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How To Be Successful...

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  • kiara auburn

    i am doing a project for school and would like to ask what are your comments on being successful?

  • Sylvia Washington Atlanta Ga

    Take me under your wings Mr Perry. i know i have potential that needs to be tapped into..HeLP!!!

  • Yamile Hazouri México City

    Love YOU really !!! Since 2012 I've been listening to your inspirational corner Over and over and over again I have all your movies, plays and series Please put more inspirational messages!!! Yamile

  • Priscilla United States

    Awesome message. I must share with my daughters!

  • Karleen Andresen

    How many celebrities would take the time to send a heart-full message for others to use. I'm putting this on my top 10 list of inspirational links. Thank you Tyler Perry.

  • Mildred Abernathy Six Flags area

    You are my INSPIRATION" the real Miss Mildred producer of GOD-INSPIRED television for children ages 3-9 years, "Dancing for Jesus" on ZION TRAIN" first stop: Atlanta GA. 2015 See: Facebook/zion train home email:

  • Rosa Ramirez new york

    May the Lord continue to bless you always. Thank you for your wise words of encouragement. It means alot to me.

  • Charlene Y. Robinson Dallas, TX

    Thank you for your humility, and willingness to share and uplift the next dreamweaver. You've just sparked my focus, and determination. I have much love and respect for you, and thoroughly enjoy seeing your dreams materialize! www.imdb.com/name/nm/

  • Dr. Tracey Brown

    Tyler Perry, you are truly awesome! God bless you!!!

  • TC Hartly, Delaware

    You have touched my heart...

  • Ertha Sams Tampa Fl

    Tyler Perry--Paise be to God for your honesty.

  • Elise Namibia

    You have inspired me Tyler Perry. I believe in God and I believe in me no matter what. Having family challenges since I was 14 years old, tells me there is something special and something different about me. Thank you for this video message of encouragement.

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