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  • Evang. Susan D. T. Corbett Orlando, Florida

    Mr. Tyler Perry: Thanks Baby Brother, I believe I can do all things through Christ who is my strength. Stay Strong! GOD BLESS

  • Genevieve United States

    i was just listening to you on how to be successful and i took it to heart and it was so powerful im crying happiness. thank you for communicating and helping me in my situations of life. one more thing will you marry me

  • Joyce A. Stbch. MB. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I feel the love in your heart. I hear you, I feel you. Thank you for taking the time to reach out in this way. I pray that the good Lord will protect your tender loving heart in your fight to be all that God intended you to be. God bless you Tyler Perry.

  • Suzette cross GaryIn

    Thank you; I won't stop. My talk show Simply Suzette will be a reality.

  • Tabitha Livingston Greenville, SC

    Wow, this video has blessed me so much........ Thanks, Mr. Perry

  • MICHELLE Trinidad

    Thanks again Tyler....this video has succeeded in giving me the strength to get out of the well I am in

  • Raa Philadelphia Pa.

    Thank You!!!

  • Shondolyon Warner South Bend, IN

    OMG, if you didn't just expose my life with the honest to God truth... You are a blessing Tyler, straight from Heaven. Thank you for being just who you are and thank you for sharing, you with us. You probably know that you are assisting people with what they need to hear, but honestly; I believe that God has used you as the vessel to get this message directly to me! XOXO. Sincerely, Shondolyon

  • Rose Alexandria, La

    I felt like this message was meant for me I planted the seed but was not focus on the one project that I know was a gift from God. A book call Pressures of a Black man. This project started in 1998 got the finish product in 2012. Website www. Pressuresofablackman.com done, book on amazon.com. I tried to get the book out there years ago. You are so right focus on one project at a time and by the Grace of God because that the only answer. Thank you for the encouragement. Continue Favor

  • IMSC Pam California

    What an incredible message! I needed to hear this and it is a blessing that I happened upon one of your videos which led me to this site. Thank you for giving me insight this morning to plan my week and know exactly what direction I need to move.

  • Michelle United States

    When God places a dream in your heart, no one or nothing can stop you. For many years I had a dream of being a flight attendant. In 2005, I decided to take action and pursue that dream. First, I needed God to take away my fear of flying. In 1984 at the age of 15 a dear friend of mine was killed in an airplane crash. I put my hand in His and He instantly took that fear from me. Next I had to stop listening to the ones that said, "Its impossible, you'll never get hired, you're too old, not enough experience, too short, too shy, blah, blah, blah, you'll never make it! Eventually, I did get hired with a commuter airline. Its the lowest on the scale but you have to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top, major airlines. Its been a long road and a lot of hard work but a week ago, I received a call from a major airline. After a drilling personality screening test, 2 phone interviews and an extensive online application, I have been invited to ATL for a face to face interview. It has been stated, its easier to get into Harvard than it is to get in with this airline. Well, I almost made it but unfortunately, I probably will not be able to attend the interview or accept the position if offered, due to health issues. However, Im still not going to give up the dream God has placed in me. I dont believe God places a dream in you then closes that door if He isn't planning on opening another, usually better.If someone, er hum, would allow me to work on a corporate jet like "one flight" even once a month per se, it would make an awesome testimony, especially for all the ones that tried to stop me and told me, it was impossible. "You have not because you ask not", dream BIG, we serve a giving, loving, caring and nothings impossible God!

  • Brian Roberts Sr. Cleveland, Ohio

    Once again I appreciate you for sharing your words of wisdom and inspiration. I feel that you are touching on some of the same things that Mr. Jim Rohn spoke about often when it comes to planting a seed. Also you spoke on having a firm and strong belief Mr. Claude Bristol also spoke about this in the Majic Of Believing. I just want to tell you that to hear your story of how things were going horrible for you and that you were able to keep the faith and believe just speaks how powerful faith and belief really are. For you to come from homeless to being where you are today just lets me know that through GOD all things are possible if you believe. Thanks again so much for sharing this I have literally listened to this video quite a few times. I think that each time I hear it that it just drives it into my subconscious mind that I make all my goals and dreams come true in due time.

    • Brian Roberts Sr. Cleveland, Ohio #1917544

      That I will make all of my goals and dreams come true in due time.

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