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  • Nikki Modesto,CA

    Tyler, You inspire me beyond my dreams. May GOD continue to bless your works to glorify HIM and hopefully one day you and I will cross paths to shake hands and meet. Take Care.

    • Dwayne Ayres St.Louis,Mo. #1710015

      Attention; Mr. Perry, I have tryed to reach you several times,You Must see this ! Divine In Nature on youtube I Caught Michael Jackson's Face in the Clouds 6 Days After His Passing "This Is 100% Real" ! Read the short story under video and see my other video of Me up close and Personal talking about this,In Greater Detail. God Bless,Dwayne ...

  • DeBorah M New Jersey Franklin Park, New Jersey

    My talent is drawing,painting and air brushing. You need to see my work! If you think I am good my brother Barry L. Vance of Shreveport, Louisiana is the greatest. He just has that it factor. Mr. Perry if you are looking for hidden talent or a set designer, that will rock your sock off. This is a must see..... I will try another way to reach you... I have tried all of them since 2000, and will keep trying, so forgive me if this is a little out topic. Sign must see to believe artwork(Barry) De'Borah M.

  • Nelda Mason ferriday, la

    Greetings in the Matchless Name of Jesus Christ: My name is Nelda Mason, and my husband and I are pastors of New Birth Christian Center Church located in Ferriday, La and Natchez, Ms. We are also president and vice-president of Vision Ministries, Inc. Our ministry has acquired a former rehabilitation center located in Newellton, La and have been unsuccessful in obtaining funding for either a drug rehabilitation center, a domestic violence center, and adult day care, or some other type of benficial facility to help the people in the community in which the building is located as well as other surrounding communities. We are taking this means to reach out for private funding to help us in utilizing this facility. We can provide any necessary documents/photos upon request. Any phone calls can be made to Pastor Mason at , via e-mail at , or via mail at 204 Mickey Gilley Avenue, Ferriday, La 71334. Thank you for your time and consideration regardin this request. Yours for Kingdom Building, Pastor Wilbert Mason, Jr./njm

  • Ladi Emmanuel Ottawa, Ontario

    You most certainly are speaking the truth. It was either last week or the week before (answers to prayers are coming in fast and hard!) but I had gotten a sense that it was a now or never moment. Just as you spoke about people being here being there, I'm offender #1. Not my fault God has and still gives me a whole bunch of ideas and the all seem to feed off of one another!!!! Anyways, one idea I had about 6-7 years ago noone has done and it's been on my heart not because it could be the next big home decor item but because it would help create a great opportunity for people in the textile arena. And Tyler, I've been so amazed at how really clever God is...it's freak'n amazing. Here I am started this project several months ago, stopped, then want to start up again and through asking a neighbour what they do for a living and the answer being their a textile professional!!! Let's just say I got them signed up to work with me. Thanks for being such a wonderful business role model. I have a wish and that's to become the Canadian Oprah/Tyler Perry/Donald Trump female version :)

  • Marletta Priscilla Fomby Plan is bonded

    Hey Tyler Shhhhh..... Tyler I know I can tell you this! I'm leaving out at 4 am and when the times comes it will completely shock my family, oh well. My dad has been coming up with excuse after excuse for months in order for me not to leave and when I used my powers he started phiscilly sabatoging me, hummm, he want see this one coming neither one of them. My family said something that I did not agree with and it rumbled the fire in my belly. They said to my dad, you need to let the girl go and live her life. I sat quitely, didn't have to think, but made a plan. First he don't control my movement, my heavenly father does. So when that was said..... Hummm Tyler I'll see you sooner than later. Marletta!!!!

  • CAROLYN FELDER United States

    Tyler, thank you for those wonderful and thoughtful words of encouragement. God IS my answer and I know this. He even bought you into my life. Watching you year after year after year, in your personal and spiritual growth and development, how you have become a supplier of needs through your own obedience. YOU HAVE, WITH GOD'S HAND, blessed a lot of people in this business and out. I know giving back has given you a sense of accomplishment as a true servant for the Lord. You have had a great influence over me as I too have written screenplays and are attempting to market my work. This industry seems like a big scary place when you have no one to turn to for help. BUT I KNOW WHERE MY HELP COMES FROM! Just knowing you and how you made it thru is confirmation enough for me that I too can be successful with patience and FAITH. I love you Tyler because you all by your lonesome, single handedly provided homes and put food on the table for many. I too want to give back and I know that that day will truly come. I have felt this all my life. God bless you Tyler and know you are always in my prayers. ♥♥♥

  • Janine Maryland

    Thank you for that inspiring word....I will not continue to believe the lies that the enemy tries to wisper and my ear....I am encouraged, that my dreams have dreams and I know that ALL things are possible and through Christ, HE is my strength...I will succeed, I will focus, nor will I give up. be blessed

  • Keven Tallahassee, Fl

    Right on!

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says, the Lord. :-) For fight in your life, for every attack in your life, & for every struggle in your life there will be HONEY! Your cup runneth over!!!!! :-) Amazingly Beautiful for ashes. You look good too doing what you do! :)

  • Myriam WA

    Wow, so pure and so true. What an inspiration you are to all of us. Bless you Tyler for all you do. You will change this world with the love of God inside of you. Be blessed!!!

  • marcia newport news VA

    Thank you, Mr. Tyler Perry for reviving my faith to continue to believe my dream. "According to my faith, so Be It!" As i continue once again to put my faith into action, i know my God given dream will come to fruition. Again, thank you for you inspiring words. Until we meet one day. Grace,Peace,Joy, Love and Blessings to you.

  • Esmeralda Los fresnos tx

    I am so inspired by you tyler loved your successful message.i have aleats been that person that.was put down because im a drop out.I have always wanted to write a book of my life but I never have.I have been throufh so much I even lost a daughter in 99.I dont know if I can be someone important in life or even see what gods plan is for me.I had always dreamed of being a mexicsn singer but never happened.Now Im 36 and I want to inspire my familt by doin mirw I hope one day I can love you tyler.Thank you for all yur movies I loved them tney show our daily lives and how to always bond w** god first.Love you tyler hope you keeo making us cry,laugh,love and.gods word.

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