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How To Be Successful...

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  • Symone Poole Memphis,Tn

    Thank you so much I needed this! God bless you!

  • AnnMarie Kowlessar United States

    thank you! we love you tyler ! GOD bless you!

  • Hassin Daniel Lagos, Nigeria

    Sure, people hide from the truth than facing it. Believing is all that matters, you are right.

  • ralph johannesburg

    this is so true,this is no further from truth,I believe what you're saying buddy,it feels very hard when you are trying things out but,this is where it all begins,thanks so much for saying it all out & inspiring us guys who are still where you used to be,some of us are going through what you went through & we do not need money,houses or what,as for me I just need to be happy doing what I am doing All I need is this encouragement & I know,I now know I have family,I have people who believe,believed & God put them through the paces to get right where they never dreamt they'd be thanks Tyler & keep listenning to people like this guy all you believers whop feel they need some inspiration,God bless you in Jesus' name.

  • star Woodlawn, Md

    O My GOD. You are a Blessing

    • Evangelist Fania Macklin Lawrenceville, Va #1735425

      Greetings Mr. Perry. I hope you are well, God is still blessing you, It's a blessing.

    • Evangelist Fania Macklin Lawrenceville Va #1863849

      Greeting Mr. Tyler Perry! Hope all is well. I am still enjoying you when I need to laugh. be bless because you are blessed. lol

  • Deborah Rivera Longwood,Florida

    Wow....This is the advise Ive been needing to hear for a long time,I came across this website on accident and Im so glad I did,these videos are Inspirational....Thank you so much Tyler ....We all have a dream and the power to make it come true is inside of us but it will not come truth without Gods grace!!!

  • Toya Raleigh NC

    Hi Tyler, I first saw this video on youtube and i record this on my lil recorder and i plays this in car on my destination to work and school. I guess you can say its like my lil devotion in morning. my lil inspiration get me pump up to start my day or night. Thanks for making a video like this its so true. sometimes i can be going head strong at first but i got tendancy to loose focus, but i hear something or see something it get me back on right track.

  • Monica Arkansas

    i think i'm in love with you...When i see you, I see a real man!

  • Kansy Austin

    Hey Mr.Perry i just want to say thank you for following your heart wich is the Holy Spirit to speak encouragement to all of us people around the world. How to be Successful..... that is a goal i have been trying to reach since i came out of high school in 1996. Hearing you speak about planting seeds and staying focus on that one thing thats been deep down for as long as you can remember is what i needed to hear God has away of reaching out to us when we least exspect it. I dont get to see many of your TV shows like i want to because i dont have cable or internet yet. You know how it is gas elct water bill food clothes and more comes first but anyway what i do get to see and when i do get a chance to use a computer i am blessed everytime by you and the whole Tyler Perry crew. Acting is my heart desire and i have been watering that seed for over 15 years now. Trusting in God and yes beliving in His Will for my life i know i will reach my SUCCESS as the word do say faith without work is dead......so yes im going to continue to work/water my seeds to i can reap my blessings from our Lord. Thanks again your are one of Gods most blessed Kings.

  • janiece caston sacramento,ca

    Hello mr perry i get alot of your email on my phone and on Facebook,me and my two boys was homeless staying with family and inlaws and i thought those people could help me and no one did people that i though love me and my boys i remember me and my two boys walking with are belongs in a shopping cary really hot in Arizona and this guy gave to twenty doller so him and his wife took me and my kids out to eat so as we where eating at the table the man wife ask me what i plan on doing with my life and i told her i was going back to school get my dergee and work for the Tyler perry studios she said she love your movies and play god told me that i well be working with you and making alot of movie together but its one movie that god wants me to do i alrady have paper and i just started writing god also told me that everyghing bad yhat happen to and all the bad things people did to me and my boys god said my blessing are coming sooner then you think and i know god dontmake mistakes god already show me and told me whats coming my way i hope we get a chance to set down and talk about the projects that i want to do and this projest is going to be a blessing not only for me but for you too trust me when this project is finish it well make people think and open there eyesthank you for listing and having in me cant wait to hear from u soon mr perry god bless and have a good day.

  • Natasha Flowers Sunnyvale, California

    Tyler Perry, you are awesome! :)

  • Angel Hayward, Califronia

    Hi Mr.Perry first of all I would like to thank for your encouraging videos, one that touch me that almost brought me to tears is "How to be successful" I first saw on FACEBOOK. And now that my friend showed me your site I've been checking out the rest of the videos and really feeling them because I've been working at my goals for a very long time. Now I haven't made it to where I would like to be plus I'm older now and have a young son still struggling, this month I can't even make rent. But I know God is able and I have answer my own questions God is teaching me to trust him more and stop looking for the fix and let God fix things around me. I'm musician,writer,producer,performer and yes I can't let it go. I will be doing a 1-man show August 24th in Oakland Ca, at the Washington Inn Hotel 495 10th street to help promote what I do, I thank God for blessing you so you can bless others with your life story and I pray one day I can do the same. I want to leave you my site so you can what I've been doing www.reverbnation.com/angel09 I know you're very busy Man and may not have the time but just in case one day you do I wanted to share my dream with you. Have a blessed day and may God continue to use you to encourage others. Angel, Love and Blessings

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