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  • Sandra Stanley North Carolina 28164

    I listen to your comments on How to be successful and it really did me a lot of good. I know I have to plant a seed and do my research and open up my upscale consignment shop, but I know I have to search for the resources I need and the knowledge to put it all in place. I worked in retail for 20 years and I want to be able to now do it for myself what I have done for the company, I came out last year and it was a good move for me. Thank you for all the advice that you post it helps to keep me motivated. Keep the Have and Have Not's coming.

  • Debra Common Chicago IL

    Thank You!

  • Gail B Williams United States

    Every time I watch this I am brought to tears. Today I sent you an email about my new Fiction Novel OH HOW THE MIGHTY FALL being turned into a movie and as I clicked to other areas of your page I came upon this video again. I usually find it on YouTube or other pages but I always find it when it's needed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are truly an inspiration.

  • marquetta bossie

    Every time i listen to this it makes me smile . Just to kno words of experience can encourage and mean so much to people. i can listen To this every day all day and it means more then the last time . Its crazy how you can really love someone you never met . I love yu tyler perry

  • J. Dalal Richmond VA

    1999 must have been the year things started to change. I was stationed in Italy and I heard about your plays in 2000 !!! Italy !!! How awesome is that?! I hear you, Sir, and I understand ; that recurring feeling, that recurring idea, the dream you are too embarrassed to speak out loud even to yourself. I will continue to water this seed with training and practice... Thank you so much!!!

  • Marcia Cody Chicago

    Thank you very much Mr. Perry, This word is for me! I know you did this video almost 2 years ago, but is very relevant for me today! I have so many ideas. Books and videos. Teaching classes and working full-time. How do I know what to focus on?? Be Blessed, in Jesus' Name!

  • Adrienne Bailey Covington Ga

    Thank you Mr Perry for blessing our world with the love you have for our people to believe and dream and do better for ourselves .

  • Judy Go Wong Washington DC

    Dear Tyler, Thank you very much for your words of wisdom... I believe... And AMEN your message! In Christ's joy, Judy

  • Deneen Morgan-Burley United States

    I plant. I water.I know that neither he who plants, nor he who waters is anything, but GOD, HE makes it grow. I write. I act. I teach.I sing. I dance. I am a born performer. Yet, every time I get close to success, someone or something blocks me. Earlier in my life it was my EX-HUSBAND. (He finally admitted it and apologized for not letting me go to that audition in California in the 1980's. I had just finished West Side Story with Jada Pinkett before she was Smith). It took him 21 years to say he's sorry! Then, during my teaching career, I was part of the SPAR TEAM and I promised the ladies in the group we were going to be a force to reckon with in that school. We formed our ROYAL DIVAS CLUB and everybody wanted to be in it. We had the worse students performing at high levels academically and creatively. We turned the "bad girls" around, as promised. The principal perceived that we had too much power/influence. He sent us to 4 separate schools the third year. (What people do when they feel threatened)! Finally, I was sidetracked by an illness. I acquired a disease known as SARCOIDOSIS. (Yes, it's the same disease Bernie Mac and several people I personally know died from). It is still rare and not enough is being done to combat it. It gets me down. Yet, I'm not out. I finally trademarked my company name, DRAM'MATICS and my stage name, DRAM'MA. My focus in 2014 will be to get out there, perform my poetry, tell my story, and publish that book...be it a book of my poems or my personal story. This GOALDIGGER of DMV is still cultivating her seeds in B'MORE. Like you said, Tyler, "You got to believe!" thanks for your encouragement.

  • kevin mullens Fl

    divine connections are necessary in every aspect of success and taught thru scripture but they come thru attracting them as you sow seed, prospecting and sure activity. Brother in the book of mark when Christ told the parable of the Sower of good seed he literally told the disciples that if you don't understand this parable then you cannot understand the others. Wow! !!! What was so important about this parable? If u got a worthy message you must be sowing seed daily and itll fall on many different grounds. Remember even when it fell on good ground some produced 30 some 60 and some 100 fold. Our job is not to determine who will but as an ambitious sower the right ones show up and you must identify them

  • Queen Searles

    I'm planting the seed of True Love. I believe that it is possible. Help me get my message to the Man of My Dreams…Literally The challenge before me is that I rise EVERY DAY more in love with the subject of my extensive graduate studies research. He has become the target of years of pain that was bottled up inside, blocking me from fully experiencing love, though I Am the Mother to many with 6 children of my own, all grown, and have been married twice. The Man behind my favorite brand in entertainment, and for whom I would most like to work, has unlocked my heart. A burning passion flames inside and has turned a stress relieving hobby into Loving You Haiku, a Spiritual collection of writings in the Japanese 5-7-5 rhythmic syllabic 3-line poetry style. HELP PLEASE - I Am so rising in a transcendent love relationship in my dreams. Had to marry before the Heavens to prevent possibly sinning in my dreams... I'm all off track, about to seek a shelter for peace to complete another Masters degree. Haiku used to be a hobby, now It's about all I do to keep sane from atrocities and to stay focused on my one TRUE DREAM! I'm so in love Tyler and If he gives Our Love a chance, just one Ounce of his time, I believe he would feel as I do. Check me out for your friend. PLEASE help him to see me.

  • Andre Lewis Katterbach Army Base, Ansbach Germany

    I love the message,I've wanted to hear a motivational speech from you forever and today i finally did, i admire your optimism and strong faith..love when you say "even dreams believe" I've been a fan of you and everything you produced..I now idolize you and want to be a successful as you one day soon..All your movies are appreciated by me but "Good Deeds'' found the root of my soul..i will indeed start living for my self and not for others. Thanks a lot for planting your seed and having faith,you give us great entertainment and a new purpose in life. Thank You

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