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  • M United States

    I love that you give Him the Glory :-)

  • Tameila McClain Wichita, Kansas

    Thank You so much Tyler, I really needed to hear this inspiring message today because I was literally at my breaking point. I can stay strong for so long , until I raise my hands and say; " I give up." I have been on my grind for the past 8 months (actually 10 years, since I was 16) trying to get a job. The doors have been (and still are) constantly being closed in my face. No one is hiring me, I am constantly being told; " The position is already filled." " You are not the right fit for the company." etc. I have heard it all, even when it comes to my looks. I look really young for my age. I truly feel like I have gotten all of this education as a Medical Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist for nothing. I feel like I have exhausted all of my options; posting resumes, asking family,friends, and instructors for help, and even asking my local NAACP for career opprotunities. I need some more advice from someone who have been in the same position that I am in right now. Tyler, can you please help me? Sincerely, Tameila McClain

  • apollo abudhabi u.a.e

    thank you that's all i can say n God bless you more for being a blessing to others

  • J** Savage Decatur, Ga

    My God!

  • Cheryl Williams United States

    Thank you for this message of hope and motivation Tyler. I have also seen God work in my life in mysterious ways and I will continue to believe and trust him. I know that I can all things through Christ who strengthens me, and I will continue to do my part without ceasing, and leaving the rest in his mighty and capable hands. Your life has been a testimony to us all. God bless!

  • Rea RSA(Pretoria)

    Just cant get over of listening and watching to this video,it gives me hope everytime i watch it,is my daily devotion,thank you Tyler may the good Lord continue to bless you even more,you are indeed a living testimony,i love you so much brother.

  • B anita please pray for us

    Please pray for me...Thanks for your prayers for finishing tasks.God bless you! I pray to finish .....tasks.Amen...dont quit and finish.Amen

  • Francis Asiamah Ghana

    Thank you

  • Symone Poole Memphis,Tn

    Thank you so much I needed this! God bless you!

  • AnnMarie Kowlessar United States

    thank you! we love you tyler ! GOD bless you!

  • Hassin Daniel Lagos, Nigeria

    Sure, people hide from the truth than facing it. Believing is all that matters, you are right.

  • ralph johannesburg

    this is so true,this is no further from truth,I believe what you're saying buddy,it feels very hard when you are trying things out but,this is where it all begins,thanks so much for saying it all out & inspiring us guys who are still where you used to be,some of us are going through what you went through & we do not need money,houses or what,as for me I just need to be happy doing what I am doing All I need is this encouragement & I know,I now know I have family,I have people who believe,believed & God put them through the paces to get right where they never dreamt they'd be thanks Tyler & keep listenning to people like this guy all you believers whop feel they need some inspiration,God bless you in Jesus' name.

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