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  • Dian Solari chi town

    This went to my soul. You have some very strong faith my mom would say. I love it. Just Love that faith. :-)

  • Alicia Cincinnati, Ohio

    Indeed Trust is God for all things!!

  • Yvette Ypsilanti, Michigan

    Thank you for encouraging me that I cannot stop putting forth that effort on completing what I have started. That vision that God gave me, and only by faith can I finish the race if you will. and focus on that one idea. I came here looking /asking for your help in putting my book to play. I got my answer. Again thank you. P.S. I love everything that you have put out. God bless

  • Sherryl McCray Eskridge

    My goal in life was to become apart of the medical field and keep going till I've reached my peak. I did it, and I'm proud off self for never giving up. I am now a registered medical assistant and just waiting on my one chance to get out and show me what I am made of saving lives and treating the hurt. Took me about a year and a half to overcome my fears of not making it and I finally graduated 12/06/2013.

  • Michelle Chesterton,IN

    My dream was to be a corporate flight attendant. Its a hard industry to get into, its one of those that companies wont hire you without experience but you cant get the experience cause no one will hire you, its a vicious circle ;). Age is a factor too, they want the younger ones, well Im 45 yrs old, I know it will only be Gods grace and one touch of His favor that will allow me the opportunity.

  • Theresa River dale Georgia


  • Sees Oahu, HI

    Amazing! God bless you Mr. Perry. :)

  • Christopher Williams otlee house. Philadelphia. pa

    Whst can one say but thank you for passing on your heart filled wisdom. Your websit has giving me the will to go on,thanks i really needed a boost. Im blessed to be in a homeless shelter (no heat,hot water,sad food) so im at my lowest but blessed to have it. Your good will & story showes me that alls possibl with faith in god & self. Thanks again! Keep taking over the entertainment industry with Ms O its about time & it feeds our pride. God bless

  • Diane Queens, NY

    I am almost in disbelief at this wonderful treasure trove of wise nuggets I have found. Every single one is loaded with simple, yet profound and powerful words. I confess that it means a lot coming from someone who has experienced so much success. This is so awesome. I am so grateful. Tyler Perry has been blossoming in success for years, but today is the first time I have visited this website. I guess it was meant to be for this time. Mr. Perry, thank you so much. Taking time to share these inspirational thoughts, I feel puts you a cut above the rest. You could have just been satisfied with your success and left everyone else in the dust. But you are not doing that. You are taking time to pull others up and encourage others. That is marvelous! I love that. I was an admiring fan before, but I am one all the more now! .

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas, Tx.

    What's on your mind today?

  • Shelley J FL

    I have never met you Mr. Perry, but after each time I visit your web site and read some of your comments, and after watching your inspirational corner recordings, I feel like I'm knowing you a little more each time. I was going to post a comment asking you if you could help me understand what it means to have a nagging feeling that you should be doing something else in life. Then I watched your inspirational corner recordings. I also read a message from you some months ago pertaining to the same message and "voila!" My answer. Thank you again for letting God use you. Please excuse if it sounds bold that I say I feel like I know you a little more without having met you. What I mean is that I relate and connect with what you say, and feel the sincerity in it. Please post more recordings on your inspirational corner when you can. Sadly we do not have enough inspiration from our fellow man as so many are bogged down with their own matters.

  • marquetta newark,nj

    Thank you !

    • Kay Chicago #1885049

      I am a third grade teacher in Chicago, IL. I work hard everyday and go to school at night. I will be graduating in December if everything works out with my Masters in Elementary Education. Things are pretty rough these day. Sometimes I feel like driving into traffic or even Lake Michigan, but I think about my two daughters who depend on me and know that that's not the answer. Everyone goes through trials but it just seems like things just won't let up. In the next couple of days I will be getting evicted because I can not pay the $2700 I owe in back rent. It seems like no matter how hard I try there is always something. I don't know how I can go to work everyday and still not have enough to make ends met. Life is rough...Life is hard...I relate so much to my students and the struggles that they face on a daily basic because I myself go through some of the same things. Not knowing where my children next meals will come from, the verge of homelessness, and not having enough gas to make it to work or take my kids to school is really starting to take a toll on me. I was always taught that the key to success is school and I teach my children and students this everyday but its sooo hard when you work and are about to graduate with your Masters and have nothing to show for it but apiece of paper and I'm evicted sleeping in my car with my kids. It becoming cool outside and I dread being evicted this week, leaving my apartment and belongings, and having to sleep in my car with my 3 year old and 10 year old. No one I work with or go to school could ever imagine the pain that I feel rite now and the problems that I am facing in my life. I am a prime example of how people look okay on the outside but are dying on the inside. I smile everyday but on the inside I'm crying uncontrollable.

    • Teann Maywood Il. #1889908

      I am going to give you the quote that Mr. Perry said and I quote For As Low As You Go Ask God To Take You That High.

    • gillian #1891726

      Hush honey I m in a similar situation. but God aint dead yet...don't stop it will wrk out.

    • Destiny ATL #1901228

      Its been three years that I have been sleeping in my car. I have to think God for my car . When I see other sleeping on the grounds under cardboard boxes, sitting at the bus stop all day in the cold I still have to give thanks to God. I have to continue to walk by faith. people who I thought where loving people are not. at least not God Love. the love of money and things Got took the love for these thing from my heart . and people do not under stand that. So all I can say is if you are on a path that God has place you on. It will be only you who will Know it is so. When doing things God way, people and things will come up against you. what I have seen is there are less of God people on the path, and I find that some that are on the path, have falling to the waste side. because they have giving up. Why? because God people at not been shown love. We are on this path to do God will in our life. you must help us do so. When you think you see us have a conversation And may God give you hears to hear. and then you may Help. We are not all lost . We just need some Good samaratians to show up. But We will continue On. God will continue to bless you .

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