I'm.stay I g strong with it and keeping the faith the old devil tries to scare me out of it but I'm standing and fighting back and trying to fulfill this small fashion that I have so thank you for this amazing message and God bless

  • Maro Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

    'How to be successful', You know when you speak of theh Grace of God, i hear you. When you speak of something inside you tells you not to give up i genuinely understand you. One of my desires is to come to Los Angeles and also make films, telling stories about Zimbabwe about the strong young and old people. About Jesus in a simple way through film. One day! Soon.

    • BCC Brinson ,Ga 39825 #2160729

      I know I am a small business owner,been in business since 2011 don't want to give up I love taking care elderly and disabled. I just cannot afford sprinkler system. In this business your sense changes from month to month.I realize in order continue doing this I got to ask the bible says we have not cause we don't ask. I ask my husband he walk out of my life, I went to the bank ask the loan officer my score 3 points off.I am asking God to just direct what to do which way to go. I get discouraged but have not given up.

  • Lilian Zimbabwe

    Wow, encouraging words. Only God can give the increase #aproductofHisgrace.

  • Sonia Rao New York, NY

    Thank you so much for being brave enough to SAY this and post it. It really spoke to me. No one wants to admit that life isn't 100% in our control despite how hard we work. So much of life is timing. And that timing is the result of God's grace, that includes both our failures and our success.

  • Linda Anderson 7601 E. Jefferson St, apt 706; Detroit, MI 48214

    I plan on becoming pretty spiritually (successful) by following you Mr. Perry on on facebook and I am presently attempting to download a video, (dancing) although I understand that my video is VERY Short, according someone that has viewed it. I will attempt to post and (to Mr. Perry, download it to your sight. Tyler, you are Very spiritually strong and oriented. I should have mentioned (That First thing one Must do is be Strong, quite Strong in that area of expertise, (SPIRITUALLY). Seeking God First and living and abiding by All spiritual laws and scriptural based guidelines in life, Especially the "Fruits of The Spirit", LOVE Being the First of them All. Mr. Perry, I certainly hope, pray, and look Forward to meeting with you on a More up close and Personal basis, as I attempt to Serve The Lord Always, yet in the manner that I do Best ACTING.

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