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  • LulaBurgess US

    Set your own life time easier get the <a href="">loans</a> and everything you want.

  • lashonda louisiana

    this is very inspirational for me and my husband...we have a real estate business but no one will give a loan or even give us the time of day...but we are still beleiving for that miracle to help people get into a home of their own...whether its to rent or own...we will get there...by the grace of GOD we will help those in need.....thank you mr perry....GOD BLESS YOU FOR BLESSING OTHERS

  • Denee Tarboro, NC

    It has been recently revealed to me that I am surrounded by some that DO NOT want me to succeed. God has done as I asked and made the things I am meant to see, clear enough for me to recognize the "untrue." Although I can see who the problems are, and I knwo I don't want to be around them any longer... for some reason God has me around... still. On my own, I would be doing everything in my power to remove myself and move on past these people but now its become more about what is it God needs me here for??? I feel sadness, stress, frustration... all negative around these people every single day but I pray to God and say thank you everyday for the blessings he has in store anyway, for the things he is currently working on for me. I have carried my faith through the headaches and heartaches. I know something major is about to erupt from the seems. I thank God for using you to send messages I need to hear. He could have used anyone and I am grateful that he chose you.

  • Arshaunna Morris United States

    Thank you again for a very true statement made. Be it being successful with business or a relationship it is with the Grace Of God that if it is meant to be it will be, if not GOD has a purpose for our life. Lesson learn, from my famous friend, Yes my friend, I feel with all your hard work and dedication spent with the world, you are my friend in GOD. Love You Mr. Perry

  • Janessa Williamson muncie, in

    Mr. Perry, Ive never thought about the seed idea. It makes sense, though what if you're lost. Im 18 in college, yet im not happy. Im in college because I know in the long run its suppose to pay off, but this first semester in my freshman year hasnt made me feel any different. My life being a struggle too doesnt help. In your play "I Dont Want to do Wrong", its said that its not about how you fall, but how you get up. What if you dont know how to get up and you keep getting knocked down? Till the point that you even start loosing faith in God

  • Lyndee Coleman (aka Gregga J. Johnn) Cedar Rapids Ia

    I seek God's face to know how to best pray for you, brother, and I am overwhelmed by Grace. I see the abundance of His Presence in your life woven in light and dark moments of color that shine in brilliance beyond compare. I thank you for walking such a path for I feel less crazy believing in the path I'm walking. I'm not that far behind you. Perhaps we'll cross our ways someday and can share the Light a moment brighter. Till then, may God grant you the comfort you seek on lonely tour dates after the crowds go home. He already has the desire of your heart ready for you. Continue, continue, continue... Amen.

  • S. Nobles Akron, Ohio


  • ChrissyRenaee Watkinsville

    Hi Tyler, I make videos on youtube every Wednesday, I want to make it in the entertainment industry. I've been trying for years now and I will NOT giving up till I make it, I will meet you and say to you "I saw your video 'How To Be Successful' it touched me to fight harder to be here to day!" Tyler, you are very strong! You deserve everything! You inspire other kids around the world to never give up, you are wonderful. Keep up the good work! Chrissy www.youtube.com/itsChrissyRenaee

  • Tammy Smith Jacksonville, FL 32218

    Thank you so much Tyler. I truly believe that dreams certainly come true and I also believe what you said about planting the seed and allowing God to water it. As we stay forcused on Him and continue to be a blessing to others; He sure will be a blessing to us. (o: Tammy

  • Teauna Upshaw Murfreesboro, TN

    Thank you, Tyler Perry..... I felt what you said and heard you too.... I just published my first book, is there any way I can mail you a copy? It's called "Teauna Upshaw's Working Success" and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me too. My book speaks to readers and leads them to understand that they have to be accountable for their success, and success is a choice and our own. If you are ever in this area, I would like to buy you a cup of coffee or iced tea. All the best to you and your words of encouragement, truth and direction is always a blessing. God Bless, I pray I receive an address from you:) Teauna Upshaw

    • Natalie Florida #1811401

      Hi Teauna, Congrats on publishing your first book. Hope that there will be many more.

  • Janelle 1211 Madison Street Alexandria La 71301

    Mr. Tyler Perry I agree with what you say. But in my case I help people in school, children that are behind. Its hard because its out of our home and my husband and I have to pay for computer ink and paper ourselves. I go to education sites and down load free worksheets to help the children. Plus we help a few children in our community. Parents work but they don't make a whole lot their father as one hand and is disable. I would love to have some assistance with this at this time. When I was working it was okay now that I can't work due to having two strokes, being a diabetic , having motion sickness, and finally have uncontrol bladder. You can check out my story I will with my doctors permisson to talk to you. Their are about ten children that we assist from time to time there is only one in college. None of them are ours.l If you don't mind will you think and pray about helping us. We would appreciation it very much. Thanks!

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    :o When its about JEALOUSY. Obviously, there's a limit to what sane & rational, & I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT possessive psychopaths who WON'T ALLOW u to glance at the waiter/waitress without accusing u of cheating. But GENERALLY, when there's jealousy IN A relationship, its an INDICATION of insecurity & power. You may need to have a FRANK DISCUSSION about your commitment to EACH OTHER. Talk about those little habits & mannerisms that your spouse INTERPRETS AS flirtatious. COMMUNICATE & DO NOT ALLOW THE jealousy to grow INTO bitterness, distrust, or disgust. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Hello! ...all she do is giggle! Lol... :P

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