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  • Quornesha J Silas United States

    Hi Tyler, I just want to say thank you for all the inspiration and dedication you've taught me over the years. I know I may come off as a crazy person at first and that's okay because I know who I am and God knows my heart. I really want to reach the world in a positive way. My dream is to entertain and to inspire. Some day... I WILL get there. I'm a great person once you really get to know me. I TRY to keep a positive attitude always. I know some days I wont always be up to par but as I said, I TRY! Right now I'm blogging (helloworlditsq.blogspot.com) and using Facebook (facebook.com/SealEverythingWithASmile) trying to set a positive example for others. I know I have much to learn, but if I were perfect I wouldn't exist. I may not be where I want to b right now but I'm turning the negative into a positive...Or at least I'm trying to. Whatever God feels is best for me let his will be done. I've been through a lot of heartache and pain. So I'm using the thoughts and affirmations that I have used to get through my storm. I wanted to be stingy and keep it to myself (lol) but it seems God has a bigger plan. Have your way lord! Through your work, I would have never thought it was possible. It's always that fear of being rejected. But I'm a fighter, so I gotta keep moving forward even when life's currents pull against me. THANK YOU TYLER. Love you and may God bless you and I! In Jesus Name Amen! Hugs and love, -Q

  • New Orleans 5th ward

    Thank You For saying its all God. I know from my heart that the devil is all ways there to keep you down when God has large plans for your life. It started when I was a child now has moved to my sons. But thank you for pushing through I'm trying very hard and trying very hard to push my young men through. I would love for you to hold private interviews with pastor wife of all back grounds and do a movie

  • Sharon Johnson Myers Moultrie, Georgia

    Thanks for being the answer to a prayer!! Can't wait to meet you!!

  • Nadia Toronto, Canada

    It must have been sooo nice jonesin' for business... I can't relate at all!

  • Kareem Spain Bowie MD

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for saying so! I have been all over the place for 15 years trying to find my ideal place in life because I am an island. There is no one else in my family whose goals, destiny and beliefs are like my own. More days I feel like I am on a remote island of dreams, secluded...no hand claps, no pat on the back, no one to champion the fire within me. Oh, how I desire to step in the greatness chapter called "ME". Your words have captivated the innermost parts of my soul. I am now putting it all down and focusing on commercials, print ads, voice overs and extra parts in movies. Real estate, business ownership, etc..will all take a back seat for now. And you are so right, the funds cannot stretch across the board so I will focus, focus, focus.... Thank you placing my mind and soul at peace with one another. My "dreams" will be fly on the wings of "I believe" for eternity. I will reach for the stars. (I now know what that means)

  • Evonne Rayson Alexander, Arkansas

    I didn't feel like going to church today so I live streamed it and then I decided to check my emails and saw a thank you email from you to your fans for encouraging you. This led me to check out your inspirational corner. Well, you really blessed me with this message and encouraged me not to give up. I have a dream to write one book that will change the lives of billions of people and no matter what happens, this dream keeps driving me! I was a little down and out today but now I have a desire to keep pressing forward thanks to God leading me to your web page. I love ya, Tyler!!! I feel like going to a movie now!! HMMMM, I think I'll go see" Madea's Witness Protection" and wow, this just happens to be opening weekend, I can stand a good laugh now that I'm inspired again. Thanks for studying God's word and sharing your wisdom. See you at the movies!!!!

    • EvJ Southern Calif. #1705389

      Dearheart, I'm standing in agreement with you to write that book! I pray that the Lord would equip you even as you have studied and prepared yourself for the task. I pray that your would find refreshing during every high and low point; and when those days of "writers block" throws you a curve that God would give you an enormous bat to swing back and knock the block right out of the park! In Jesus' holy name, Father God, let it be so for my Sister Evonne. Amen and AMEN! Can't wait to see your novel on the bookstands! EvJ Martin

  • Steven A. Evans Minneapolis,MN

    I hear and understand what you just said to me! I hear and understand what God is doing and TRYING to show me, it is me in whom mite have to much going in and out my head. I pray that one day the lord will help me find my true calling in life, and have "I" to keep the faith "I" have in him to do so! Thanks T.P. for at least showing the world a brother and any other person who don't know how pursue a dream can make it even if he had problems growing up! My goal's is to be a great dad to my kids and a loving husband to my wife, one dad I will have my own show thanks to you for showing me just a little of what need to be done! God Bless, Steven

  • David Cooper N.Y.S.

    Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, As I listened and watched your personal video on how to be successful, I was touched by the Hand Of God and was told "Don't Give Up" Being a freelance Hair and Makeup Designer and Artist a 23 year veteran in the business doing stage plays, concerts, and film projects, there has been days for steak and potatoes, then there were days of hot dogs, no bread, and peanut butter but through it all" I won't complain". I saw the seriousness of your testimony and it really touched me. Possibly someday I will get a chance to meet and work with you in Atlanta and get the chance to bring my creative skills and talents to your set, and company. I have followed you and the team since day 1. I'm on file with your company's online employment enrollment process already. Please look me up. May the Good Lord keep his hand on you and yours, God Bless,,, David

  • Linda Yambo Kenya/Rwanda.

    Hello Tyler...just dropped by to check on you and tell u, I love you,U're a good person and have ,without a doubt,made this world a better place in many ways and for many people like me.God bless you.<3

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby Almost home

    Congrates Tyler! I'll see you at thr top!. Soon, very soon

  • Eranga NYC

    Hi Tyler! I am a native SriLankan who just graduated and moved to NYC to make my dreams as a singer/actress come true. I have been exposed to your movies and read about you in the past few years I have been in the States. I just want to say Thank You for sharing your faith, encouraging and inspiring us that anything is possible through His grace. I am thankful for people like you who are not only successful but also share what they have learned in their journey and acknowledge God's grace in their lives. You are truly an inspiration to young amateur artists like myself who are trying to focus and be an inspiration to others. I pray that one day I will have the honor of working with you. May God continue to bless you.

  • Debbie Boccalupo Caputo Port Richey,Florida

    Thank you Tyler, Can't wait for my husband to listen to your inspirational posts! Ever think of running for President? Just give the word, and I will be putting up banner's all over:)

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