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  • artisha mann new jersey

    I truly wish you would have a seminar on how to build and create you own work in this industry. I strive to be as great as yourself and I would absolutely invest in the an workshop if you have one for christian artist. I am fundraising for one of my projects and I sure could use some advice from brother with fruit. There are to many people who try to tell you how to be successful and there fruit doesn't reflect there advice. Believe me I always fruit inspect. Please consider it!

  • Omari I. Alexander Trinidad and Tobago

    I'm a multi-talented person. God has blessed me with 10 talents and storywriting and directing plays happens to be 2 of them. And hearing this from a man I look up to with so much respect, it really puts my mind at ease. You always know what to say that would make people think twice of their decisions. I'm only 17 years of age and I know what it's like to work hard and never receive results but hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm so happy to see that there is someone in Hollywood that makes these inspirational stories and movies to open the eyes of our black community

  • Felicia New Zealand

    Thank you, just thank you from the bottom of my heart! God is Good :) You are such an inspiration and it gives me hope that anything is possible, especially with God! I hope that one day my dreams of being a successful actress will come true, if it's God's will. Maybe someday I will even have the privilege to work with you... God bless xo

  • Sharon Naew Jersey

    Thumbs up to your endeavors. I don't always agree with the all the genres you present. However, you have done things that many have not been able to do. You have built a brand for yourself that is diverse and reflects the fabric of the Born Americans of the African Diaspora. You've have taken what has been made available to you and focused on the people you love and you say it every time you do a play, a movie, a TV show, etc. My favorite of all you have done so far is "The Family That Prays". I do try to see most of your movies. May God Bless you and keep you. May His face shine upon you and give you . Love Sharon

  • Jessica Papua New Guinea

    Beautiful and inspirational :) Thank you and God bless. I Believe...

  • B Anita All things works for the good of those that love the Lord.

    Good Day! I hope you and your team are doing great! I donot mean to be disrespectful, but hearing form you makes things so much better. Thanks Hugs!

  • Suzanne Parke New Orleans, on the NorthShore

    Tyler; Thank you for speaking God's word to me. God told me, in Madea's voice, to write a book on weight loss and health from a Christian perspective. I was talking to Jerry about it and when I hung up (I was ironing and watching one of your DVD's) I heard Madea's voice say "He jus' tole you what to do..." I am sorry to say that was two years ago. I have started the book, and God keeps putting it on my heart. He is bringing people into my life to move me along, even when I try to push it aside. I have watched this message before, and I know that I have been a little like the dude inside the whale... Like Jonah, I think that I have probably run the opposite direction, trying to get things "done" so that I can start concentrating on the book.... But messages like this remind me that I need to focus only on what He has instructed me to do, and then He will take care of all of the other things in my life that drown out the real calling that God has for me (kids, bills, work, laundry....) . It is so easy to become like Martha, busy being "busy" and not really sitting at the Lord's feet listening to Him. Thank you for being transparent about why you are a success- the Grace of God. I am sure that may not fit into what the media may consider "politically correct" and hence, has been censored out of magazine articles and interviews in order not to offend anyone. However, like Madea, who never worries about being politically correct, but just speaks the truth, you have taken the time to "set the record straight" for those who want to listen. I admire your candor and unyielding stand for God. You have not forgotten who has raised you up, as many of the old testament Kings did. Because you continue to remember that all that you have comes from Him, God is free to trust you with many blessings. Your work and your life is a blessing to so many. I hope that I can follow your lead and I can only hope and pray that God will use me in the same way that you have allowed Him to use you. Thank you again for the encouragement to follow the dream that the Lord has given to me. May your life be richly blessed- Suzanne

  • Elaine Cleveland, Ohio

    I feel Tyler Perry's greatest work will be the story and movie of his' life. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I know it's coming.

  • B Anita A very present help in times of trouble...

    Good afternoon, I hope you had a great lunch....etc.God bless you!! I have had such a long and difficult time. I look at a successful people and they donot have a lot of love for the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. I love Job, however he was very humble. I donot see a lot of truly humble Christians. I had a pastor tell me recently that loving God is not enough, people want you to have money. Please pray for me....

  • Kenyatta Jones Indianapolis, Indiana

    Keep em coming Tyler. God bless you sir for yet another marvelous, inspiring, heartfelt video! I felt you on this one, for real!

  • Audrey Cleveland, Ohio

    So inspirational. Keep the inspirational videos coming Tyler. Thank you so much for posting. The videos are helping me with my depression. Love your work.

  • Ursula Rattliff St. Martinville, LA

    Tyler, I am proud to call you "friend" in the purest sense of the word! I realize that the message was spoken over a year ago, but I receive my confirmation today! Your message on "How To Be Successful" was inspiring and uplifting! April 26, 2011 I became paralyzed after a motor vehicle accident; however, I made a conscious decision to not let my disability become my obituary! I decided I WILL NOT LET GO! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP! THANK YOU TYLER, FOR REAFFIRMING MY CONVICTIONS! MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE AN INSPIRATION FOR MANY! MAY GOD'S GRACE, FAVOR, & BLESSINGS CONTINUE TO BE UPON YOU!****LORD GOD, WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACE!!!!

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