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  • Marcus Ford United States

    How can i get in contact with you i have a special character witch is my favorite personi like to do an his name is RANDY this guy is amazing i act as him like he.is the person that vrings people/family back together with his voice an things he say i mean like if you could can yu email me or call me follow me on instagram @_macbaby12 i know its not professional but can yu contact me soon please an stay blessed

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    Hi, You know I'm reading your comments, right? Lol! Just speaking to you. :-) Ttyl Hug &Kiss ☆♡★♥

  • LYNETTE LOVE Jackson, TN

    Thank you for the encouraging and confirming word. I spoke at a church giving a word of "When it's Your Season and When it's Your Turn". Yes, Jesus. Mr. Perry, I know it is now my turn and I receive the word God gave me that I am resilient. Like you, I am a miracle testimony of Grace and Mercy. My love for telling people to love, forgive, and believe is through my seeds of my book and other writings and the continuous community reinvestment will be my legacy. The financial prosperity will take care of itself. Continued well-deserved blessings, Mr. Perry.

  • Chris Atlanta

    Thank you for sharing your energy and lending your words to inspire us.

  • Shon Thomas Macon, Ga

    Man I can relate to you because I started Floetry night in 2007 and It's 2013 I'm still working Very Hard on something I started 6 years ago.. I been praying, believing, and having faith. I remember having shows and passing out 5,000 flyers and 30 people showing up. I cried like a baby!! But I never gave up!! Still working hard trying to reach my goals and still working on 1 thing Floetry Night!!! Thank God for You!!!!!!

  • Robyn white Princeton NC

    All I can say is THANK YOU!!! Tyler Perry you are a Godsend! Loves Ya!!!

  • Jonathan Preetham Malaysia

    Thank you Mr Tyler. I've not been able to fully take off in my current business, but i believe i am ready and now i can. God bless you and your family. Have a wonderful day.

  • Katrena United States

    OK, you had me in tears(AS YOU OFTEN DO) with this one. Thank you for the inspiration and the confirmation. May God continue to bless you with his grace and favor. OH! And your talent and wisdom don't hurt either. You give our heavenly Father something to work with.

  • James McCray Miami

    Thank you ever so much! I'm a born again Christian, Im going to write a book on my life based on a true story on I'm still living and healthy of the graces of God . Your Motivational video touch my life and I always thought I was crazy, but God is speaking to me though you and other signs I will make a big difference in this word. Mr.Perry I wish you the best of blessings and doing Gods work. I believe we will meet and both of us will be shocked and know it was the graces if God.

  • Tonya DeSoto

    Thank You, Baby Brother. I needed to hear that. Much Love, Much Peace, Tonya

  • Joyce Miranda Lawton, OK

    I believe!

  • Jayson Johnson Huntington Beach

    Mr. Perry, I thank God for the message you just spoke. I am a struggling producer who can't seem to find a project, but I know like I know this is what God has for me. I have lost everything following my dream and can only look to the Lord for direction. You are a inspiration to me. Thank you for posting this video.