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  • Sherlene Stevens DC

    What I have learned it that when you offer a sincere message to your audience it's meaning becomes timeless and inspires your newer audience.

  • Cynthia Newman Philly

    It was a winner the have and have not you are bless.

  • Mary Montgomery Talladega, Alabama

    I really needed to hear those word. I feel broken inside. Sometimes when enough people tell you to give up, sooner or later you intend to believe it. If tried everything but now I understand my mistake after listening to your video. I learned to just focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. I was trying everything at one time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to try and help and encourage others. I surely needed it. Thank You!! Mary Montgomery

    • Lauren, Temple of Hiphop In GOD #1955822

      glutens, heathens, cross dressers alike false power, false success money buys friends u better hope these christians are wrong cause u and ur afro american labeled friends are goin to h***

  • Lashonne Puryear Memphis

    I love every word you spoke. The underline of the drive and determination of your message, moves me to stay focus and to cancel out all distraction, and has allow me to forge my way head in accomplishing my DREAM. My husband and I have form our own entertainment company Drama Queen Entertainment here in Memphis, TN. Thanks to your motivation and encouragement of how to be successful we are doing just that, believing by faith and trusting God. Would love your personal advice about our company visit www.dramaqueenentertainment.com or www.dqe.me You are my mentor, Thanks again, God bless You!

  • terry versanne miami

    Amen. What a testimony! I believe and it will happen. With God, anything is possible

  • Selita Bennett los Angeles, CA by way of New Jersey

    I know I'm a little late and this is old lol, but thank you so much for this! This is confirmation. I've always been pulled in 20 different directions but believed that I needed to focus on one straight project at a time. People tell me that it's not enough, but I believe otherwise and you confirmed that. God used you to display this message. Thank you once again. Continue to be blessed. -Selita

  • phyllis worthy pittsburgh pa

    Mr Perry ! Please up date your inspirational corner I love it! it is so real we need to hear theses things that inspire our lives, you have a gift to share your thoughts and prayers with the millions of people your reach I get it! please update your corner

  • Evang. Susan D. T. Corbett Orlando, Florida

    Mr. Tyler Perry: Thanks Baby Brother, I believe I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. Stay Strong! GOD BLESS

  • Genevieve United States

    i was just listening to you on how to be successful and i took it to heart and it was so powerful im crying happiness. thank you for communicating and helping me in my situations of life. one more thing will you marry me

  • Joyce A. Stbch. MB. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I feel the love in your heart. I hear you, I feel you. Thank you for taking the time to reach out in this way. I pray that the good Lord will protect your tender loving heart in your fight to be all that God intended you to be. God bless you Tyler Perry.

  • Suzette cross GaryIn

    Thank you; I won't stop. My talk show Simply Suzette will be a reality.

  • Tabitha Livingston Greenville, SC

    Wow, this video has blessed me so much........ Thanks, Mr. Perry

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